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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 4 Recap

Episode 3 was good, but episode 4 is the one that made me go "Gosh, this is great, I can't wait for next week." 

Frustrated at being asked to become Sang Kyung's secretary and being mistaken as the president's girlfriend on top of that, Kang Shim gets drunk.  The drunken Kang Shim catches sight of Sang Kyung and chases him down to ask him what does she have to do in order to convince him nothing is between his dad and her.  The next thing Sang Kyung know, Kang Shim has his face squished between her hands and plants a big kiss on him. 

Daddy Cha comes out of his shop just in time to see his precious daughter kissing a guy.  Shocked, he charges towards Sang Kyung demanding to know how can he accost Kang Shim like that. 

Sang Kyung fib that he doesn't know Kang Shim at all.  Affronted, Sang Kyung tells Daddy Cha that Kang Shim is the one that accosted him.  A some what embarrassed Daddy Cha, apologize to Sang Kyung for Kang Shim. 

On a mother and son date, Baek Sul Hee (the president's girlfriend) and her son, Yoon Eun Ho (the one I think Seo Wool saved) discuss their very warped view on marriage.  Sul Hee tells her son that being in love is all good, but he should not marry someone he loves. Hmm... this doesn't bode well for the president.  

The next morning Kang Shim finally wakes out from her drunken stupor and wonder how she can possible face Sang Kyung at the office after forcing a kiss on him. 

Meanwhile, Sang Kyung got called to the president's office.  His dad finally decides to come clean and tells Sang Kyung his girlfriend is not Kang Shim, but the famous public announcer Baek Sul Hee. The president also warns Sang Kyung if he doesn't bring back Kang Shim to the company he can consider himself fired.  

Seo Wool chides Dal Bong for sleeping the day away when all of the other family members have been hard at work since the early morning. With memory of last night's kiss still vivid on Dal Bong's brain, her words fall on deaf ears since he could only focus on her lips.
Being the ever conscientious Seo Wool, she brings Daddy Cha a lunch box to make sure he doesn't skip lunch. When a customer comes into the tofu store (Daddy's Cha's store) Seo Wool even jumps in to help in order to allow Daddy Cha to eat without any interruption. Watching Seo Wool busily helping a customer, Daddy Cha is obviously touched by her kindness.

Baek Sul Hee enters into a flowered filled make up room with a ring and a note of "marry me?" typed on the mirror.  Snickering, she mutters "so old fashioned!" 

Kang Shim decides to solve her dilemma of not knowing how to face Sang Kyung by very boldly... denying any memory of what happened last night.  However, she does have selective memory of Sang Kyung insulting her by trying to give her money so she will leave the president.  Demanding an apology from Sang Kyung now that he know she is innocent, the two's bickering turns into a full on fight.  The fight ended in a dare that if Kang Shim comes to work for Sang Kyung and can last a full month without handing in her resignation in a month, Sang Kyung will kneel and apologize.
Seo Wool goes to a shopping mart to look around. Coincidentally, it's the same place Dal Bong works at.  And even more coincidentally, Seo Wool sees the thief who stole Dal Bong's wallet trying to steal from another person. Scared, but unable to stand by to let the thief steal from another person, Seo Wool confronts the thief. The thief gets into a tussle with Seo Wool and finally pushes her to the floor to run away. Seo Wool finds herself in the middle of the shopping mall surrounded by a bunch of people with her blouse ripped exposing her bra. Just when Seo Wool seems utterly helpless, Yoon Eun Ho (the boy I think she saved) sweeps in to cover her with his jacket and picks her up when she realize her legs is too hurt to walk.  

Dal Bong over hearing mall workers talking about a girl getting into a fight with a thief guessed right away the girl might be Seo Wool. Rushing into the cafe where Seo Wool is at, Dal Bong eagerly checks to see if she is hurt.  Just then, a voice calling his name makes Dal Bong looks up.  And cue firework!!  Not the romantic firework but the kind that comes when two enemies meets!  Dal Bong and Yoon Eun Ho greets each other and from their conversation it seems like they are school mates from 10 years ago.  

Kang Jae gets invited to a dinner appointment with his professor to discuss his research. However, when he gets there, the professor's wife and daughter is also there. Kang Jae seems a bit puzzled at their presence, but didn't pay too much attention. But, it was very obvious that the professor is eyeing Kang Jae as his son-in-law. The professor daughter also seems to have no objection to Kang Jae.
Kang Shim goes to the president to tell him that she is willing to go work as Sang Kyung's secretary.  
Taken back, the president asks Kang Shim if she is sincere.  
With determination, Kang Shim answers "yes" The president then said "Can you also correct his stick in the mud personality?" Through gritted teeth 
Kang Shim said "I will make him kneel in one month."  
At the same time, Sang Kyung also promises that if Kang Shim dare to come work for him she will be crying to hand in her resignation in one month.  
The war is on!  


My favorite aspect about this show is that almost every character are not quite what they seem on the surface.  Kang Shim is your usual perfectionist office lady, but at home she is a slob.  She also has a fiery temper but you could tell she is actually a softie at heart. Dal Bong, the youngest son comes off as the typical character who can't seems to get things right, but we see a maturity that peak through from time to time.  Seo Wool seems like your typical country girl who is just good through and through, but she also has street smart and a healthy dose of confidence.  

The weekend can't come fast enough! I am very excited for the war between Kang Shim and Sang Kyung to start.  My bet is on Kang Shim to win this war though.  


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