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Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Happens to My Family? Episode 1 & 2

There are soooo many shows I want to watch right now, but I ended up watching this family show that wasn't on my to watch list.  For some reason, I have a weak spot for Korean family shows.  There are some really bad ones out there, but when they are well done they are awesome.

To be honest, the synopsis to this show is just about the vaguest one I have ever read and not very interesting at all.  

Quote: A family drama about happenings when children's daddy sues his selfish children for being undutiful to parents. The drama wants to talk about the gratitude as a family which we all have taken for granted and the secret of happiness when saying "Thank you," "I am sorry," and "I love you." It will mostly center on how old and young generations resolve their conflicts and come to live in harmony. (From KBS World, translated via dramawiki)  

 The description made me wonder if this would be a show all about spoiled brats and that doesn't sound very promising premise for 50 episodes. Thankfully, my first impression after watching the first two episodes give me hope that this might just turn out to be a show worth watching. 

 General Story Set Up 

 Dad, Cha Soon Bong- A 63 year old widow who raised his three children by himself. Daddy Bong is a man who sees his children as his whole world. Even though he doesn't receive enough attention from his children he still accept their short coming with love and understanding. 

 Oldest daughter, Cha Kang Shim- A 37 year old career woman who works as the president's personal secretary in a big corporation. Extremely capable at work but tend to be forgetful when it comes to her dad. Kang Shim is constantly at odds with the president's son at work, whom I am assuming is going to be her love interest. 

 Oldest son, Cha Kang Jae (33) A doctor working with stomach cancer patients. Nothing seems to interest Kang Jae, much less his family. In Kang Jae's life, there seems to be only his patients and nothing else. 

 Youngest Son, Cha Dal Bong (26)Unlike his successful siblings, Dal Bong is having a difficult time finding a job. Dal Bong cares about his father, but is frustrated with the fact that all he ever brings to his father is worry and trouble. 

 Cliff Notes version of Episode 1 & 2 
The story opens with Kang Seo Wool a girl from a village in the middle of no where, jumping with excitement that the appointed day that she is to meet with the boy who promised to marry her 15 years ago is finally here. It turns out, years ago she saved a teenage boy from drowning and the boy promised they would meet again at Seoul fifteen years later to get married. 

 When Seo Mool manage to make it to Seoul she ends up in the police station with no other than Dal Bong (the boy who promised to marry her), when he mistakenly thought she was part of a pick pocketing gang. After getting over the shock who Dal Bong is, Seo Mool decides to show up at Dal Bong's house and introduce herself to Soon Bong (Dad)as his future daughter-in-law. 

 Dal Bong on the other hand, just had one of the worst day of his life. A short list of things that happened to Dal Bong: 

  • Getting hurt and his pants ripped after being pick pocketed.
  •  Getting into a fight with Seo Mool whom he thought was part of a pick pocketing gang. 
  • Ending up in the police station with Seo Mool. 
  • Getting to his new job late then finding out he just got trapped into a pyramid scheme. 
  • Tripping and slipping on the mountain in the rain when he tried to sell his pyramid scheme vitamins.
  • Ending up in the police station again for selling his vitamin bottles in public which is illegal. 
  • Have his father get called to the police station on his father's birthday. 
  • The next morning, wake up to his father asking him why there is a girl calming to be his future wife? 

 The oldest daughter's day is going no better. Kang Shim wakes up to an urgent phone call from her co-worker about a work emergency. Rushing to work, Kang Shim looks and acts the perfect career woman when she takes care of all the problems in no time. The ever capable president's secretary has an anti-fan though. The president's son, Kim Sang Kyung who is a manager at the company butts head with Kang Shim at every turn and who is starting to wonder if Kang Shim has some ulterior motive towards his dad. 

 As for the resident doctor, Kang Jae, we don't know a whole lot about him yet. The only thing we know is that he is quite cold even towards his own family. However, as a doctor he gets full points since that is all he seems to care about. 

Thoughts: I am SO glad that the kids are actually capable human beings. They did all forget their dad's birthday, but it is still obvious that they care for their dad even if they are guilty of taking him for granted. I actually like all the characters in the show. Well, I am not so sure about Kang Jae, the doctor yet, since we know so very little about him. But it seems like all three kids have different sides to them and all of them have some back bones to their personality. 

Kang Shim's romance story is the one I am most excited about. The chemistry is already there between the two characters, plus the petty fights are just pure fun. 

 As for Dal Bong and Seo Wool, I sense there is a big misunderstanding between them. Dal Bong keep saying that Seo Wool didn't save him and I think he is actually telling the truth. I have wondered if Seo Wool saved Kang Shim instead, but then Kang Shim doesn't look like the type to promise such ridiculous thing, even as a teen. From Kang Shim's flash backs, I think he was actually there when Seo Wool's preformed his heroic deed, he just wasn't the one who was drowning. The only answer I can come up with is that Kang Shim went there with a friend. Seo Wool saved the friend, but the friend played a prank by giving Seo Wool Kang Shim's name instead of his real name. If that's the truth then that kid was a real jerk to lie to someone who just saved his life. 

 Seo Wool's character is also really growing on me. At first it looks like they were going for the innocent country bumpkin route with her, but from these two episodes we see that while those two adjectives does describe her but she is also smart and certainly not the type whine for someone to love her. 

 All in all, not a bad way to start a family drama and it certainly have me excited for the next two episodes.


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