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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Ep 3 Recap

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What is a girl to do when you know your ten year crush needs to end but the said crush is your only life line?  This episode certainly gives us a better understanding of what Ji Wei sees in Yao Qi and why the simple act of letting go seems so impossible and just maybe that difficulty goes both ways.

Episode 3

Ji Wei narrates a brief story outline of a famous love story called Love in a Fallen City (C-Drama 2009).  In the story, the two lovers found each other and was able to finally show their true feelings while Hong Kong was under attack.

In comparison, it was also during a moment of crisis that Ji Wei realized an important truth.  In the middle of an earthquake with no one around her (every family member was gone for one reason or another), Yao Qi found Ji Wei in the dark by having her sing.  From that night on, Ji Wei never called Yao Qi ge ge again. (Ge ge = older brother. Different than the Korean use of Oppa, Ge Ge would make their relationship one of actual brother and sister.)

Back to the secret hid out. Yao Qi is sitting on the wall enjoying a refreshing mung bean dessert, while Ji Wei is trying to get her own dessert down from the tree. Yao Qi offers to help her take down the dessert BUT only if she confess her reason for her lies first.  Ji Wei counters that he should help her take down the dessert first but Yao Qi insists she goes first. Wordlessly, Ji Wei turns back to her jumping.
Yao Qi "You owe me at least 30 bowls of dessert for your lie.  Did you enjoy all my hard work? Did you enjoy reading them like a continuous joke? Or maybe your real reason is because you have a cru..." Splat! The mung bean dessert falls right on Ji Wei's face.  Laughing, Yao Qi says "Thank you God for your sense of justice!"

Did he mean to say crush?! By the way, for those who have no clue what mung bean dessert is go see my brief explanation: HERE.

With nothing to lose, Ji Wei runs past Yao Qi, stealing one of his shoe at the same time.

A sheepish Ji Wei goes home to see Mama Zhou and tells her about meeting Yao Qi and her grandma.  Mama Zhou tells Ji Wei to ask Yao Qi to come for some dumplings, but when she does call Yao Qi he said he is already on a train back to Taipei. The scene changes and we see that Yao Qi is actually still sitting on the wall Ji Wei left him on.  Who's the liar now?

Ji Wei, Mama Zhou and her sister Ji Ru are sitting around the table making dumplings.  Mama Zhou discuss the possibility of the whole family moving to Taipei to live with Ji Wei after Daddy Zhou retires.   Without missing a beat, Ji Ru casually says she is not moving because she bought a house already.  Mama Zhou is shocked and saddened that Ji Ru would do such a big thing without even talking to her parents about it.

Ji Wei takes Daddy Zhou lunch and Daddy Zhou tells Ji Wei he is hoping to work a few more years instead of retiring right away.

Ji Wei gets home and cannot find her shoes anywhere.  Suddenly Ji Wei asks "Mama, did Dai Yao Qi come by?"
"Yap, he did."
"He did?! When?"
"When you were went to your dad's."
Ha ha!

Daddy Zhou takes a slipper wearing Ji Wei to the train station.  Before sending Ji Wei off, Daddy Zhou takes a wad of money out and gives them to Zi Wei telling her that she should just keep sending the amount of money Mama Zhou wants from her but he will keep helping her with any shortage. Is like an open secret.  Mama Zhou knows Zi Wei is getting help from Dad, but she will keep expecting money from her.  Kinda like one pocket in and another pocket out. 

When Ji Wei goes into the train station she sees a message left for her on the public message board.  Zhou Bi Ai (Her nick name of Very Sad), Only the smart ones have the right to revenge.

Narrowing her eyes, Ji Wei mutters "I will show you how smart I am..."

Early next morning, a bleary eyed Yao Qi gets waken up by the delivery service.  He has received a package of "Sonic Mouse Killing Machine" and moreover it's cash on delivery which means he has to fork out 6,000 N.T. About 200 us dollars.

No one to fall behind, Yao Qi also sends a package to Ji Wei.  With confidence, Ji Wei tells the deliveryman she will not accept any merchandise that still needs to be paid.  The deliveryman assures her that the package has been paid.

"I know I shouldn't accept it, but if I don't then I wouldn't know what it is." Ji Wei asks the deliveryman.
His reply? "Miss, I still have lots of work to do.  Are you accepting it or not?"
With resolute Ji Wei opens the big jewelry box to find a beautifully displayed pig intestine with a note that says "No need to thank me.  I saw this and since it would go so well with you so I bought it."

