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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tie The Knot - 20ish Episodes Impression

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This is a Taiwanese drama Tie the Knot staring Cheryl Yang (best known for My Queen) and Nylon Chen.  I believe this is Nylon Chen first leading role. I have seen him as the 2nd lead in a few dramas and have always liked him so I went into this show quite hopeful. Here is a brief background on Tie the Knot.

When Cheryl Yang's character Li Xio Mei found out due to a condition she has to take out her uterus she decided instead of waiting for that illusive Mr.Right, she will take matters in her own hands by having a baby via sperm donor.  Satisfy with her life, even though Xio Mei is a wedding planner she has no plans for romance in her life.  Yet, when Huang Shi Jia (Nylon Chen) Xio Mei's new boss and Liu Zi Jun a wedding designer come into her life everything begins to change.

I watched about 20 episodes and really just about lost any interest to keep watching. I feel a little bad about dropping Tie the Knot since it is actually kinda cute but the development between the leads are so painfully slow I finally lost all interest.  I figure if I was a trooper for more than 20 episodes then I really gave it a chance to grow on me.  By episode 20, Nylon Chen's character is already in love with Xio Mei but Xio Mei is completely clueless when it comes to him.  I don't mean subtle sparks flying but the heroin is too slow to recognize it or fools herself that there can't possibility be any sparks between her and the hero.  I mean there is absolutely no sign of any sparks from Xio Mei to Huang Shi Jia.  I guess they must be saving those for later episodes but I just don't have the patience to keep waiting.


Maybe there is a reason for so little development between the two leads? There seems to be more going on between the two male leads?

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  1. Hey, if you haven't already, keep watching. Yeah it does take a while to get going, but it is great. I am in the last 10 waiting for subs on Viki. The whole not seeing the sparks between Xiao Mei and Shi Jia is explained later in the series. There are some twist and turns, and yeah for sure there are some episodes with little Xiao Mei relationship development and more on the side stores but I am finding it so enjoyable that I actually check all the time if a new episode has been subbed.