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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Episode 5 Recap

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In this hour we solved some very important question. However, the answer doesn't seems to matter and really doesn't change anything, but at the end of the day, the answer is still all consuming. Well, I guess it matters since it made me sobbed for the last 15 minutes of the show.

Episode 5

In a voice over, Ji Wei remembers her teacher discussing how technology makes many things in our life become replaceable. The ability to replace everything... is that good or bad?

Flash back to Ji Wei sitting by their wall telling Yao Qi how pretty her classmate Shao Min's shoes were and she really wish she could have a pair just like that for her birthday. Ji Wei looks up at Yao Qi only to see him sound asleep, having not heard a word she said.

Sho Min and Yao Qi spends the second day of their vacation camping. Shao Min tell Yao Qi that her friend San Mi (the guy at the jewelry store) tells her that Yao Qi is someone who doesn't like to be misunderstood but is also someone who never explain himself, choosing instead to run away from his issues. Yao Qi "Those description sounds foreign to me since I don't even know what I am like."

After searching around fruitlessly for Ji Wei, Daddy Zhou comes home to a Mama Zhou who is trying to pretend she doesn't care where Ji Wei disappeared to. Daddy Zhou tells Mama Zhou that they live in a different world now, so a parent should be willing to admit their wrong. Mama Zhou says "I don't care how the world changes. I love my daughter and I refuse to watch her get hurt."
Daddy Zhou replies "If our daughter really need to fall once to find happiness then I am willing to hurt with her." What a great dad!

Ji Wei's two sister decides to go all out and help Ji Wei go back to Taipei and the two tries to take Ji Wei's luggage to her but ends up getting caught by Mama Zhou.

Mama Zhou takes Ji Wei's luggage to her and and tells her she can live her life whatever way she chooses now. Crying, Ji Wei begs "Please, return my story to me. Please tell me the story that involves me but I have no idea about. Please tell me?"

Mama Zhou finally relents and tells Ji Wei what happened between her and Yao Qi. One day Mama Zhou caught Yao Qi in Ji Wei's room trying to put a birthday present behind Ji Wei's pillow. Seeing how nice the sneakers are, Mama Zhou asks Yao Qi where he got the money, and when Yao Qi refused to answer her Mama Zhou accused him of stealing the money. Mama Zhou tells Yao Qi how much he is hurting Grandma Dai by not making something out of himself. 
Mama Zhou "I will not let my daughter be with someone who will hurt her in the end. But if you can stop goofing around, study hard, finish university and find a stable job then, only then you have the right to like Zhou Ji Wei. You don't want Ji Wei to become your mom right?"

Yao Qi looks at Mama Zhou with some shock and hurt at her last sentence. 

Yao Qi talks to Shao Min about his mom and reminiscences about how he received the best presents from his mom but he only found out how great they were when years later he decided to open them up so he can sell them for money. So I guess this explains why he didn't want to tell Mama Zhou where he got the money.

After trying to figure out if Yao Qi did like Ji Wei or not and not really coming up with a definite answer, Ji Wei's sister decides to take matters in to her hands. Ji Wei's sister intercepts Ji Wei's delivery (of all her belongings) and return them back to Taipei with a expressed stipulation that Ji Wei has to go to Taipei in person in order to have her belonging released.

Shao Min is helping Grandma with laundry and takes the opportunity to ask Grandma about Yao Qi's ex-girlfriend. Grandma assures Shao Min that she is the only girl Yao Qi has ever brought home. 
I guess that's true, since technically Grandma Dai is the one that brought Ji Wei home.

Ji Wei goes to the Taipei delivery office to get her belongings and ends up meeting Yuan Fang (the nice guy who helped her on the bus) who happens to be there to mail a package to Ji Wei. The package ends up being something that Yao Qi left at Yuan Fang's grandparent's apartment after they moved and they wanted Ji Wei to return it to Yao Qi. 

Ji Wei ends up opening the package and finds the sneaker she wanted so badly for her birthday mangy many years ago. 

Yao Qi's friends show up at his restaurant during the busiest time. Yao Qi chases his friends to wait outside for the next available tables and just as he is about to go back in Ji Wei stops him. 

