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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zhang Han and Zhao Li Ying Respond to Dating Rumor

7:46 PM Posted by ninja 6 comments

There has been some dating rumor circulating about Zhang Han and his Boss & Me co-star Zhao Li Ying.  I think they are just the usual dating rumor that gets passed around when fans of a certain show gets too caught up in the plot.  However, I thought this one is worth covering because Zhang Han and Li Ying's response to them is kinda cute.

Zhang Han was asked if he would consider Zhao Li Ying as a potential love interest.  In response he said he would consider a girl whose personality is like Shan Shan (the heroine's character in Boss & Me). But he wouldn't consider Zhao Li Ying because he likes girls that are pure and nice.  Umm... fans were quick to ask the obvious question: does this mean Li Ying is NOT pure and nice?

When Zhao Li Ying was asked what she thought of Zhang Han's response she said "Is the same as I don't like him either.  I would like some one like the Boss (the hero in Boss & Me). Ha Ha. In reality I am really strong willed inside.  So I need a man that has a really strong presence in order to deal with me."  Fans were quite impressed with Li Ying's answer and thought this was the best way to cut the rumor short.

Zhang Han claimed the press that interviewed him edited his answer to make it seemed like he was degrading Li Ying.  He also wrote a personal response on Li Ying site "Big Shan (an endearment that is used in Boss & Me, so actually is really cute that he used it here.) is awesome.  Next time I will try to get the press not to edit it so weirdly.  Strong lady, I heard that my presence is not strong enough?"


  1. She is very pretty and zhang han is a handsome boy.. I love them! :-*

  2. I hope they will make another drama together :)

  3. I hope they will make another drama together :)

  4. Looking forward for the second season of boss and me.plsssss

  5. Actually they already collaborated in a second drama together The rise of a tomboy with another Korean male lead. There's a third one which is currently being produced where Zhang Han will appear in. So 3 collabs in total. I personally think he likes working with LY.