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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Boss & Me Added Scenes from the Novel Chapter 2-4

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After translating the first chapter of Shan Shan Comes to Eat, I found out there are already translated copies out online.  So instead of redoing all the work someone else been so kind to do already, I will just go over a few added plot lines or differences the novel adds to the tv show.

Shan Shan Comes to Eat Chapter Two
Add ons:
"The two newbies that entered Feng Teng the same time as Shan Shan quickly found acceptance by co-workers that attended the same university.  But Shan Shan of course has no such luck and has no way of breaking in.  This made Shan Shan kind of down and to doubt herself, especially for someone who always had amazing relations with everyone around her.  

In actuality, this wasn't Shan Shan's fault.  One, Feng Teng Corp. has always strive for efficiency and high level of calmness. Two, her co-workers are sure Shan Shan must of came in through the back door, and before they figure out what her backer is they will keep their distance.  Mind you, not push her too far, but not too close either.  After all, this is how you survive in the big corporate world."

When Shan Shan realize all her lunch meals consists of blood replenishing ingredients... 
"She was just glorifying how human warmth still exist in a capitalist family, but now she has bad feeling about this.  Is the Boss's sister still having some sort of problem?  The Boss wants to fatten her up so he can keep getting blood from her?"

Some of the add on's are portrayed in the show, but since you can't hear Shan Shan's thought I found it amusing to see it verbalized in the novel.

After Shan Shan ate three straight weeks of pork liver...

"Thus, Shan Shan can only shamelessly keep eating pork liver lunches under the envious and speculating stares of her co-workers... then tragically she who never had any problems with acne, gloriously popped a pimple right smack on the center of her forehead,  taunting her."

Shan Shan co-workers are now REALLY nice to her now that they think the Boss is her backer.
"Even the ever picky department head is nicer to Shan Shan.  Is not that the department head wants to reap some benefits from Shan Shan, but that he figure Shan Shan is after all not too bad of a girl if she can still remain hardworking and humble with such a strong backer as the Boss."

Shan Shan Comes to Eat Chapter 3

Difference: Shan Shan gets a really nice invitation to Feng Yue's party from the secretary. 
" On the invitation the three characters of Xue Shan Shan and address was all written in pen but with different hand writing.  The three characters of Xue Shan Shan is written very delicately, Shan Shan guess this is written by that pregnant lady who shared the same rare blood type as her.  The address on the other hand was written with much force, with a firm and forceful felling. With one glance, Shan Shan thought of the arrogant big Boss she met in the hospital.

But he shouldn't be so free as to take the time to write this?  Plus, really, you just need to search the net for the address why go through so much trouble to write it out?

So by this point in the novel Zheng Qi has not shown up yet.  I am starting to wonder if he is even in the novel.  Anyhow, sufficient to say the close encounters Shan Shan gets with Zheng Qi in the show doesn't show up in the novel.  

Shan Shan Comes to Eat Chapter 4

Shan Shan gets in the company car to go to the party and gets the shock of her life when she saw the Boss sitting at the back of the car as well.  
"Bo..Boss." Shan Shan hurried to greet the big Boss.
The Boss leaned against the seat seemingly resting his eyes, uttered the faintest acknowledgement without even opening his eyes.
Senior Assistant Fong turns and smiled "Miss Xue, please come in."
"Oh, alright."

Carefully, Shan Shan step into the car  Ha, there is even white furry carpet covering the bottom of the car.  What happens when it rains?  Won't it get dirty? Shan Shan pats herself for wearing new shoes today, if she was wearing her usual shoes, the carpet would have two back black shoe marks on it by now.

So it looks like the order of the events that happens compare to the tv show are drastically different.  I will mainly follow the novel along, pointing out additional info or things that differs from the book.  If you would like to read the novel in it's entirety then just search for Shan Shan Comes To Eat online and you should be able to find the translated version of the novel easily.



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