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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New C-Drama: Gorgeous Workers

11:17 PM Posted by ninja 5 comments
I watched the extend trailer for Zhang Han's (of Boss & Me) new drama Gorgeous Workers and I am excited to give it a try.  Although it looks like it might have multiple female leads, which I confess worries me a bit since I really do hate shows where you can't tell who the lead is.  But the pull to watch Zhang Han in a role vastly different from his usual character is too strong to resist.

Meteor Shower (China version of Hana Yori Dango or Boys Before Flower for those who are more familiar with the K-drama version) is probably my first C-drama and I can't say Zhang Han made a huge impression on me, nor would I count myself a fan of his, yet I have realized lately that quite a few of my favorite C-drama has him in it.  
Zhang Han usually plays the rich and cold hero (at least the ones I've seen him in) but in Gorgeous Workers he plays a poor newbie trying to do the best he can in his new job under what I can gather a female boss that is more like the boss in The Devil Wears Prada.  That's quite a drastic difference in Zhang Han's usual role, so I am excited to see how he does in it.  

Side note: I really wish they would change the English name Gorgeous Workers... it just bring a bring a different profession to mind.  The Chinese name is a pretty good one and I guess Gorgeous Worker is technically an accurate one but still...

Basic story set up as far as I can tell from the trailer:
Zhang Han's character, Li Xang is a newbie entering into his first job at a big corporate company.  His goal in life is to do great things, make lots of money and never gets fired.  The not getting fired part seems to be easier said than done though, as Li Xang keep finding about his boss's private life.  

The tough boss that seems to have quite a few romance entanglements.

And base on this scene it looks like Li Xang will also be one of them. 

The girl Li Xang will fall in love with, but...

finds out she is actually the daughter of wealthy family. Cue Angst.

Li Xang comes back to the company triumphant.  
(and we are back to his rich and cool image... which I for one doesn't have a problem with.) 

Gorgeous Workers will airing on 8/23/2014. The show obviously didn't air when I thought it would. Read my comment below for what more details. 


  1. I've been looking for this drama everywhere but i can't seem to find it. Do you have any idea of where I can watch it or maybe the airing date has been delayed?

    1. I don't believe is out yet. There is going to be a film showcase in China this weekend and this drama it's going to be one of it. I am assuming that means it will come out soon though, but I am not finding a date yet other than the later half of 2014... which really means any day now. Crossing my fingers!

    2. Thank you so much for the update! I've been curious about it ever since I read your entry about it but I hadn't been able to find it anywhere so I figured it had either gotten cancelled or delayed.

      Crossing my fingers as well so we get a new date soon.

  2. what's happen with this C-drama, It's already 2015 and nothing, somebody can tell me plzz about it.. T.T

    1. As far as I can find there is really no information on when this show will air. In an interview on Feb 12th 2015, when Zhang Han was asked about when Gorgeous Worker airing date this is his reply "I too really want to know when this show will air. Like "An Inspector Calls" (his new movie out right now), they are both fun, with a lot of comedic parts. Why don't Sohu (an internet station that was interviewing him) just buy it?"

      I am assuming he was joking with the reporter at the end about Sohu buying it but that does pose a concern maybe the show has not even found a station to buy it yet? Anyhow, I am eager to watch it like you and wish they'll just figure things out and air the show soon.