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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Episode 2 Recap

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"Ouch" is pretty much  my response through this whole episode.  There is a common Chinese saying that pretty much describe this whole episode "The saddest thing in the world is for me to stand right in front of you but you don't see me."

I really like the "back in the day" vibe this show has.  Kinda like the show In A Good Way that takes you back to your youthful university days, this one takes you back to your first crushes.  If your first crush lasted over 10 years that is.

Episode 2

On the far end of Taiwan in Kaohsiung, Ji Wei can only focus on her school work and carrying on her pretense of writing to Yao Qi in the name of Fang Sho Min (the school beauty).   Ji Wei believe one day she will be able to work her way back to where Yao Qi is.

Eagerly waiting for Yao Qi's letter to "Fang Shao Min", Ji Wei is disappointed to find that Yao Qi is no longer writing to Shao Min which means she has lost her only contact with him too.

Undaunted, Ji Wei saves enough money to buy a train ticket to Taipei and heads straight to Yao Qi's address.

Except when she gets to the house she is greeted by an elderly man who tells her Yao Qi has long since moved and has no idea where he moved to.  In the middle the two's conversation, a crumbled up letter all the sudden falls by Ji Wei.  Picking up the crumbled letter, Ji Wei sees the letter is actually HER letter with red correction marked on it.  The elderly man tells Ji Wei that thanks to her frequent letter his wife who suffers from dementia was able to relive her teacher days.  Looking past the man, Ji Wei sees a elderly woman muttering "nonsense, nonsense." while correcting her letters.  Ha! 

With no more information to find Yao Qi, Ji Wei can only go back to the university and pray that time will go by faster so she can go to Taipei to find him after her graduation.

Ji Wei does find a job in Taipei after her graduation but things is not going well for her there.  In an interview with Ji Wei, the company executives encourage Ji Wei to truthfully point out any co-worker that have problems.  The ever trusting Ji Wei points out a fellow worker who has a bad attitude about his work and disrespectful towards his department head.  Turns out, the problem worker is the company president's wife's cousin.   So, both Ji Wei and the department head got the boot.

In a funk over how unfair the world is, Ji Wei's spirit is revived when a stranger steps in to help pay for her bus fare.  By chance Ji Wei meets the kind stranger again and stops him to pay him back for helping her on the bus.  Male second lead? Maybe?

Ji Wei's mother has a fight with her husband and flees to Ji Wei's house.  The next thing Ji Wei know her whole family has squeezed into her tiny apartment.  Ji Wei's family flips out when they found out her jobless status and demands that she goes home with them.  Ji Wei refuses to go and Ji Wei's mother leaves in a huff.  Daddy Zhou stays behind and hands Ji Wei almost all the money on him.  I am glad that Ji Wei's family actually do love her.  Forgetful parents maybe, but still loving. 

Ji Wei finally finds a job at a direct selling company and working at an open house Ji Wei bumps into none other than her precious Yao Qi and Grandma Dai.

Brimming with emotion, Ji Wei hardly takes a breath in her hurry to tell Yao Qi all the things she has been through to find them.

Yao Qi takes Ji Wei to a small restaurant that he owns and the two catch up on old times.  Ji Wei complains to Yao Qi that she didn't even know he moved and in surprise Yao Qi tells her that Mama Zhou knows.

Yao Qi "I did call your mom and she gave me your phone number, but I lost it pretty soon after wards."
Ji Wei "Why didn't you just call her again?"
Yao Qi "I would have if I had a reason to call you."
Ji Wei incredulous "This means you have never ever thought of calling me?"
This takes it to a new level of "Girl, get a clue. The boy is not into you." 

Causally, Yao Qi hands Ji Wei a dish.  Surprised, Ji Wei is extremely moved since this is the dish that she kept pestering Yao Qi he has to treat her to when she shows up in Taipei.  She wonders if Yao Qi has the dish prepared all this time just waiting to meet up again with her.  Could it be he feels the same way she... Yao Qi points to the menu board on the wall to tell her that the dish is one of their popular sellers.  Ji Wei comforts herself that he must have put this dish on the menu for her.   

