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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Ep. 6 Preview

3:32 PM Posted by ninja 3 comments
I am dying for Friday, but here is an alternate preview to Apple in Your Eye Ep 6 than the one at the end of ep. 5. 

Sitting in Yao Qi's restaurant, a man sits across from Ji Wei and orders three menu items. 
With a bit of impatience Yao Qi asks "Do you need to ask the lady what she wants?" 
 Man "Oh, what would you like?" 
Before Ji Wei can answer. Yao Qi says "Sausage with Glutinous rice" 
The man looks at Yao Qi with surprise. 
Ji Wei with a shy smile nods. 
Yao Qi "Fish, lotus." 
A bit nervous, the man says "That's enough already right?" 
Looking back, Yao Qi asks "We don't have fish today, is shrimp okay?" 
Ji Wei smiles shyly again "Alright." 
Yao Qi looks down and swears under his breath.

I think someone going to find out being a big brother is not as easy as he thinks!

This is the actual preview at the end of ep. 5

The lady at the delivery company tells Ji Wei "I've told you already, you are not suitable for the job."

Shao Min asks Yao Qi "Did you know Zhou Ji Wei has a boyfriend now?"

Yao Qi "I know."

At the restaurant Yao Qi "What do you guys want to eat?"

Ji Wei and Yuan Fang (the guy she keeps bumping into). Yuan Fang "Careful" 


  1. Please share your recap for episode 6. Really appreciate that...

  2. Yeay!!!! Waiting patiently��...