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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Boss & Me or Shan Shan Comes to Eat Chapter 1

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I am really enjoying watching Boss & Me or Shan Shan Comes to Eat, but one frustration I have with it is that it's so hard to read Feng Teng's emotions.  I know that's probably how his character is written since most of the misunderstandings Shan Shan has is a direct result of him not expressing himself.  Still, it drives me crazy that the guy wouldn't just express himself!  Anyhow, this is making me want to read the book.  So here we go.  

Chapter 1
It happened on the night of the fifth straight day Shan Shan had to work overtime.  

It was National Day but is the end of month so everyone in the Finance department is required to work overtime.  Even a newbie like Shan Shan got mired in a mountainous reports.  Finally, the department head announced the end of month report is done and the minute Shan Shan got home she hit the pillows.  

In a daze, Shan Shan heard the phone ringing.  With her eyes half closed Shan Shan reached for the phone, pressed the talk button by feel and not clearly said "Hello?"

"Hello. Is this Miss Shan Shan?"
"Um, Yes."
"This is XX hospital. Please come to XX hospital OBGYN."
"Oh, ok."
On the other line the person is still talking but Shan Shan has no idea what was being said.  Finally the line went dead.  The world finally peaceful, Shan Shan pulls the cover over her head.
After a few minutes, Shan Shan sits straight up in her bed.
What did she just hear? Hospital?!!!!!! 

Did something happen to the elderly at home? 
She pulled on her shoes ran out of the house, flagged a taxi down and sped toward the hospital.  All the sudden she realized -- What? This is all wrong.  She moved to S city, she is no longer in her old town.  Even if the elderly has to go to the hospital they won't go to one here.  Plus did the person on the phone say... OBGYN?

What happened next can only be describe as stuff made for legends, especially to someone as ordinary as Shan Shan.  

"Miss Shan Shan, please come with us."
Shan Shan, in a nervous wreck after being taken by two Mafia like men to the lobby of the OBGYN operating room. Then a man covered in sweat charged up to Shan Shan and grabbed her hands.
"Miss Shan Shan, Please, you must save my wife."

Shan Shan getting shaken by the man to and fro. "um, This..."
Who can tell her what is happening?  "Mister. my hand is about to break." 

"Yan Qing, Let go."
Softly spoken but without a doubt an order.  The man named Yan Qing immediately let go.   

Shan Shan's head turn towards the voice without any self control and what she saw gave her a jolt.  She can only see the side of he man's face but it seems to be shining blinding her eyes.  The man look like he just left a party since he is wearing a very formal black suit. The man face has traces of fatigue and the haughtiness that seem more like a habit.  The man flick off something on his suit and walk haughty towards Shan Shan.

"Xue Shan Shan?"
Shan Shan blindly nodded her head.
"AB type RH negative blood?"
Shan Shan nodded again.
The man still has a haughty expression, but relief showed in his eyes.
"My sister has the same rare blood type as you, she just went into the operating room, but the blood bank has a shortage right now.  In case of emergency would you please wait here?."

OH! This is the reason.  She found out about her rare blood type during her collage blood testing.  So she is always extra careful while crossing the road, just in case she gets hurt and die from too much blood loss.  

"No problem, no problem." Shan Shan feels a kinship with the mother inside the operating room so she consented without any hesitation. But...

Hesitatingly, Shan Shan asked "But... Can I ask a question?"
"Go ahead" Even though he is asking for a favor but the man's attitude is still one of superiority.  Everyone around him seems to take his attitude as a matter of course. Even Shan Shan almost has the same illusion.    

"Who are you guys?" and how do you know my contact information.

The man has a very strange expression when he said "My name is Feng Teng."

After thinking hard Shan Shan a bit sheepishly said "And...Do I know you?"

Yan Qing wipes his sweat. "Miss Shan Shan, Aren't you an employee at Feng Teng Corporate.  Didn't you learn about the company history at your employee training or go on the company forum?"      

Shan Shan's mouth formed an O, then formed a AH! She finally remembered.

Feng Teng.... Feng Teng (side note, in Chinese the company and the hero's name sound the same but written in different character.)

That's the Bi... BIG Boss.

Shan Shan very obediently squatted in front of the operating as the temporary blood bank.  In between, the boss had Shan Shan go get her blood tested to prove she is healthy and is the right blood type.

Without fail, the pregnant mom did have an emergency during the operation.  Obediently, Shan Shan had 300cc of blood pulled out of her.  The pregnant mom was able safely deliver the baby.  

Shan Shan walked out of the hospital in the mist of profound gratitude from Yan Qing.  After she walked awhile, Shan Shan looked up at the moon with a long sigh.  

"Capitalist are truly blood suckers.  Without humanity, without humanity."

Too busy shaking her head, Shan Shan didn't notice a black sports car stopped behind her.  After hearing her words, seated in back seat of the car the man's mouth twitched, then closed the window.  

"Go home."

"Boss, didn't you say we are going to take Miss Shan Shan home?"

"No need" Without any expression the man added "Capitalist are without humanity."

Ha! I love the last thing Feng Teng said.  It really brings home his dry humor.  

Another side note.  The last picture is from the show which has Feng Teng hearing Shan Shan's complaint in front of the hospital instead of in the car. 


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