"This was my birthday present right?"
Yao Qi "Are you on drugs? What are you blubbering about?"
Ji Wei "This sneaker, this was for me right?"
Yao Qi "Just go home!"
Ji Wei "Tell me! This is for me right? Yes? Yes? This is mine right?"
Yao Qi "Are you done? Do you want to ask Siri? With that, Yao Qi hands Ji Wei his cell phone and walks away.
A very confused Ji Wei "Who is Siri? Does he know the whole story?"
One of Yao Qi's friends finally takes pity on Ji Wei and tabs the Siri app for Ji Wei. Ji Wei starts to ask Siri the same questions she asked Yao Qi and of course she only gets standard answers from Siri "Can I help you look it on line? I can't help you with that. I don't understand your question."

Finally reaching the breaking point, Ji Wei just looks at Yao Qi through the restaurant window and sobs her heart out. "Who can give me back my ten years?!"
THIS is heart breaking.

One of Yao Qi's friend walks up to him and tells him "This is the first time I've thought a girl crying for a guy can be so beautiful." 

Thinking back to Ji Wei's sobbing face, Yao Qi finally calls her on the phone. Instead of reaching Ji Wei a male voice picks up the phone "Zhou Ji Wei is not available now, call back tomorrow." 
Surprised and angry now, Yao Qi calls back again.
A very sleepy and irritated Yuan Fang answers the phone again. The two guys gets into an argument right away. Finally Yuan Fang says "Your sister who does seem to be quite forgetful, left both her purse and phone at the delivery company and they insisted that I have to take her belonging with me. So now the unlucky me get to receive a very rude phone call from you at three o'clock in the morning."
Yao Qi "So you just let her leave without her purse and phone? What kind of man are you. (swear word follows here. A mild one though.)" 
An extremely frustrated Yuan Fang goes back to bed.

Yao Qi rides his bike all over trying to find Ji Wei, while the image of her sobbing in front of the restaurant window replays in his mind.

Sitting on a stair case, Ji Wei sees a pair of shoes and looks up hopeful that it might be Yao Qi only to see it is Yuan Fang. Does this guy have super powers or a Ji Wei radar? 

Fifth Sadness: Hope is always replaced by disappointment. 


I sobbed my heart out watching Ji Wei crying in front of Yao Qi's restaurant window. 
That was just SAD. The show did such a great job setting up this moment. The over ten years of crushing on one guy, and making your whole world revolve around him, thinking that there is no way in the world he would actually like you back THEN you find out he actually likes you back! BUT, the earth shattering information doesn't matter since he has already moved on and replaced you with some other girl while you have been stuck in the same place all these time. That is a crush ending very badly in the most epic way. 

I actually don't see anything wrong with what Mama Zhou did with Yao Qi. Sure, from a child point of view your mom interfering in your love life is super uncool, but in reality 90% of what she said to Yao Qi is for his own good. Why shouldn't a mom have the right to tell a boy who is interested in her daughter to shape up, make something decent out of himself then come date her daughter? She didn't tell him to make lots of money or be a boss of some big company, her only requirement was for him to study and get a stable job. Mama Zhou's only fault is that the only two things she did wrong ended up being the deciding factors in Yao Qi giving up on Ji Wei.

1. Accuse Yao Qi of stealing. 
2. The most hurtful and I imagine THE deciding factor: her words "You don't want Ji Wei to become your mother too right?"

I am guessing that last sentence packed everything Yao Qi fear about loving someone romantically and when Mama Zhou forced him to see that he is romantically interested in Ji Wei, he backed away as fast as he could. 


  1. This episode was really heartbreaking. Ji Wei's calling out to Yao Qi in his restaurant was a really good and painful scene. As I was watching, I could only assume what Ji Wei's mom told Yao Qi, and it turns out I wasn't that wrong. Surprisingly, this was an episode that was easy to understand even with no subs :) But as I read in your recap what Ji Wei was screaming to Yao Qi "Who can give me back my ten years?!" my heart just broke again. I am really enjoying this drama!!
    Thanks for the recap!!!^^

    1. Ha, I was totally wrong on Mama Dai. I thought for sure she would go the route of don't ever come close to my daughter but turns out she really was quite reasonable about it. OH, and that crying scene! I just sat there and cried with Ji Wei. My eyes was puffy for hours. :-)

    2. Oh, I know! That was a really well managed scene... I cried so much too T.T
      I also found Mama Dai's actions understandable. I got mad at first, but then I just figured she had every right to do what she did as Ji Wei's mom, even if she went just a little too far on Yao Qi :(