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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Surplus Princess Episode 2 Recap

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Fairy tales are often cruel, particularly the tale of the little Mermaid.  The Princess finds out very quickly crushes come and go, but the consequences of her action won't go away so easily.  It's a hours of broken dreams and the age old question of what is true love?

Hyun Myong nervously enters a room for a job interview with two other applicants.  The interviewing panel asked all the appropriate questions to the two applicants, but pointedly ignored Hyun Myong.  When Hyun Myong tells the panel that he has put in a lot of effort in his preparation for the interview, the interviewers asked why a arts major graduate would come and if Hyun Myong could show them how good he is at drawing.
Hyun Myong asked "Do you really want me to draw for you?"
Interviewer: "Yes, sure"
Hyun Myong draws a picture of the interviewer.  The panel laughingly told Hyun Myong he is actually good, and he should just stick with art.  Hyun Myong told them that they are mistaken and perhaps they weren't looking at the drawing right side up.
Walking closer, Hyun Myong laid the drawing on the table in front of the interviewer.  We see right on the forhead of the interviewer's drawer is a middle finger, flipping the panel off.

In the middle of setting up a party for work, Gin Ah gets an urgent call from Hyun Myong's roommates, asking her if she has heard from Hyun Myong.  They thinks Hyun Myong's job interview didn't go well and are worried if he would get drunk and jump into the river like he did before.  Concerned and frustrated that Hyun Myong is making her leave work, Gin Ah goes to find Hyun Myong.

After wondering the street dejected, Hyun Myong does end up at the Han River drunk. Just as Hyun Myong takes off his shoes to walk towards the river a big lighting falls from the sky.  The lighting brought Eileen and we see her kneeling on her brand new legs.  Eileen starts to jump up and down with excitement over her legs but stops when she notices Hyun Myong walking drunkenly towards her.  Eileen hurriedly cover her naked bottom half with one hand and swings a punch at Hyun Myong with a right hook, sending him flying through the air.  

Momentary dazed, Hyun Myong comes to with Eileen on top of him trying to take off his cloth so she can wear them.  Hyun Myong and Eileen starts to wrestle with Hyun Myong eventually ending on top.  In perfect timing, the neighborhood ajuma walking group and Gin Ah comes by to see the whole thing.  The ajumas pull Hyun Myong off Eileen to "save" her.  In the middle of chaos with Hyun Myong trying to assert his innocence and the neighborhood ajuma trying to call the police, the witch shows up and carries the princess off on his shoulder.

Without Eileen, Hyun Myong has no way of explaining himself to Gin Ah.  Gin Ah tells Hyun Myong that leaving work to check on him was her last gesture of kindness to him.
Gin Ah "My mom was right, no matter how hard you work there is no future for someone like you.  I don't want to live like this anymore. Get lost."
Ouch, that has to hurt.

Eileen goes to the party and had no problem getting in with Si Kyung's invitation via his cell phone.  Search for Si Kyung, Eileen finally spots him at the bar.  Cue the theme song from Man From the Stars and a dream sequence of time stopping and Si Kyung telling Eileen "I have been waiting for you." Haha. That almost made me stop the show and go watch Man From the Stars again.
Back to reality, Si Kyung shows no sign of recognizing Eileen. When Eileen tries to remind him of their underwater French kiss by sticking out her tongue at him, he was just grossed out.  In the middle of this, Gin Ah comes up to Si Kyung and returns his cell phone, lying that she had his cell phone the whole time.  Eileen was so immersed in the party she dropped the cell phone, which of course Gin Ah was the one to picked it up. Shocked, Eileen tries to protest that she was the one who saved him and the one who picked up the cell phone.  When Gin Ah tries to make Eileen leave party, a fight starts between the two girls.  Disgusted, Si Kyung stops Eileen and tells her: "This is no place for a girl like you."

Outraged of Si Kyung treatment of her, Eileen tells the witch that she is ready to forget Si Kyung and go back to the sea.  Just when the witch tells her that she can't do that, a woman comes running up to the witch begging to buy the magic potion from him.  Stiffly, the witch tells the woman he doesn't have the magic potion anymore and looks at Eileen.  The woman finally noticing Eileen says "Princess?" and Eileen also recognize the woman as a follow mermaid.  In great distress the woman screams at Eileen asking her how she could drank the potion and asking the witch to save her.  In shock, Eileen watches the woman's body dissipate completely.  The witch tells Eileen that by drinking the potion she only has 100, oh, 99 days now to find true love or her end will be like the other mermaid.

The witch takes Eileen to Si Kyung's apartment, tugs her in bed, and tells her to get some rest.  Eileen's restful sleep is filled with nightmares of the mermaid coming for vengeance or Si Kyung trying to suffocate her.  She sure has an active imagination, I think this is her third nightmare in this episode. 

Eileen's roommates was considerate enough to invite Eileen to have instant noodle with them.  Recognizing instant noodle as one food that was on her "to try" list, Eileen readily agreed.  Enamored with her first taste of instant noodle, Eileen ends up eating everything by herself, leaving nothing for her three roommates.

Recognizing Eileen is going to need some real education on what their "House Rule" is, the three guys proceed to show Eileen their house rule of "No Mom Here" in a song that is based on video games.  I am a bit loss at words of how to describe the song.  You guys will just have to watch it. It's pretty funny.

Eileen asks the three guys if they knew what true love is.  Flattered and a bit flustered, the guys tells her that the guy to answer that question for her is the one roommate she hasn't met yet - Hun Myong.

Hun Myong tries again to convince Gin Ah of her innocence in hopes to stop her from breaking up with him, but it was no use.
After a truly horrible day, Hun Myong walks home to find Gin Ah's room occupied by Kim Ha Ni (Eileen's fake name in the human world and we'll refer her as that from now on).  Too tired to meet anyone, Hun Myong goes to his bedroom, narrowly missing Ha Ni.

I love the witch. He makes me laugh every time he comes on the screen. He looks so intimidating but he is all but the Princess's nanny. I am really hoping they will give him more screen time. 

I was a bit surprised at how quickly Ha Ni (Eileen) gave up on Si Kyung. I guess that is the nature of crushes and apparently not even a very serious crush at that. It is always fun when the retelling of fairy tales poke fun at the original story's logic ie. how can it be true love when the prince and the princess spent no more than ten minutes together? 

 How great was what Hun Myong did at his interview? Maybe not the smartest thing to do but it showed he has some back bone and I always appreciate that in my hero. 

 It came at no surprise that Gin Ah dumped Hun Myong the very first opportunity she had. Meeting Han Ni at the party probably gave Gin Ah an idea that Hun Myong is innocent but she is not going to take him back when she finally finds an excuse to break up. Although, with all the hints at Si Kyung is not all what he seems to be, I wonder if he really is the catch Gin Ah hopes him to be. 

 As far as the story goes, I am getting a bit impatient. It's wacky. It's funny. It's not quite catching my attention. I am going to give it another episode and hopes some fairy tale magic happens.


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