A group of rich loafers sits around in Yao Qi's restaurant who quickly comes up with lame excuses to not pay when they are handed the bill.  Yao Qi good naturally tells his co-owners that he will pay for it out of his paycheck.  Stoically, his co-owner hands him his salary telling him that it has all been calculated.  Yao Qi is shocked to see how little his salary is and vows to make the loafers pay next time.
Hmm... easily taken advantage of... that's not a good trait in a man... well, in anyone actually.

Yao Qi gets off from work and goes home in time to send his girlfriend Shao Min to work.  Shao Min pleas with Yao Qi to find a job with normal working hours so they could at least see each other since they work completely opposite times.
Yao Qi "Don't force me to do things I don't want to do."
Shao Min "So you can force me to live in a way I don't want to live?"
Shao Min cuts the discussion short and leaves for working.

Yao Qi sits with Grandma Dai at the breakfast table, when Grandma apprehensively approach him about her going work at a shop washing dishes.  Yao Qi immediately asks if his dad has stopped sending support money to grandma and tells her that it doesn't matter since he will take care of her "Just say home and relax." When grandma tells Yao Qi that he should keep his money Yao Qi says "My woman should listen to me." Haha, so cute for him to say that to his grandma.

Ji Wei's company is having a testimony meeting of how they are mistreated out in the cruel world. The president assures them that they have finally found a safe haven and that he has decided to give up most of his company's earning as dividend to the workers.

In the president's office, the president hands Ji Wei a slip of paper with a very large sum of money listed. Ji Wei with shock has no idea what to say.  The president tells her "Don't doubt, this money is what you deserve... although once we took out the company uniform fees and misc. you can only get this money." The president then takes out another slip and shows Ji Wei that she now has about $1 left.

The president goes on to tell Ji Wei that she is going to have a large sum of dividends coming at the end of the month so she should not miss this opportunity to buy as many cookie boxes (the company sell healthy cookies) as she can since is like paying nothing for them.

Ji Wei tells her boss that she will think about it.  I have a bad feeling about this...

Yao Qi goes to the Shao Min's work to spend some time with her. Shao Min, not quite appeased, asks Yao Qi to take her on a vacation when she is done being busy with her work. (She is an assistant on a drama filming set).  Yao Qi agrees, but has to cut their time short when he gets a phone call from someone asking if he is leasing out his restaurant spot.  Muttering "Zhou Zi Wei..." Yao Qi tells Shao Min he has to go.  And a very interesting conversation takes place:

Shao Min"What is Zhou Zi Wei to you anyway?"
Yao Qi "Just a sister I grew up with without being actually blood related."
Shao Min "... There are no pure relationships between men and women."
Yao Qi "Is that so? But... there is familial love." 

Yao Qi gets to the restaurant to see a "To Let" sign posted on the door.  Yao Qi rips it off. 

Grandma Dai shows up at the restaurant to offer her help since Yao Qi won't let her work elsewhere.  Except instead of helping Grandma Dai was more in the way and thus making more work for everyone else.  

After a fruitless phone conference with every member of her family about investing in her company's cookies, Ji Wei goes to Yao Qi's restaurant in hopes of some advise.  Relived to see Ji Wei, Yao Qi tells her to take Grandma Dai home.  On the stairway to Yao Qi's apartment Ji Wei tries to comfort a dejected Grandma Dai who laments about her inability to even support herself.  All the sudden Ji Wei gets a big smile on her face and says "Grandma Dai! I have an idea!" 
I have a REALLY bad feeling about this.

The next morning, the president of Ji Wei's company hands a charge slip for 15,000 NT for Ji Wei to sign.  (So about $5,000) In the middle of this exchange the ground starts to shake and Ji Wei yells "Earth quake!" 

Yao Qi jumps up from his bed in a panic until he finds Grandma Dai sitting in their living room.  Ji Wei holes up in a room surrounded by cookie boxes calls her family to make sure they are all alright.  As Ji Wei stands up to leave she gets a phone call from Yao Qi checking to make sure he is okay.

Yao Qi "Did you cry because you were so scared?"
Ji Wei "I am not little anymore okay!"
Yao Qi "Remember in an earth quake try to get to an open space if you can. If you can't..."
Ji Wei "Find a place for cover."
Yao Qi "You can't just know the answer, you have to have the ability to act under pressure.  You are so slow."
Ji Wei "Okay, Okay."
As Yao Qi is ready to hang up Ji Wei says "Hey, you are the only person to call and check on me."
Yao Qi "Don't be too moved.  I was just checking to see if the phone line is okay."

