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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Ep 4 Recap

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This hour brings a whole slew of revelation, ones I really didn't think they would show so quickly. I am not complaining mind you, but still the answers bring such a bitter sweet feeling.

Episode 4

Ji Wei reminisce about how Yao Qi had a dream of one day becoming an astronaut so he can go to the planet of Vegeta.  (Any fan of the comic book Dragon Ball out there?) When Ji Wei ask Yao Qi if he still believes in the existence of Vegeta, he answers that an existence without believing in Vegeta would be too boring.

Turning serious, Yao Qi tells Ji Wei she still needs to buck up and face her problems.

Ji Wei and her parents sits at the dining table with very somber faces.  Their mood doesn't stop Yao Qi from eating heartily though.  Daddy Zhou gets into a frenzy when he realize Ji Wei actually put her own money into her company's product and ends up in an argument with Mama Zhou.  Stopping the blame game, Ji Wei admits that it's her own stupidity and greed that are at fault.

Yao Qi finally jumps into the fray and tells everyone to calm down since Ji Wei learned from her mistake and since the credit card company stopped the payment so there are not even monetary losses.

Mama Zhou takes this opportunity to tell Ji Wei this proves Ji Wei is too naive to live in Taipei and she should move back home.  Ji Wei looks at Yao Qi for help but he only agrees with Mama Zhou that she should move home.

On the train back to Taipei, Yao Qi gets a phone call from his girlfriend.  Ji Wei asks Yao Qi what he likes about Shao Min but Yao Qi refuses to answer her.  Ji Wei propose they play truth or dare and that sparks an interest in Yao Qi and he counters the dare would be to crawl the length of their train compartment.

Of course Ji Wei loses the paper rock scissor battle and Yao Qi gets to ask the first question.  Without a pause, Yao Qi gets close to Ji Wei and asks her "Why did you pretend you were Shao Min and wrote to me?"

With a pause, Ji Wei says "Because I like you." Woa, I didn't not expect her to tell him the truth. It's Yao Qi's turn to pause, but then he turns his head and laughs. "If you are not going to tell the truth then you'll have to do the dare."
Is he just faking it or does he really think she is joking?

Going along with Yao Qi's assumption that she didn't tell him the truth, Ji Wei gets down on her stomach and crawls the length of their train compartments with all the other passenger looking on.

Ji Wei starts to pack up her belonging in her apartment but she sees visions of herself questioning why she is leaving when she has worked so hard to come to Taipei and especially when she has finally found Yao Qi.

Yao Qi tells Ji Wei to come help at the restaurant and she actually does a great job helping.  Except she can never seem to remember Yao Qi's friends' names.

Yao Qi also takes the opportunity to asks his partners for two days off. They agrees and told him that Shao Min already informed them that Yao Qi is taking her on a vacation.  Although they express doubt what Yao Qi could possibly do with two days off.

Shao Min is bouncing off the wall, hyped up that her drama she is working on finally wrapped up and she has time off.  Her excitement quickly dimmed when Yao Qi tries to talk her into staying locally for their vacation instead of leaving the country.

Ji Wei goes home to find Mama Zhou waiting for her, ready to help her pack up so she can go home. Ji Wei feebly gives her myriad of excuses on why she can't quite leave yet. Finally, Mama Zhou looks at Ji Wei and asks THE question "Are you staying being of Dai Yao Qi? Do you like him?"

Ji Wei doesn't answer but Mama Zhou already knows what she is not saying. "He already has a girlfriend and only think of you as his sister, why do you still like him?" Ji Wei yells back "I am also waiting for the day I don't like him anymore but that day hasn't arrived yet. What am I suppose to do?"

The next morning, Ji Wei wakes up to a table full of breakfast but no mom in sight. Overwhelmed by how much her mom cares for her Ji Wei starts to blindly shove her belonging into bags.  In the middle of packing, Ji Wei gets a phone call from Grandma Dai inviting her for lunch.

At the same time Ji Wei is having lunch with Grandma Dai and Shao Min, Yao Qi is having lunch with Mama Zhou.

Mama Zhou starts off with how much she worries about Ji Wei and reminisces that when Ji Wei was born the soothsayer said she is in conflict with the gods so in order for her to have a smooth sailing life Ji Wei's name needs to be a bad one to serve as a cover. So Mama Zhou gave her the nick name of Very Sad.

