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Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Well Raised Daughter Review

2:40 PM Posted by ninja , 8 comments

One Well Raised Daughter, also known as A Well Grown Daughter is about a girl, Hana's struggle to find her place in a soy sauce maker's family that has the tradition of only passing the right of inheritance to sons.  Since Hana was little she had to disguised herself as a boy to gain a foothold in her family and as the war of inheritance surge so does her chance of exposure increases.

This is a daily drama which means skipping some parts could be an essential component to one's ability to finish it.  One Well Raised Daughter was one drama that fell in the mysterious captivating drama for me.  Mysterious Captivating = the plot is kinda bad, it dragged, the acting might be insipid BUT you are still following it like crazy.

I applaud One Well Raised Daughter's writer's ability to write some infuriating plot that made me curse her the whole time but still tuned in everyday to see what happened.

What I didn't like:

  • No knowing who the male lead is?! Seriously, nothing frustrate me as much as this but I liked the Lee Tae Gon's character's so much I was stringed along for 122 episodes in spite of myself.
  • Almost ALL of the side characters are annoying.
  • The villains are just hateful and annoying without really much depth.  
  • The heroine has an actual romance with the 2nd male lead for almost half of the drama.  (At least the guy who I put as the 2nd male lead.)
  •  Can I just emphasis again how much I detest not know who the male lead is? And this show almost dragged that question to the bitter end.  

What I liked:
  • Lee Tae Gon's character.  Why did they make such a wonderful character and let him cool his heel at the sidelines for most of the show???  I am sure it was all a conspiracy to make me watch 122 episodes just to catch a glimpse of him.  Here's a man who can fight like Jason Bourn, who makes the 2nd lead look like a little boy every time they stand together, who always protect the woman he loves, who is not afraid to build an internationally successful company in a year just so it can help the heroine and who is brave enough to confess his feeling but considerate enough to love the heroine from afar.  Oh, did I mention he also have a tragic background so he looks like a lost puppy at times?  
Would I recommend this drama? Sort of.  I would recommend the show so you can see how awesome Lee Tae Gon's character is, but a well practiced finger on the first forward button is a must.  


  1. well..just like u, i super love-hate this drama! super love the lee tae gon's charecter! however in my case, i havent finished watching it yet. hehe..

    1. You haven't finish yet? You have more self control than I did. I was dying to finish this drama. I followed it like crazy. If someone would just make a MV of all the Lee Tae Gon's parts I would've saved myself lots of pain.

    2. lol!! why dont u make the video then? i'd be sure to watch it. haha.. i've been bz with works and all... btw, can u give me the links to watch it online? thanks! will try try to watch online when i have time.

    3. Ah, I had the link for the longest time but I deleted just last week but it looks like if you go on Viki someone has provided a dailymotion link in the comment section. Also looks like there are some youtube version around as well. It was harder for me to find the later episode for some reason, so I had to just google the specific episode I was looking for and that worked for me.

  2. Hello guys.. i agree with you all that all the characters are super fakes, some are lame and some are just so bored to watch. I didn't finish watching the whole episodes...gimme a break!!! But seen already the last episode that it's just enough for me. I think the intimacy between Ha Na and HYC starts from 111 - When Ha Na realized that HYC will soon be leaving her.. but I don't want to watch the whole episodes... Please just advise if the following episodes showed more of them two.

    1. It has been a while since I watched this show, but if I think there are at least a few more scenes of Ha Na and HYC. Don't expect any skinship more than just a hug but there is at least that if memory serves right. I think those scenes are at the last two episodes, so start with the end of which ever episode count before the last episode where she tries to stop HYC from leaving then go from there. BTW, did you watch the scene where HYC protects Ha Na from the gangsters in the Soy Storage? That is probably even a better intimacy scene than even the ending ... although you kinda have to watch the ending if you have been brave enough to make it to episode 111.

  3. i started to watch a lot of korean dramas right after being transfered to a different at work. Im so stress watching korean dramas ease my stress, i came to a point where there nothing more to watch. you see i only watch romcom, so on my list i had no choice but to see a melodrama. I like the plot of this drama however after seeing how long the episode are im discourage to watch it.. though i end up watching it bec of the lead actress whom i saw on "the girl who can see smell". my rule in watching is by genre or if the lead is soooo good I will watch all her drama. I almost got bored on on the 1st 10 episode but from the 13th episode onwards a lot is happening i keep watching it till I finish the upto the last episode. the last 15 episode were nerve wrecking to me in a sense that you are expecting it to end as you thought it would but the cliffhanger is how it will turn out to be the ending. but still that cliffhanger makes you doubt that the ending would be how you thought it would be like first love. i find the ending good as it is sensible. you first love will always be the first but it doesnt means it'l be your forever too.
    i have to agree that it will test your patient and for index finger skip some of the scene especially the villans empasizing the emotions of what will happen next.
    i challenge youe to watch this drama because its one of the dramas that has exciting ending.

    **sorry if i confuse you on how i explain things, im just really not blessed in put words together... :) peace out!!***

  4. Thanks for your review. I'm only 30 episodes in yet, but I'm so glad to know in advance who the male lead is. I want HYC too! I'm glad I can start preparing myself for disappointment now. I mean, she's still a guy where I'm at, and it is obvious she is more attracted to the annoying sweet one, but damn. I love the manly, stern one. I don't think I've ever really 'shipped a second lead before. sigh.