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Friday, August 8, 2014

Red Bean Soup from Boss & Me

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Sometimes watching the dishes that shows up in drama just makes me hungry.  Most of the time that doesn't translate into action on my part, but I made a goal this year to try out some dishes that catches my fancy while watching dramas.

Red Bean soup in Episode 14 of Boss & Me.  The red bean soup is the one Li Shu cooked for Feng Yue because before Li Shu's mom passed away she was wishing she had cooked this dish for Feng Yue when she visited her.  

For those who are not familiar with red bean or Azuki beans as they are known in Japan, are mainly used in sweet desserts or made in a really sweet paste for pastries.  A bowl of hot red beans soup (sweet) is kinda of a comfort food to many families.  

The usual procedure to cook red beans is to soak them over night and boil them for hours until they are soft. However, I saw a recipe online that says without pre-soaking the beans you can just bring the whole pot to boil, then turn off the fire, put the lid on until it cool.  Repeat three times then the beans should be done. 

 I tried it.  It didn't work for me.  Maybe it would work for someone else but my red beans was still too hard after I did it 5 times.  (By the 5th time is was more a matter of what the heck, let's see how many times this takes.  It was still not quite as soft as I like it by the 5th time, but I have been staring at that pot for too long to care by then.)  

A bowl of red bean and rice mixture (this is a prepackaged mixed grain with bits of taro in it that is meant can either 
be savory or sweet).  

My breakfast this morning... and afternoon snack... 
and after dinner dessert. 

If I was to do this again, the cooking process I would use would be this:
Pre-soak the beans overnight in room temperature water.
Put the grains and beans in a deep pot and cover it with water.  Make sure the water is plenty above the bean and rice mixture since both of those ingredients will plump up after cooking.  Bring the water to a boil on high heat, then turn it down so it becomes a slow simmer.  Then just let it go.  Be sure to check it once in a while to add water to it, if the water gets too low.

The red bean is done when most of them still hold their shape but break easily when you press against them.  But really, it's all personal preference.  Just be sure it is not too under cooked though, because under cooked beans are hard on you digestive system.  

Most recipes tell you to season the beans after they are cooked, but I personally like to season them when they are about 2/3 of way being done.  The amount of sugar is again all up to you.   


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