Yao Qi stops Mama Zhou and tells her that he probably knows what she wants to say and reassure her that he already has a girlfriend. Hesitantly, Mama Zhou tells him "Yao Qi is not that I dislike you... the things I required of you before was only to make sure you didn't get into the wrong crowd."

Yao Qi "I know, I obviously didn't like Zhou Zi Wei enough. To be honest why would I change for anyone. I live my life aimlessly right now and really, from a brother point of view I wouldn't want Ji Wei to be with someone like me either. Don't worry, in two days Ji Wei will show up in front of you safe and sound." AHHHH! He liked her. 

In the mean time, Shao Min asks Ji Wei if she knows about Yao Qi's first girlfriend.  Ji Wei is completely clueless of what Shao Min is talking about and asks Shao Min if she knows what happened. Shao Min says the ex-girlfriend's mom seemed to dislike Yao Qi due to his tendency to get in trouble, a bad student, hangs out with a bunch of good for nothing friends and easily get involved into fights.    

Yao Qi gets home the same time Ji Wei is leaving his house. Yao Qi tells Ji Wei he and Shao Min is going out and she should come as a third wheel.  So, Ji Wei ends up spending the whole time following the two love birds around, watching them being lovey dovey. 
Is he doing this on purpose?? 

The threesome goes to a bunch of different places and ate all the locally famous dishes. Ji Wei can tell Yao Qi is obviously feeding her all the foods he promised to feed her once she gets to Taipei. Ji Wei can't help but feel hurt watching the two love birds, but at the same time she is touched that Yao Qi remembers all the foods she told him she wanted to try.

When Yao Qi asks Ji Wei if she is satisfied, Ji Wei without thinking answers "How can I taste anything when we are rushing from one place to another and trying to cram it all down. This is not really fulfilling your promise." A silence descends as Ji Wei realize she might have said the wrong thing.

Shao Min gets angry at Yao Qi since she realized the whole day was actually planned for Ji Wei and she was the third wheel.
"Zhou Ji Wei is more important than me right?"
Yao Qi frustrated says "Do you think Grandma or you is more important to me?"
Shao Min "Zhou Zi Wei is as important as Grandma to you?"
The fights escalates into Shao Min questioning if she would keep having a future with Yao Qi. Finally Shao Min interrogates Yao Qi who his suppose ex-girlfriend that wrote all those letters to him is. Yao Qi refuses to answer.

The next morning Shao Min shows up at Ji Wei's door and questions her about the letters. With a short pause, Ji Wei immediately apologize to Ji Wei for impersonating her and reassure Shao Min passionately that Yao Qi has liked her for a long long time now.

Shao Min stops by a friend's and the friend tells Shao Min sisters are the scariest creature, especially the non-blood related one. However, Shao Min assured in Yao Qi's feeling for her now goes to see Yao Qi at his restaurant all radiant and apologizes from jumping to conclusions.

Finishing up her packing, Ji Wei decides to throw away her memorabilia of Yao Qi. Her memorabilia list includes:
  • Half package of cigarette. 
  • His letters
  • Chip off tooth (okay, that's spooky)
  • The can of soda both of them drank from = indirect kiss
  • The x-ray of Yao Qi's leg when his leg was broken. 

Ji Wei goes to say good bye to the elderly lady that has been correcting her letters. When Ji Wei realize the elderly lady likes to correct her letter years ago, she just decided to keep writing to her.

The door bell rings and Ji Wei volunteers to go open it for the elderly couple and surprise surprise it's actually the nice strange she keeps bumping into. Turns out he is the couple's grandson.

The nice stranger walks Ji Wei out and thanks her for befriending his grandparents. The two exchange phone numbers promising if Ji Wei comes back to Taipei the nice strange will treat her. As the two parted, Ji Wei's bag of belonging breaks so the nice strange ends up helping her all the way to the train station.

At the train station, Ji Wei's bag falls apart completely and Ji Wei rushes to pick up all the things that fell out... mainly all the memorabilia she threw away. The nice stranger buys Ji Wei a luggage bag to put all her stuff in as a thanks for her help with his grandparents.

