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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday Drama Roundup 1

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Drama I watched this week and some brief thoughts on them:
To read what CE means check out this post: What does CE mean?

Love is Back (C-Drama). 
I watched episode 8 & 9 this week and it had me rolling with laughter.  Really loving the leads in this.  The chemistry is awesome between the two. Not as invested in the side characters but they are semi-interesting.  Favorite moment: the heroine in a drunken state throws her key over the balcony and yells "Go Pikachu"! (CE-Ep. 7)

Glorious Day (K-drama) Trying to catch up.  I am currently on ep. 28. Still holding my attention - to my great surprise.  True to what they promised, this show is really without most of the plot ploys used in most family drama.  In fact they use so little of it I am really kinda surprised the story line is able to move along as fast as they are.  I am loving Jae Woo as the hero.  He just seems like the perfect man no matter what you throw at him.  The side character didn't interested me as much before, but they have really grown on me, which is exactly what you hope for in a long family drama. Favorite Moment: At the very end of Ep. 28 Jae Woo (Hero) confronts his mom about being in contact with Da Jung's (Heroine) dad and asking him to come spoil Da Jung's sister's wedding.  The tears and the disappointment in Jae Woo's eyes was just heart wrenching.  (CE-Ep.4)

Surplus Princess- (K Drama) On Ep. 2.  Wacky, funny but is lacking something magical to hold my attention for some reason.  I am hoping Ep.3 would change that.  But, according to the preview it looks Ha Ni would be going after random man to find true love.  That doesn't seems like a promising episode make me fall in love with it.  Favorite Moment: The "House Rule" song.  Really weird but quite clever.  

Love at Second Sight- (C-Drama) On Ep. 5 I am not in love with it yet, but the leads are starting to grow on me.  Favorite moment: Zhe Xi (hero) looking at the pictures of Luo Luo (Heroine) and smiles, then said "What?! Why would I think she looks cute!" It's starting!!! Zhe Xi the guy whose longest dating history is ten days is finally falling in love.  

Wanting to start- Marriage Not Dating and Fated to Love You.
This week's oldies recommendation: Gloria.  It's a long family drama but one of my favorites in that category. (CE-5) 

Favorite quotes of the week:
Both of them come from C drama Boss & Me. 

Boss to the 2nd female lead:
"I really don't think a girl needs to be perfect in order to be loved."  Episode 25 20.08

Shan Shan mom to Shan Shan when she confess to her mom that she is dating the Boss:
Dead silence from Shan Shan's mom.
"Mom? Mom!?"
"Shan Shan.. Did you meet a con man?"
"Whaat? How could I not recognize my own boss."
"That's totally possible.  You even thought some stranger was your own mom one."
"Mom, that's when I was little."
"You can tell how someone will be as an adult base on the when they are little."

This Week's OST from Love is Back.  Very catchy.  


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