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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Love at Second Sight- Episode 2-3 Drive by Recap

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I am starting to get hopeful for this show.  In the first episode there obviously wasn't a whole lot of interaction between the two leads, since they were complete strangers for most of the hour, but their chemistry showed in these next two episodes.  I am also gaining some patience for Luo Luo's naivety, especially since Zhe Xi pretty much takes every opportunity to point them out to her.

Luo Luo chases Zhe Xi into a shopping mall, only to lose him almost instantly.  With no choice but to give up Luo Luo vows to catch Zhe Xi one of these days.

Weary of Zhe Xi now, Luo Luo sees his shadow every where as she is trying to make sure the wedding she is overseeing goes off without a hitch.  Taking no chances, Luo Luo even checked the men's bathroom to make sure Zhe Xi doesn't show up to mess things up.  Proud of the extra precaution she is taking, Luo Luo swears that if she allows Zhe Xi to mess this wedding up she will turn her name upside down.  Unbeknownst to her, right after she step out of the bathroom Zhe Xi comes out of the bathroom stall.

Without fail, Zhe Xi stops the wedding, but Luo Luo catches up with him before he can make a quick escape.  Luo Luo then asks Zhe Xi who hired him to stop the wedding and Zhe Xi tells her that it was the bride's sister, who thought it was unfair for the groom to marry someone who is pregnant with someone else's child.  This news gave Luo Luo a pause, but she still insists that Zhe Xi just took away any chance for the baby to be raised in a happy family.  Zhe Xi questioned Luo Luo if she really thought a child raised in a lie would be happy.

I described the above scene in detail because I thought it was a very good representation of the leads' relationship in the next two episodes.  In a battle of wits, Luo Luo usually fails pretty miserably since Zhe Xi is so good at it.  Moreover, underneath Zhe Xi's sometimes funny and often sharp jab at Luo Luo, there is always a honest ring of truth trying to show what Luo Luo is refusing to see in her glowing view of reality.

Drive by recap of what happens in Episode 2 and 3

  • There is something very fishy happening between Luo Luo's financee and her coworker.  Luo Luo's financee has an obviously reluctance to getting married and the secret stolen glances between him and the co-worker suggest there is more than wedding jitters.

  • Zhe Xi's mom is getting married yet again for the 5th time and decides to use Luo Luo be her wedding planner.  Zhe Xi ends up going around with Luo Luo to help his mom make some wedding plans.

  • Zhe Xi is an exceptionally good son to his mom, although his mom acts more like his little sister.  Since he was little Zhe Xi had to call various different man dad and as each family comes together in his mom's high hope of love, they each failed just as miserably.  Some of them even resulted in abuse unbeknownst to Zhe Xi's mom.  (That's where Zhe Xi gets his fear of closets)  

Little Zhe Xi gets locked in a closet

  • Luo Luo meets Tan Li Jie, a wealthy 2nd generation who is actually best buds with Zhe Xi and also the son of his soon to be step dad.   I think Tan Li Jie is going to be set up as the second lead, but no romance there yet.

  • Zhe Xi gets hurt while rock climbing with Li Jie when he zoned out after Li Jie mentions being in contact with Zhe Xi's ex-girlfriend.  In a hurry to get Zhe Xi to the hospital, Li Jie ends up flagging down Luo Luo who was going to the hospital as well to see her co-worker.

Zhe Xi falls off

  • Luo Luo goes to see her co-worker and was surprised to see her fiancee there as well.  Luo Luo co-worker tells Luo Luo she was hurt moving furniture at home.  In a flash back, we see Luo Luo's co-worker actually got hurt while having what looks like a lover's quarrel with Luo Luo's fiancee.  

Luo Luo's boyfriend and her co-worker fighting
Zhe Xi points out the inconsistencies behind the coworker's story

  • Zhe Xi's mom tries to back out of her wedding when there is a big media uproar about her getting marry to her well known fiancee.  Despite her detest for Zhe Xi, Luo Luo calls Zhe Xi asking him to meet to discuss the situation with his mom.

Poor Luo Luo.  It's going to hurt really bad when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her co-worker.  To be fair, it looks like the co-worker at least feel some conflict about keeping Luo Luo in the dark about their relationship.  Still, feeling conflict doesn't change the fact she cheating with her friend's boyfriend.  I do like the fact that Zhe Xi overhears the cheating lover's fight and catches on very quickly what is happening.  We already see glimpses of pity he feels for what she is about to face.

I am really liking the chemistry between the two leads.  They fight like cats and dogs but the spark is definitely there.


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    1. I just googled the show just now and it looks like a few Chinese website is carrying it, but no subs though unfortunately. If I remember right, when I watched this it was at one of those Chinese sites.