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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Surplus Princess Episode 4 Recap

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What a great episode! Surplus Princess is either finally finding it's footing or I am getting use to it's wacky tone enough to focus on the story.  Either way, there were so many good scenes in this episode that it was really difficult to decide which scene to leave out.

Episode 4

At the end of episode three we ended with Ha Ni in the bath realizing her leg has turned back into her mermaid body. What's worse, Ha Ni think someone might have seen her mermaid body while she was taking a bath. In a panic she calls the witch, who told her anytime her legs touches water, they will turn into mermaid tails. The mermaid tails will only turn back into legs once they are dry. The witch also warns Ha Ni that her most urgent business is to find the person who discovered her secret. The problem is that every one of Ha Ni's roommate looks suspicious to her and she has no lead on who discovered her secret.

Ha Ni's roommate Ji Yong, always on a look out to win Ha Ni's heart offered Ha Ni a glass of water but ends up spilling the water on her legs. In a flash, Ha Ni's legs starts to turn into her mermaid self.

Just when Ha Ni is about to be exposed someone suddenly turns the light off, plunging the room into darkness. In the midst of the chaos and Ha Ni's plea for someone to help her, Ha Ni's roommate Hye Young shows up in front of Ha Ni and said "Can't you be more careful? I can't help you every time you know?"

Turns out that Hye Young was the one who caught Ha Ni during her bath with her mermaid body and even stopped others from entering in. Hye Young's explaination of what Ha Ni is? She thinks Ha Ni is the reincarnation of her precious gold fish that died two years ago. Ha!

Curious about the witch, Hye Young asks Ha Ni to take her to meet him. When she did meet the witch though, the witch threatened to kill her to protect their secret. The witch finally decides to trust Hye Young when Ha Ni assures her that Hye Young will keep their secret. Now that Hye Young and Ha Ni are best buds, Hye Young advises Ha Ni the key to get Shi Kyung to like her is for him to see her a lot. With that in mind, Ha Ni decides to take Shi Kyung some lunch at his company.

The news that JH (the company Shi Kyung and Hyun Myung's ex-girlfriend)is hiring spread through all the job searcher's heart like wild fire. Hyun Myung and his other two roommates decides to try their luck at applying for it. To increase their chance of getting hired, they decides to try and join a prep group geared at entering into JH.

The prep group has three members already. All three members are the cream of the crop, with impeccable back grounds. After the three members interviewed Hyun Myung and his roommates, they decide to choose Hyun Myung to join their group.

Ha Ni sneaks into JH to give Shi Kyung some food in order to make a good impression on him. By chance Ha Ni ends up following Shi Kyung to the changing room.

Ha Ni sneakily follows Shi Kyung and ended up seeing the lovely view of Shi Kyung's backside.

Ha Ni runs away when she thought Shi Kyung might have spotted her. Unluckily, Ha Ni runs right into Jin Ah (Hyun Myung's ex-girlfriend)and ends up being toss out onto the street.

Hyun Myung meets with his elite prep group and finds that the difference between the other members and him is quite great. The other three members are used to spending large amounts of money to receive any training they deem necessary and have well connected family members for behind the scene information. Hyun Myung has none of those and very soon the difference between them is very apparent.

Jin Ah's co-worker tells Jin Ah that there is a rumor going around in the company that Shi Kyung is actually gay.

Determined to be where ever Shi Kyung is, Ha Ni decides that she will also try to get hired by JH. The witch first laughed at Ha Ni's audacity but ends up pulling in a favor for Ha Ni and her other roommates to have a personal meeting with JH's department manager for some tips.

Ha Ni goes to the market with her other two roommates. When Ha Ni spots the fish tanks where the fishmongers are keeping the fish, Ha Ni sticks her whole head into the fish tank to assuage her homesickness. That would be a sight to see. Ha

Pretty soon, Ha Ni gets into a fight with a fishmonger about whether the fish they are selling are wild caught or farmed raised. The fishmonger insists that the fish are wild caught but Ha Ni insists that they are farmed raised, since they are so docile and their fin grew differently than those out in the wild. The argument attracts the attention of Shi Kyung who is also shopping at the market. Shi Kyung and Ha Ni meets to Ha Ni's immediate excitement. Shi Kyung compliments Ha Ni for her expertise in sea food and says "your name is... Ha Ni? See you next time."

Ha Ni, who can hardly contain her excitement of Shi Kyung remembering her name is ignorant of Ji Yong's unease by her side. Ji Young, with pretend casualness asks Ha Ni "Who was that?" Ha Ni"Oh, that's Shi Kyung. My true love."

Cue epic heart break song. This one is too funny. Even if you don't watch the whole episode you should just watch this part. It starts about 39:10 into the show.

Hyun Myung meets with his elite prep group at an expensive restaurant, one of JH's subsidiary. Being the poor unemployee Hyun Myung is, he can only drink water while his group is eating. A member of his group tells Hyun Myung should just order something since it's making them uncomfortable with him not eating. Hyung Myung makes an excuse that he already had a lot of food before meeting with them. To make the situation more awkward, one of the group member starts to speak in Japanese and the other member responded in Spanish, cutting Hyung Myung who doesn't speaks any of the languages being spoken out of the loop.

Ha Ni and her roommates meets with the witch and his connection at JH. Unfortunately for the group, the JH department manager brings along Jin Ah as her prime example of the kind of person that gets hired at JH. When the witch and the JH manager leaves, Jin Ah minced no words and tells the group that they have no hope of getting hired by JH.

Hyun Myung goes to meet with his elite group, only to find that Ha Ni is already there begging the members of his group to let her join them so she would have a chance to get hired into JH. One of the member spare no pain in telling Ha Ni that other than her height she has no other attribute that would be of worth. Angered, Hyun Myung tells the other members that they have no right to criticize Ha Ni when in reality they are just job seekers like them.

"Let see who can get hired first. Let's go, we don't have to stay with the likes of them." With those words, Hyun Myung grabs Ha Ni's wrist and walks away from his elite prep group.   M-E-L-T
Is it just me or does Hyun Myung always gets some what protective of Ha Ni. I don't think he likes her romantically but it's in his instinct for some reason.

89 Days Left 

The random song and dance in the story threw me off in the beginning, but now they just make me laugh.  That heart break ditty was especially hilarious.  I just love how it was so over the top.  

I am starting to wonder if this show is more about the two male leads than about the mermaid princess.  We are seeing a lot of character growth from both Hyun Myung and Shi Kyung but so far Ha Ni is just doing very well in crossing off her food wish list.  

Speaking of Hyun Myung and Shi Kyung... Ahhhh.... I can't decide.  The show really have done a good job in making both male leads head to head on the ship-o-meter.  Hyun Myung has such a manly side that you just can't help but cheer for him, but Shil Kyung has those wounded eyes.  

In term of the story, the show hasn't pulled any surprise punches but nevertheless it's drawing me in and I am looking forward to see where it will go in the coming weeks.  Any show that makes me laugh out loud is a keeper.  


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