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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hotel King Review

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Hotel King is a story about two very broken people who comes together to save a hotel from... well it feels like everyone and their dog is out to take it down.  This show of course garnered a lot of attention since it's the reunion of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae.  The reunion came with big expectation since My Girl brought in ratings that was around the 20's, but Hotel King wasn't able to meet that expectation and rating hovered in the mid 10's.

This show didn't get a lot of love online from the drama watching community.  People didn't bash it necessarily, they simply didn't talk about it at all.   Personally, I thought it was undeserving of the lack of attention it was getting. I was kind of going through a K-drama slump, but this show still kept my interested enough for me to watch the whole thing... which can not be said about a lot of other dramas.

One reason I think why Hotel King lost so many potential viewer was that the set up was a bit slow, and the characters Lee Da Hae was actually kinda weird in the beginning.  Not weird interesting but more weird that it turns off from caring what happens to the character.  That being said, if you could just hold on a few episodes, Lee Da Hae's character does grown on you and I found myself quite interested in her growth.  

I always like to get over the bad's first so let's go over what I didn't like:

  • Slow beginning
  • Few interesting side character I was interested in, at least in the beginning. 
  • Lee Dong Wook's wide eye look of anger or shock was used too often and felt too dramatic.
  • You had no one to cheer for in the beginning.  Both Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae's character was too off putting.  
What I liked:
  • I thought other than the overacting in some parts, I was quite impressed with how Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae did in this drama.  Lee Da Hae especially was quite good at her crying scene. 
  • The emotional pull of the plot from about one third way into the show and building up to the end was great.  At the last few episode I cried so much I had to put ice pack to go to bed.  The curse of being Asian.
  • The ending dragged a bit for me, but overall I was quite happy with it.  
  • A side note. Lee Da Hae's wardrobe is awesome in this.  I am not one to pay a lot of attention to the wardrobe on the cast, but even I couldn't help but notice how great it was.  
Would I recommend someone watching it?  Yes
Rating? 8


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