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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Drama Round Up 2

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Drama I watched this week and some brief thoughts on them:
To read what CE means check out this post: What does CE mean?

Love is Back (C-Drama). 
I was addicted to this show this week and marathon the whole thing in a few days time. The main couple is just so hilarious and their interaction with one another is awesome. However, I really couldn't care less about the other two couple who unfortunately takes quite a bit of screen time.  Still, despite that glaring flaw it was still a fun ride and worth watching for the main couple. (CE-Ep. 7)

Glorious Day (K-drama) Still trying to catch up.  I am currently on ep. 29. Da Jung's dad finally is showing some sign he has a conscience after all.  The wedding between the oldest daughter and her cute doctor finally happened! Favorite Moment: When Uncle was caught giving Da Jung's mom a forehead kiss by grandpa and tried to cover it up by saying he slipped.   (CE-Ep.4)

Surplus Princess- (K Drama) Waiting on episode three.  Really hoping episode three will finally catch my interest for good.

Love at Second Sight- (C-Drama) On Ep. 10 I am starting to like it a lot, but kinda worry with the appearance of the female second lead that it will turn into weepy melo. Favorite moment: When the heroine gets pushed off a building (I know, kinda crazy), the hero jumps off with her. (It's only Ep.10 so they are both fine.) (CE-5)

What Happens with My Family (K-Drama) This is a long 50 episode family drama.  I am on episode 2 and it looks quite promising.  

Favorite Quote:
"If you don't have a flat chest how can you flatten all the wars in the world." Love is Back Ep. 11 Heroin's reply to the hero's statement that she has a big brain (smart) but small on the chest department.

"God wanted someone to dance for him, so he took Michael Jackson.  God wanted to use iphone so he took Steve Job. Why should he take you? He is not nagged enough?" Love is Back Ep. 11 The hero's "comforting" words to his friend who think he is dying of some unknown terminal disease.

"I am proud of being flat chested.  I help the nation to use less fabric supply." Ha Ha! Love is Back Ep.27


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