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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep3 Recap

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And I am officially in love.  It's been a while since I have seen a family drama that I am interested in almost all the characters.  We are of course only at episode three, so this might be too fast to be proclaiming this show a winner, but it certainly has me hooked right now.

The Cha family has a mini emergency meeting to determine if Seo Wool can continue to stay at their house.  Kang Shim (oldest sister) votes against it, but Daddy Cha gives in to Dal Bong's pleading and decides to allow Seo Wool to stay for one month.

Dal Bong gets into big trouble with his whole family when Seo Wool's stomach upset is mistaken for pregnancy.  With the pregnancy misunderstanding cleared up, Seo Wool happily resume her stay at the big city.   

Kang Jae goes to work at the hospital only to find out one of the doctor under him has made a mistake with a patient.  Fuming, he clears out the doctor's rest room and starts yelling at the doctor.  In the mist of the argument, the doctor pushes Kang Jae down on the desk and kisses him.  Surprising, Kang Jae starts to kiss the doctor back as well.  (That surprised me.  Our doctor is not all that cold after all.)

Kang Shim starts an argument with her dad about Seo Wool staying at the house.  Arguing that Daddy Cha is forever doing this exact thing.  Allowing house guest to stay and the temporary stay turns into years, like their aunt.  

Her aunt, hearing the argument and deeply hurt that she is only classified as a house guest asks how Kang Shim can ignore her doing all the house work and the effort she put into raising them.  (The animosity about the aunt is intriguing here, since all three kids seems to have various degree of it toward what from all appearance a very nice aunt.)

Things are brewing at Kang Shim's company as the president son Kim Sang Kyung overhears other managers discussing how Kang Shim could easily become the next Mrs. President. Fuming, Sang Kyung charges into his dad's office only to see his dad giving a sparkling ring to Kang Shim.

Bright and early Seo Wool goes around the neighborhood to greet everyone, and in the process gets mistaken as Dal Bong's future bride.  

Shocked to hear Dal Bong is still sleeping the day away, Seo Wool goes to wake Dal Bong up by flicking him hard on the forehead. Laughing, Dal Bong's aunt tells Daddy Cha that she really like Seo Wool.  Daddy Cha agrees that Dal Bong seems like a really good girl.

Kang Jae is eating breakfast at the house of the doctor he shared a kiss with.  The doctor asks Kang Jae when he will introduce her to his family, since they've been dating for 3 years now.  Kang Jae tells her marriage is not in his plan and if that is what she wants then she should start looking else where.  (whew, here I thought he was human after all).

Sang Kyung is determined to come up with a plan to get Kang Shim away from his dad.  The brilliant plan he came up with was to get rid of any secretary the company sent him by finding silly problems.  A slew of angry secretaries tell Kang Shim that something is definitely wrong with Sang Kyung. 

Sang Kyung tells his dad the only secretary he will accept is Kang Shim.  The president is reluctant to put Kang Shim with Sang Kyung since she is such a great secretary and working for Kang Shim would be a step down.  However, Sang Kyung tells his dad that he will not be assured that nothing is going on between the two unless Kang Shim works with him.  The president talks to Kang Shim about the possibility of going to Sang Kyung, especially since he really needs someone to cure Sang Kyung's stick in the mud personality.  

Smugly, Sang Kyung tells Kang Shim to come to work 7:30 sharp. Kang Shim replies that she is not sure if she is going to show up for work or to hand in her resignation. 

We meet Kang Shim's company president's girlfriend and her son. The president is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, but is too embarrassed to tell his son before his girlfriend accepts his proposal. From a few hints, it looks like the son is the boy that Seo Woo rescued.

Seo Woo asks Dal Bong who is the boy she actually rescued since he keep saying he is not the one she saved.  Dal Bong asks what Seo Woo is planning to do if she meets the boy.  Seo Woo replies "Marry him, like we promised." A bit taken back (is that a hint of jealousy?) Dal Bong says that if she tells that to the guy, he would think she is crazy.  Her fighting spirit up, Seo Woo propose a bet that if the boy she saved won't ask her to marry him then the money Dal Bong owes her (for getting him out of the pyramid scheme contract) will be taken care of, but if the boy asks her to marry him then Dal Bong has to apologize to her a hundred times.  Dal Bong accepts the bet.

An very frustrated Kang Shim comes home and invites Seo Wool to a drinking match.  By the end of the match both girls are very drunk.

Unsettled about Kang Shim's threat of quitting, Sang Kyung comes to Kang Shim's house and sees her drunk.  Shocked at the complete different image of Kang Shim, Sang Kyung stands by the window with his mouth open.  Kang Shim catches sight of Sang Kyung and charges out to confront him. 

Kang Shim asks Sang Kyung what does she have to do in order to convince him that there is nothing going on between her and his dad.  At the same time, Seo Wool is also asking what does it takes for Dal Bong to marry her. Then, both girls came up with the same solution to their quandary...

This happened.  Wa Ha ha, I love Sang Kyung's face!

It's a rare treat when there are at least two relationships in a family drama I am interested in.  Plus so far there is no particularly outlandish annoying character yet.  

Out of the two relationship I am most interested in Kang Shim's battle of wits with Sang Kyung, but Seo Wool and Dal Bong's character are also great and their interaction with each other is just so cute.  

I am not quite sure where they are going with Kang Jae's character yet, but I am hoping they will come up with something interesting.  He is certainly not a very likable character right now, but obviously the show is setting him up of some humble pie and I would certainly be interested to watch that.  

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