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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Go, Single Lady's (T-Drama) First Impression

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The English name for this show really is not very good compare to it's Chinese name.  If we do a straight translation of the show's Chinese name it would be: High Society, Low Class Lady.  The name pretty much describe what the heroine Wang Man Ling is.  Man Ling part of a very rich pig farmer family, who made a vow to find a rich classy husband within a year's time.  This posed to be a difficult promise since Man Ling is the opposite of classy.  Quick to use her fist and give little thought to material goods, Man Ling has no common ground with those in the high society.

Through series of misunderstanding, Man Ling ended up meeting Jiang Yu, the popular man about the town who is in the center of the high society.

First Impression:
I love Man Ling.  A girl who's body always move faster than her brain, and with her temper her brain probably wouldn't have stopped her anyway.  It was great that her biggest trial during her series of blind dates is for her not to flip the table when she gets angry. Ha.

The Pig Farmer Violent Girl and the Rich Daddy's Boy
The hero, Jiang Yu is not as interesting since he is your typical rich boy who whines nonstop about why he can't amount to anything without his famous daddy's money and influence.  Although, Mike Hee always does a great job doing the emotionally wounded expression and I find myself softening towards his character.

I am currently on episode 5 and the pace of the show is a bit slow, but still in the acceptable range.  I am not all the way hooked yet, but am willing to give it a few more episodes.

Some of my favorite scenes of Man Ling's violent tendency. 

Marriage Date #1

Marriage Date #2 (Flipped the table in her anger)

Marriage Date #3 (Flipped the table again in her again)


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