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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shan Shan Comes to Eat or Boss & Me Ep. 3-5

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These three episode of Boss & Me is kinda like playing musical chairs. I almost got a whip lash trying to figure out who likes who. Confusion is pretty much the theme of the next three hours. Unless you don't count the Boss who seems to know exactly what he is doing... most of the time.
  Shan Shan receives an invitation to the Boss's sister's party from Hansome Qi (as he is called by everyone in the company.) Handsome Qi is the Boss's best friend/right hand man who is also much warmer than the boss.  From various interactions between ShanShan and Hansome Qi, Shan Shan is fast developing a crush on him.
Shan Shan happily waites for Hansome Qi to come pick her up, which he did except the Boss is also in the car. 

 Once they are at the party Hansome Qi quickly got distracted by a hoard of single beautiful girls. Apparently the Boss's sister had pretty much called all her girlfriends so he would have his choice of who he wants to enter the party with on his arm. Not impressed, the Boss called Shan Shan to him and announced she would be the one to accompany him into the party.  

Dazed and more than a little confused Shan Shan tries to sneak off to sit somewhere less conspicuous but the Boss shut that idea down immediatly.  At the end of the meal Shan Shan tried to go home with the rest of the guests.

"I will get going as well..."

"Stop! You need to stay and bid the guests goodbye with me."
"Boss, I am guest too.  I gave a present as well."
"But your boss is still here.  Can the employee leave before the boss?"
"Of Course she can't! The employee will stay and keep the boss company."

The Boss takes Shan Shan home but is some what surprised to hear that she wants him to drop her off in front of a noodle shop.  The Boss followes Shan Shan to eat dinner with her.  Little did Shan Shan know this one meal and her one nice gesture of picking off the offending cilantro for the Boss will become her down fall.  

The Boss ends their night with a cryptic "Eating with you is always a pleasure.  Good night."  

The next morning Shan Shan is filled with happiness and hope that her days of pork liver lunch is over since she already talked to the Boss's sister about ending the lunch box routine.  However, her hope is dashed when the Boss's secretary informed her that there is a lunch box waiting for her at the Boss's office.  The battle commence between Shan Shan and the Boss.
"Boss, I can't eat anymore of the lunch boxes.  If I keep this up I will become a pig."
"I don't interfere with my sister's doings."
"Oh, can you tell me how to contact her then?"
"She left for Europe and won't be back for a month."
Point #1 to the Boss.

Battle #2 Shan Shan gets pushed into the Boss's office.  Where she ended up eating with the Boss. She tries to convince the Boss she feels too bad eating these kind of free lunches everyday.  To which the Boss asks her to repay the free lunches by picking off the various offending ingredients in his lunch.  Point #2 to the Boss.

Battle #3 Since she is stuck eating with the Boss, Shan Shan figure she will just eat faster and end this torture.

"Shan Shan, are you in a hurry to leave? Why are you eating so fast."
"Um... no."
"Your eating speed has to be the same as mine."
Point #3 to the Boss.

Battle #4 Shan Shan pulls the sick card to get out of eating with the Boss.  However, the Boss catches her in her cheering right outside his office window.  Although Shan Shan has no idea that the Boss was watching her dancing around while being "sick".
Point... I think this is a tie.  Since Shan Shan did get out of eating with the Boss but the Boss wasn't fooled either.
All the daily lunches with the boss has set the company on fire with rumor of Shan Shan relationship with the boss.  Finally, Shan Shan's co-worker gang up on her to interrogate her what is truly going on between them.  Hurt by all the harsh words spoken, Shan Shan retreated again to her "private" balcony to cry over her lunch.
The Boss acted too late to catch Shan Shan before she left but not too late to watch her cry in the embrace of his best friend.
Handsome Qi could tell that the Boss is jealous because of him comforting Shan Shan.  Dying of curiosity Handsome Qi asks the Boss why won't he show his affection for Shan Shan in a normal manner.  Finally willing to admit it to his best friend, the Boss answers him:
"Shan Shan is very special.  She is different from all the girls I've met.  She is innocent and cute. But precisely because I am the Boss so with people you just never know. I don't know if we start dating how that would change her."

The next morning Shan Shan sees from the company announcement that she if officially an employee now.  Shan Shan even received a personal congratulation from the Boss.

The Musical Chairs
Pic.1 Shan Shan gets rescued by Handsome Qi (not before she was rescued in similar position by the Boss minutes before).  Pic 2 Very friendly co-worker who without success tries to confess to Shan Shan.  Pic. 3 Shan Shan being comforted by Handsome Qi.  Pic. 4 The very friendly co-worker found out he is actually a web couple (I know that really sound weird) with Shan Shan's roommate, thus the failing confession quickly become a blessing.  

The fairy tale feeling of when the poor girl meets the prince is definitely there. At this point I am not sure if the prince is more intrigued by Shan Shan's ability to be a meal companion or something more.  Shan Shan is pretty much just assuming everything he says or do is just to make her life harder.  
Example: Boss "Today beef is quite delicious..."
Shan Sahn thinks to herself "He doesn't like the beef today? So he is trying to get me to eat it?" 
Can I just say how great it is to have a Chinese show without the usual parents/grandparents who are deathly opposed to the poor heroin.  Instead the oppression comes from everyone else that works in Shan Shan's company, which I think while a bit exaggerated is handled realistically.  After all, an intern without beauty or background really has no business with the Boss.  
That's kind of where the problem is though.  We are really not sure what the Boss sees in Shan Shan.  Other than Shan Shan seems to allow him to feel a sense of ordinary happiness... especially when they eat together.  



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