Ji Wei goes to her company to get a few boxes of cookies to take over to Grandma Dai.  By chance Ji Wei ends up with the president's cell phone and chases him to a warehouse in order to return the phone.  However, Ji Wei is greeted by the shocking sight of local workers carelessly stuffing cookies into boxes. Confused, Ji Wei can't believe what she is seeing since the company advertised that the cookies are loving made in New Zealand with the highest ingredients. 

With aplomb, the president admits to Ji Wei that even though the location of where the cookies are made changed but they still use the highest ingredients and employees the best technology for them.  

Numbly, almost in a trance Ji Wei nods and turns to leave, but halts again when a man walks past her. Shocked once again, Ji Wei looks at the foreigner that is obviously the man that is on every poster in her company. The man fussing over fallen cookies is suppose to be a world renowned Ph.D chemist that developed the "super healthy" cookies in the far away land of New Zealand.  

A pale Ji Wei stands in front of a book store staring at a book in the display window titled "What a Smart Person Should Not Do." Looking up, Ji Wei sees the kind stranger that helped her out on the bus not long ago sitting inside reading the very same book.  Ji Wei rushes in and hands the man a coin to finally pay the bus fare in full.  The man accepts the coin and stands up to leave.  Hurriedly, Ji Wei stops him and asks him what that book is about. The man turns around and tells her the books covers two main points:

1. It is every person's responsibility to not bring trouble upon themselves. 

2. Bad people can't not be forgiven. And so does dumb people. 

At the man's retreating back Ji Wei yells "So a dumb person who brought trouble upon themselves can't be forgiven then."

Yao Qi's group of non-paying friends shows up again and is ready to play the same excuse of not paying.  Yao Qi catches them and tells them not to worry about the tab but instead each of them had to order boxes of cookies. Ha!

Yao Qi calls Ji Wei to tell her that he sold some cookies for her and she should bring them the next day.  A very quiet Ji Wei thanks Yao Qi and hangs up the phone. 

The next morning the police shows up at Ji Wei's company and seize all the cookies.  Ji Wei's fellow co-worker hopelessly stands on the way side wondering out loud what they can do now that all the money they invested is down the drain.  "Who in the world called the police?!" Ji Wei tearfully admits that she is the one that called the police.  

Squatting by the side of Yao Qi and her secret wall, Ji Wei listens to message after message of her worried family members.  The last message is from Yao Qi "What to do when earth quake happens? Didn't I tell you? 1. Get to an open space.  2. Find some cover. 3. If all else fail, you still have me." M-E-L-T 

A voice sounds beside Ji Wei "You are very angry right? Thought love conquers all, just to realize it's all a lie.  You hate yourself for being so easily tricked, so naive and dumb. I dislike myself as well.  How can I be so naive to think my mom wouldn't leave if I stayed. How can be so naive to think if I stayed my dad will change?" 

Ji Wei tells Yao Qi that what happens with his parents is not his fault at all, but with her it's different because she brought the trouble upon herself by going to the police.  

Yao Qi writes an equation on the wall to see if Ji Wei really is a dummy.
The equation reads:

Yao Qi then goes through and cross off verb for verb, adjective for adjective until the only thing left is Smart. 

Ji Wei says "You did it again. You saved me from earthquake." 
In a voice over, Ji Wei says "So, just like this my one person story of Love in a Fallen City is still continuing on." 

Third Sadness: When you grow up, very few people can help you when the sky falls. 

I thought the ending credits are kinda cute with all the staff in the back ground making funny poses.


Ah, Yao Qi, Yao Qi you bad boy, why are you making it so hard for that poor girl to move on? The thing about crushes is that one needs to have the ability to make nothing into something.  You spend hours analyzing his/her every gesture, every utterance for any hope that just maybe that person actually cares.  Of course, you also have the ability to ignore every strong evidence that he/she cares nothing for you.  

However, in Ji Wei's case we see that in some ways Yao Qi really is her one and only.  And one could argue that Ji Wei sort of serve that role to Yao Qi as well.  It of course doesn't help Ji Wei that Yao Qi does these melt your heart gesture no matter how gruffly he does them.  

All in all, I am loving this show and really liking the interplay between the two leads as well.  Let's hope the show could keep up the great story line.    

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  1. Hi ninja I just want to say that I love how we think along the same lines it comes to this drama. I'm very proud of ji Wei because it takes a lot of courage to do the right thing especially when the bad thing is her livelihood. Ninja I'm so grateful that you are doing these recaps because I can't seem to find episode three through 10 in English and without you I would be completely lost