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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Drama Round Ups #3

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Drama I watched this week and some brief thoughts on them:
To read what CE means check out this post: What does CE mean?

Go, Single Lady (C-Drama)

This show has a rather long set up.  I think it took 10 episodes before I felt the actual story begin.
I am currently on episode 15 and the story is moving pretty fast at this point.  The hero is starting to realize he might have some feeling for the heroine after all.  

Go Single Lady First Impression

Hero (J-Drama 2014) Ahh... Memories!!!! I watch the first episode of Kimura Takyua's Hero and boy, it was like stepping into a time machine.  I wouldn't call the show original, because it really was Hero 2 and for that purpose it did an awesome job.

Surplus Princess (K-Drama) It's starting to grow on me! Not totally committed yet, but I am hopeful.
Favorite moment: When Ha Ni's roommate becomes the iron chef to cook her Ramen to win her affection.

Episode 3 Drive By Recap

What Happens to My Family (K-Drama) I loved episode 3 & 4 and can't wait for the battle of wits between one of the main couple next week!

Episode 4 recap

I am on episode 30 right now, and I am loving the fact uncle (the hero's uncle, I don't think they are actually blood related though) is finally ready to face up to his feeling's for the heroine's mom.  The lead couple is still very cute together and the hero is really the poster child of a perfect boyfriend.  (CE-4)


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