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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Love At Second Sight Review (C-Drama)

6:24 PM Posted by ninja 2 comments

Love At Second Sight- The unlikely love story between a wedding planner and a break up specialist.  Luo Luo is a top wedding planner who believe in true love and happy ever afters.  Zhe Xi is a break up specialist who believe that there are no love that he can't break up.  When the two meet through competition than Zhe Xi's mother's wedding the most unlikely feeling starts to develop within Zhe Xi.

What I didn't like:
The second female lead- There is such a thing as going too far in setting up an antagonist as an all out crazy scheming person.  I got really tired of the second female lead very fast, since every crazy thing that happens with her you could spot a mile away.

The second half of the story- The first half of the story was zippy and fun, but the second half spiraled into very predictable melo territory. Misunderstanding due to the evil ex-girlfriend, check. Amnesia, check.  The last one especially left me speechless.  Really? Amnesia? Do we really have to go there show? I am not against the use of amnesia in a story when it's done well, but this one was obviously used as a tool for lack of creativity.

Where is my sweet couple's scenes??? The two leads finally gets together and we get 1/5 of an episode of them being a couple before the evil ex comes and spoil the whole thing? The ending was no better.  Nary a kiss in sight.  I re-watched some of the later episodes to write this post and realized that the two leads spend the majority of time apart then together.

What I liked:
The two leads had a fun chemistry when they were bickering with each other.

I enjoyed the journey of Zhe Xi figuring out that he is in love with Luo Luo.

I really wish the show could've kept up it's zippy style the first half promised.  I was curious enough about the ending to be a very causal watcher once it spiraled into predictable melo.  I probably would not recommend this show unless you are willing to watch the first half and just skip the rest of of the show until the ending.


  1. can you please make episode recap for this drama scene there wasn't any site subbing for this drama...pleaseeee

    1. Ah, sorry. As you could tell from my review, while I really enjoyed the first half of the show, the second half got too weepy for me so I would have a hard time going back to rewatch this not to mention recapping it.