Ji Wei's self delusion lived a very short live though.  The door opens and in walks a familiar face. Stammering, Ji Wei's says "Fang Shao Min?"
Yao Qi "Call her sister-in-law."
Ji Wei can hardly get her words out "You guys are married?!"
Yao Qi "Pretty much"
Shao Min "Hey, Pretty much not the same."

I was shocked for a second there too! Thought the story was going to go into a drastic direction. 

Ji Wei calls her mom on the phone.  Mama Zhou obviously still in a huff says "I don't have a daughter name Ji Wei. I only have two daughters." and hangs up.

Ji Wei without anyone else to turn to, keeps talking on the phone and tells her imaginary listener that she really regret coming up to Taipei.  All the sudden Ji Wei paused.  If Yao Qi and Shao Min is together then he knows her charade of writing letters to him in Shao Min's name.  With a shake Ji Wei says "What does it matter now!"

In the middle of sleeping, Ji Wei is waken up by a phone call from Yao Qi telling her to come out and meet him.  Still wondering if this is all a dream, Ji Wei goes out to find a real Yao Qi standing in front of her apartment.

Sitting on a swing in the park, Yao Qi tells Ji Wei that he is glad that she found him in his last remaining 3 month on earth.  Not believing him, Ji Wei tells him stop joking around.  Seeing Ji Wei's reaction Yao Qi tells her that yes, this is just all a joke.  His calmness finally shocked her into believing him and Ji Wei starts to sob her heart out.

Yao Qi tells Ji Wei there are three things he needs help with:
1. Take care of grandma for me.
2. I will disappear in a few days and only you would know where I am.  Don't tell anyone about this until I am gone. Don't tell my girlfriend even after I am gone so she will hate me and forget me.
3. Go see our wall with me.

On the morning Ji Wei is to go with Yao Qi to see their secret wall she gets a text from Yao Qi saying his condition has worsened and the doctor won't let him leave the hospital so would she please go to their wall for him.  Determined to fulfill Yao Qi's wish Ji Wei goes to their wall and decides she will take pictures to show him.

While taking pictures Ji Wei sees some parts of a writing on the wall and goes closer to get a better look. Climbing half way up the wall, Ji Wei reads the writing: Zhou Ji Wei, How dare you lie to me!

Ji Wei turns to see Yao Qi standing behind her.
Ji Wei "Are you suppose to stay in the hospital?"
Yao Qi "Yap, so you are seeing my ghost self."
Ji Wei"So... your... illness. "
Yao Qi "The correct medical term for my illness is: I - will - always have- my- revenge."  
I love his expression!

Before the episode ends we see Yao Qi riding on a bicycle and out of the corner of his eye he catches sight of Ji Wei sitting on the bus. Yao Qi tries to chase the bus down, but was stopped by the traffic.
Ah, so he actually found her first.


Boy, was I on a roller coaster ride.  For a second there I thought the show was going into the male lead being a married man, then I thought we were going into terminal illness romance.

Two things I am very happy about in this episode. 
1. Ji Wei's parents actually cares about her.
2. Yao Qi actually cares enough to play a elaborate revenge plan on Ji Wei.

I was quite worried in the beginning of the episode that Ji Wei has not an ounce of importance to Yao Qi seeing how nonchalantly he acted the whole time of their reunion.  However, if he cares enough to spend the time and energy to plan such a complex revenge plan then he obviously cares. I guess you could argue he was just really angry he got tricked but I think you can see he cares about Ji Wei in some ways.  Oh, no! Am I the one in "crush delusion" now?

Anyhow, fun episode.  I really enjoyed it.  Not too sure about the second male lead.  He doesn't seem too memorable right now.  


  1. Thank you for doing the recaps! I watched the 1st ep out of curiosity and got hooked, so against my better judgement, I started watching it even though the are no subs available :(
    I can only understand very little of what is happening and yet I enjoy it a lot but still I was hoping someone would recap and then I found your blog! I'm so happy!

  2. Glad you found me! It's really is a gem. We'll hope together that it stays that way!