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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shan Shan Comes to Eat or Boss & Me Ep. 1-2 Story Set Up

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Shan Shan Episode 1-2 General Story Setup
The scene open to Shan Shan getting a late night phone call asking her to come to the hospital. Half asleep and without any idea why she is going to the hospital she arrived completely confused. It didn't help when she immediately meets the fervent plea of a man who asks her to save his wife. Another man comes toward her introducing himself as THE boss of her company and calmly asks him to save his sister. Turns out Shan Shan shares the same rare blood type as the boss's sister. Shan Shan being the helpful girl she is, readily agreed to help.
Shan Shan is a girl from a small town who graduated from an average university.  Miracle of miracles happened when Shan Shan was hired by Fong Tang thus getting her one way ticket to the big city.

However, here is the puzzle.  Fong Tang has the pick of the top candidates both from in and out of the country.  Why would they hire someone who's resume can only be described as average?  Turns out Fong Tang's has a long time hiring secret which is that anyone with the rare blood type Shan Shan has will get the first dip on any position.  In other word, Shan Shan is hired for her potential to be the "blood cow" (Shan Shan's description of choice) for her boss's sister.
Shan Shan, confused in how she felt about being a "blood cow" was able to look at being hired as a gift when her friends/ roommates convinced to look at the whole situation positively.  The Big Boss's sister decided to thank Shan Shan by sending her daily lunch box prepared especially by their family's personal executive chef.  This of course sent ripples through out the whole company as this lowly intern gets daily lunch boxes delivered by the Boss's personal secretaries.  Shan Shan, quickly loss her initial excitement of this special treatment when she realize how much unwanted attention she is receiving because of it and more importantly her lunch box has the same ingredient of pork liver without change.  (Pork liver is suppose to be good for blood loss.)

Shan Shan's meets the Boss again when she was sent to inform the Boss of a mistake from her department.  She was volunteered due to her perceived "special relation" with the Boss.  Embarrassed, confused and nervous is pretty much going to be Shan Shan's usual condition whenever she meets the Boss.
Feeling like the panda in a zoo, Shan Shan stumbled upon the balcony right outside the Boss's office where no one is suppose to come. The Boss informed her of this when he caught her... while being so nice as to put a coat around her. Still, when the pressure to find a private place is just too great, Shan Shan still snuck to the balcony, much to the Boss's amusement.
So that's how Shan Shan and the Boss's lunch time routine become established.  Shan Shan eats on one side of the window totally unaware of the Boss on the other side eating lunch with her each day.
I like it.  The pacing was a bit uneven but overall I have hope that this will turn out to be a gem.  I am a bit puzzled at the Boss's character.  He seems your usual cold and cool hero but I am surprised at how fast he is behaving differently when it comes to Shan Shan.  For example, why would he give Shan Shan his coat when she went to the balcony?  That seems like a really intimate gesture for two all but complete strangers.  Within the second episode he is secretly being amused when he sees her.  I am just not used to this fast of pace when it comes to the cool and aloof hero's emotional development.  Still, the story has a real fairy tale Cinderella meets the prince feeling, which I am a sucker for.

I am optimistic hoping that Shan Shan's character will have some interesting development instead of your usual damsel in distress and the never failing of self sacrificing.  It is quite refreshing though that there are no older generation on the hero's side.  Hooray!  Parents, grandparents, uncles, or adoptive parents in cases of rich hero and poor heroin is of course always the stumbling block so I am really excited to finally get a rich hero without the usual set up.  I was a bit apprehensive that Shan Shan's cousin (one of her roommates) would be your standard jealous second female who will try to get the rich hero just because she can't stand the heroin's undeserved good luck.  Gratefully, she is actually a cousin who is like Shan Shan's best friend. I think the cousin will end up being a show case of another side of how a small town girl in a big city will fare based on some different choices she will make.


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