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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rock 'n' Road T-Drama Review

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Can you be an A-lister again if all the applause you have ever gotten was when your were a child star? Lin Wei Zhen (Kimi Hsia), former child star with nothing to show for except countless failed auditions and past glories, has nothing in common with top music producer Zhou Shu Yu (Chris Wu). But when a curl betrayal from his best friend made Zhou Shu Yu lose every thing Wei Zhen was the only one that stuck by his side.  And so the road to become A-lister began for Shu Yu and Wei Zhen as they try to work together to realize their dream.

Any T drama that I would watch from beginning to the end is a great gem.  Rock 'N' Road did a great job incorporating a zippy and rock 'n' roll feel to the show.  This is the first show I have seen Kimi Hesia in as the lead and was impressed how well she did in it.  Chris Wu of course is no stranger to being the lead by now, and I liked his portrayal of a prickly big shot that hides a very kind and passionate heart.  

What I liked:
The story is fast paced.
Chris Wu's character's Shu Yu's kind heart and his passion for music. 
The ost is fun.
Wei Zhen's (Kimi Hesia) refusal to give up her dream and her relationship with her mom.

What I didn't like:
The story took a melo turn towards the end that felt too forced.  I wouldn't have a problem if they stuck with the conflict they hinted at in the beginning of the show, but instead they drummed up a conflict for conflict sake.  They do kinda save the show at the very end, so don't give up on watching the drama because of this.

The second leads were your normal characters who are riddled with jealousy and without loyalty sort of second leads.  But all the conflict with them all the sudden got solved in the last two episode without really a natural build up.  Not believable at all.  

Recommend? Yes.  Despite some obvious problem with the plot, they don't influence the overall tone of the drama... not enough for me to not like the drama anyway. 

CE- Ep. 2 You could start with Ep. 3 that's where the really good stuff happens, but Ep.2 give you some good background. 

Cliff Notes Version: The hero's girlfriend (a top star) stole the heroine's song (her dad wrote it) and publish it as her own.  The hero can't condone the shady behavior but couldn't just throw his girlfriend to the wolfs either so he convinced the heroine to not expose them and found a way to contribute the song to her dad's name.  Still sad, the heroine gets drunk and the hero goes to comfort her.  


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