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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Excited for Mischievous Kiss2~Love in TOKYO

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Mischievous Kiss 2 will air in September. The show will kick off with a special first "Mischievous Kiss2-Love in OKINAWA" on Friday, September 12th.
I have a soft spot for the Taiwanese version of Mischievous Kiss and it will probably be my measuring stick for the other versions out there. The Japanese version though really has gotten rid of some aspects of the story that annoyed me. Primarily the heroin's astounding lack of intelligence to the point I find a bit unbelievable and actually shared the hero's concern that can such woman really be a nurse?

 In the Japanese version Kotoko might not be the brightest bulb in the bunch but I don't think she is the least of them either. Naoki also at least give some hints (albeit still few and far in between) that Kotoko was somewhat special to him. In the Taiwanese version, I had no clue Naoki felt anything but disdain for Kotoko, unless you count the two times he kissed her that is.
(Okay, I typed that and then remembered when he bought her that cake for New Years. I will give you that's a good hint as well.)

I am hoping this version will give us some new takes on one of my favorite story.


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