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Monday, August 25, 2014

Surplus Princess Ep. 3 Drive By Recap

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The general tone of Surplus Princess is still kinda of a mystery to me.  It ranges from creepy, silly, funny, a bit risque (I know, strange in a k-drama), and weird.  You got to give a show some credit when it can roll all those adjectives into a single episode.

Ha Ni spins twenty times because the witch tells her that's what love feels like.  Ha Ni concludes Love = Feeling Faint, Pounding Heart and Wanting to Throw Up
Hyun Myong asks Ha Ni to explain the misunderstanding to his girlfriend Gin Ah. Ha Ni takes a swing at Gin Ah at first sight when she realize Gin Ah is the girl that took Si Kyung's phone from her.

Gin Ah tells Hyun Myong she really was just looking for an excuse to break up with him all along. 

Ha Ni gets drunk and we get the "it must be true love" piggy ride from Hyun Myong.

One of Ha Ni's housemate trying to win her affection by cooking her ramen. Ha, that would win my affection.
Si Kyong tells his doctor that his difficulty in recognizing people's faces are getting worse. 
Si Kyung's doctor from Si Kyung's view.  The blurriness makes it hard for him to recognize people.   
The witch ended up in the hospital but pretends he is in the shower house for his daughter's sake.  Ha Ni is touched by the daddy-daughter relationship.
Ha Ni sees Si Kyung again, and feels her heart pounding again.  She decides Si Kyung is her true love after all.  She runs to Si Kyung and tells him that she is not going to give up.
Ha Ni takes a bath and realize her legs has turned back into her mermaid self.

This show still throws me off from time to time, but the show is starting to grow on me.  This episodes is starting to reveals a little bit more about all of our central characters.  

Si Kyung's illness is the biggest revelation, and goes a long way to make him a much more likable character to me.  His inability to recognize people makes him keep his distance from people and project a cold image, since he will often walk by his associates without a single acknowledgement due to him not recognizing them.  

It was especially touching when he almost got beat up by a senior chef who he respected a lot because he walked by the chef without any acknowledgement.  We see glimpses that Si Kyung is actually a normal young man who would like to laugh and have friends, but in order to hide his illness he has to keep everyone at a distance.  

Ahh... now I am torn.  Hyun Myung seems the natural hero but how can you turn away from the guy with a hidden wound??  

I am also liking how Ha Ni is evolving.  More and more people is starting to enter into Ha Ni's sphere and she is starting to notice more than just herself.  

As for the question of what true love is... Ha Ni has 96 days remaining to answer that age old mystery. 


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