The nice stranger ends up having coffee in a cafe with Ji Wei and the two finally decides to exchange names. The stranger writes his name on a napkin Yuan Fang and in return Ji Wei writes her name on the same napkin as well. Looking at the written character of Zhou Zi Wei, Yuan Fang gives a little smile. Puzzled, Zi Wei asks him why he is smiling and if her name sounds funny? Yuan Fang quickly says it's nothing and when he looks down on the napkin we see Zi Wei's hand written name.

Zi Wei's hand writing is pretty bad, a bit child like. I think this is to show us that with such a unique hand writing Yao Qi probably knew right from the very beginning that Zi Wei was impersonating Shao Min. 

Ji Wei goes home and surprises Mama Zhou. When Ji Wei gets a text from Yuan Fang wanting her address so his grandpa can send her something, Mama Zhou with pretend casualness asks her if it's Yao Qi that texted her. When Mama Zhou hears that Yuan Fang is a building designer, she tells Ji Wei that Yuan Fang is exactly the kind of person Ji Wei should go after. Mama Zhou goes on to tell Ji Wei she should avoid the kind of guys that get in trouble, a bad student, hang out with a bunch of good for nothing friends and easily get involved into fights.

As Mama Zhou listed off the very familiar "bad traits" Ji Wei looks at Mama Zhou in shock and asks her why she is speaking so much like Yao Qi's exgirlfriend's mother. Mama Zhou tries to play ignorant but Ji Wei is finally putting everything together.

Ji Wei chases Mama Zhou into the kitchen "Tell me, am I Yao Qi's ex-girlfriend?"
Mama Zhou "What does it matter now. He has a girlfriend now."
Ji Wei "It matters! It matters that the person I like used to like me."
Sobbing, Ji Wei runs out of the house.

The Fourth Sadness: Our eyes can only see one angle.

A flash back. Yao Qi is riding a bicycle around a boy, ever so casually he asks:
"Are you waiting for my sister Zhou Ji Wei?"
Boy "Yes."
"Did you ask me for permission to date her?"
Boy "I don't think so."
Boy "Can I please date Zhou Ji Wei?"
"You.... Can....Not.  Go Home."
"Ok." The boy walks home with Yao Qi smiles approvingly after him.


Oh, poor poor Ji Wei. I can't even imagine liking someone for over ten years only to find out that person likes you too but all that was destroyed by your own mother. She can't even really go back to Yao Qi to make up for lost time since he has a girlfriend now. The amount of frustration over what could have been and what might have been must be enormous.

When it comes to Yao Qi I am not sure what his feeling towards Ji Wei is now. I think he genuinely likes his girlfriend but I am assuming it's not as deep as his feeling towards Ji Wei. I think Ji Wei falls into the same category as his grandma, meaning people that will not abandon him. But I think when it comes to Shao Min, she probably still has a long way to go from earning his trust that she won't one day abandon him like his mother.

Favorite Quote: When Ji Wei is telling Yao Qi his conversation with his girlfriend is sickening sweet Yao Qi answers:
"It's like going to the bathroom. It stinks to others, but you feel really good." Ha!


  1. I gotta say the train scene upset me because if I'm telling the truth no one is going to tell me I'm lying. But it's scripted is what I have to remind myself. Once again I want to wring shao min's neck. What gives her the right to question anyone about those letters.as a girlfriend of course you want to know but if he doesn't tell you that should worry you more than trying to force an answer. I know mama Zhou is SUPPOSEDLY looking out for ji wei's best interests but I can't believe it since she hasn't been doing it for most of the girl's life. Kudos to blue lan's acting though because I don't speak Chinese but I knew when mama Zhou hit him where it hurts and you have to b an idiot to not know his mama is a sore spot

    1. Ha, the train scene. Did you notice his expression at the very last scene of Ji Wei crawling on the floor though? I really think he felt bad at that point. Plus I think he knew she was telling the truth, he was just trying to not break the facade.
      His acting really was good in the scene with Mama Zhou. You could see that while her accusation of him stealing money and calling him on the carpet for getting into fights did hurt him, but nothing affected him more than her last sentence "You don't want Zhou Zi Wei to become your mom, do you?" That single sentence I think became his nightmare... and we can argue became Ji Wi's too.