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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Qi Wei's Bridal Photo

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Qi Wei hasn't been on my radar for very long.  I have seen her in various second lead roles but haven't seen her as the lead until Love Comes Back.  She was so sassy and pretty in Love Comes Back that I can't wait to see her in some other roles.  

August has been a very happy month for Qi Wei. Qi Wei is marrying Lee Seung Hyun on Sept 8th, 2014 at Las Vegas.  I am not very familiar with Lee Seung Hyun so I had to look him up.  Lee Seung Hyun was part of Korean boy band T.A.K.E.  After the group disband due to two members of the group's military service (Lee Seung Hyun is American so he didn't need to do the Korean military service) Lee Seung Hyun stayed in China to keep developing his career.  

About June of 2014 is when the news Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun being a couple broke.  On August 25, 2014 Lee Seung Hyun surprised Qi Wei at Saipan island and proposed to her in the midst of her friends and families from both sides.  That was really sweet of Lee Seung Hyun to have some many people there to celebrate with them. It also sounds like they had an intimate wedding at the island that day as well.  So I am guessing the Las Vegas one is an additional wedding for more family and friends?  Dang, you have to either fly to an island or Vegas in order to attend this couple's wedding.  

Qi Wei looks great in her bridal shots.  I almost wish this could be in some drama.  

A side note, the last couple days there has been some speculation that Qi Wei could be pregnant.  That wouldn't be too surprising if that's true, since a lot of celebrity seems to like to wait until having a bun in the oven before they get hitched.  So another big congratulation to the happy couple if that speculation turn out to be true. 


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