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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love at Second Sight Episode 1 Recap

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Rainie Yang's newest drama, Love at Second Sight is a story about how two polar opposite people come together.  Rainie Yang's character, Fei Luo Luo is a wedding planer who would go to the ends of earth to make sure her clients' love and wedding stay whole as they planned. Ryan Cheng's character, Lu Zhe Xi, on the other hand is a break up specialist who believe human love can not withstand the smallest test.

To be honest, the preview almost made me back out of watching this show.  Since it looked like it just revolved around a giant misunderstanding with the lead's ex-girlfriend thus interfering in the main couple's romance.  Still, here is to hope that some slacker marketing company didn't do a good enough job with the promo preview and the show has more to offer than that.

Episode One

The scene opens to one couple at the bar, with the man telling the woman why he is breaking up with her. The woman protests that she can change for the better, but the man is unconvinced.  Ironically, the man turns out to be Lu Zhe Xi who is not even the woman's boyfriend. He is the hired gun for the break up.  Being the smooth tongue he is, Zhe Xi was able to convince the woman that she is better off without the kind of man who would be so low as to hire someone else to break up with her.  Thus, all party is happy.  
Moving on, we turn to Luo Luo who is standing at the edge of a bridge, read to jump off with a teddy bear on her back.  Luo Luo really does not want to jump, but she does to show her two clients that wedding by bungee jumping is a lovey choice to seal their wedding vow. Unfortunately, right after she jumped off, all smiling in front her clients, they have decided to cancel their wedding.  

Back at the office, Luo Luo wonders out loud why there is so many break ups lately, and the nagging feeling there might be a cause behind this.  Luo Luo's co-worker thinks there might be a conspiracy to keep Luo Luo from her goal of marrying off 100 happy couples just when she is already at 96 couples (she was at 97 but lost the bungee jumping couple that morning). Right then, a phone calls comes from Luo Luo's client who is having doubts too on the wedding.

We see both Luo Luo and Zhe Xi entering the same restaurant in a hotel, but they are sitting with two different people who looks like what we assume are actually the engaged couple.  Luo Luo is discussing with the man why he should hold on to his love even if there are bumps, and Zhe Xi is discussing with the woman how she should break up with her fiancee since it's better to break off when things are not working out before the marriage.  

Both happy with the results of their meeting, Luo Luo rushes to catches a taxi but found Zhe Xi in the car already.  Rushing but still high on her success with her client, Luo Luo asked Zhe Xi if he wouldn't mind letting her have the taxi instead as she is on a errand to save a couple's blissful love.  Zhe Xi, after a sneer closed the taxi door in Luo Luo's face.

After cursing Zhe Xi for being a cold jerk, Luo Luo walks to her boyfriend's wedding gown shop to see him in the midst of an argument with a customer.  Luo Luo's boyfriend vents about his bad luck for not being a well known designer.  Trying to comfort him, Luo Luo treats her boyfriend to dinner.  Over dinner, Luo Luo's boyfriend apologize for not making money even though she sacrificed so much by taking out a loan so he can open his shop.  Luo Luo in turn assures him how much she believes in him and for him not to lose confidence.  

At the office, Zhe Xi goes over the file the woman he met earlier.  In this case, betrayal is not the cause of the breakup but because the woman has a secret.  Zhe Xi calls the woman and asks her to treats her boyfriend as he instructed her.  An advise she coldly refused to visit her boyfriend in the hospital when he calls after getting into a minor car accident.  The boyfriend feeling that his girlfriend doesn't care about him at all, tells Luo Luo over the phone that he thinks the breakup is unavoidable. 

Luo Luo rushes to the spa where the girlfriend is but was stopped at the lobby since she is not a paying customer.  Undaunted, but in great pains Luo Luo pays for a spa treatment just so she can find her client's girlfriend and convince her to go to the hospital with her.

Still, the happy couple didn't stay happy for long.  Soon, another problem comes up that the couple's birth date/time not being a good match thus making them unlucky to be married.  Again, the unstoppable Luo Luo catches a slight loop hole that the man's mom was not very sure about the actual time of when he was born.  Hoping by finding the right birth hour could change the outcome of the match, Luo Luo travels to the middle of no where only to find out a thief stole all the birth record ten years ago.  Losing hope, Luo Luo wonders the small town complaining out loud that all hope is lost. Random of randomness comes when a man passing her pulling a cart tells her to never lose hope because miracles could happen.  Grasping at straws, Luo Luo asks the man if he is the thief ten years ago.  The man answers her by listing all the reason why he wouldn't be the thief, then promptly tells her that he is and for some strange reason he even have the birth record in his cart. Ha!

Luo Luo rushes to her clients only to find the woman confessing to the man the real reason she cannot marry him.  The real reason being that she was in a car accident years ago and the wounds made her infertile. Knowing she can't get pregnant she is too ashamed to marry him.  Luo Luo's client tells his fiancee that he loves her and does not care about her infertility.  The happy couple embrace and thank Luo Luo for all she's done for them.  The woman then confess to Luo Luo that she hired a breakup specialist before.  

Incensed that there really is someone behind all these breakup, Luo Luo feels that for justice's sake she needs to meet Zhe Xi to tell him how unethical of vocation he has chosen.  At the same time, Zhe Xi also finds out the existence of Luo Luo from his client.  

Luo Luo contacts Zhe Xi and asks to meet by pretending to be a potential client.  Zhe Xi knowing full well who Luo Luo is agrees to meet.  When Luo Luo arrived at the agreed place, Zhe Xi calls her and tells her that he is the big man with a tattoo standing facing away from her.  Luo Luo charges up to the man and tells him that he should be ashamed of his career choice.  Angered, the man asks her what is wrong with being a truck driver.  Stammering, Luo Luo apologize to the man and angrily searched for Zhe Xi who pulled such a prank on her.  

We end with Luo Luo catching a sight of Zhe Xi walking away and charging after him.

The set up was pretty predicable.  And so far Luo Luo's character is a bit too bright and sweet for me. I am hoping that would be toned down a bit in the next few episodes.  The premise is certainly nothing new, but that does not mean the show would not be interesting to watch.  I am cautiously hopeful as of now, as the tone of the show is a lot lighter than the promo preview showed.  Let's just hope that it doesn't start off as a comedy and turns into a weepy melo in the end.   

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  1. Where can i see it with subs im literally studying mandarin to watch this drama ;-;