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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Episode 6 Recap

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Question for the hour: Can you force your heart to stop caring? Maybe? If you just try really really hard right?

Episode 6 Recap

While Yao Qi is searching everywhere for Ji Wei, Yuan Fang (the guy that is EVERYWHERE) goes straight to the delivery office knowing Ji Wei will be waiting there. (For the office to open so she can get her belongings) Yuan Fang gives Ji Wei her things and tells her that her brother called not too long ago.

In the middle of his search for Ji Wei, Yao Qi gets a voice message from Ji Wei "Siri only search on the internet to answer your question. Either collect 100 cc of sweat or answer my question. (she is referring to the truth or dare game). Yes or No? Is it or isn't?

Yao Qi sits down and listens to Ji Wei's message as she asks the final question "I want the Dai Yao Qi from ten years ago to answer my question. I want the Dai Yao Qi from ten years ago to answer my question!!!"
After a pause, Yao Qi mutters to himself "I don't even know where the Dai Yao Qi from ten years ago went."

While remembering all the memories of Ji Wei and him through out all the years they have been together, Yao Qi speeds through the street on his bike. 

The one memory we see that Ji Wei doesn't know is the one when Grandma Dai and Yao Qi leaving for Taipei. In Ji Wei's memory Yao Qi nonchalantly waves goodbye to her at the back of the moving truck while she sobs her heart out. But in Yao Qi's memory, we see that once the truck is out of Ji Wei's sight, Yao Qi starts to cry as well.

Drenched in sweat, Yao Qi throws himself on the bed beside Shao Min. With her back to him, Shao Min asks "Why are you home so late? Why did Zhou Zi Wei hang the phone on me?" 
After hearing only labored breathing from Yao Qi, Shao Min says "Forget it, you don't like to explain yourself anyway."
Pulling Shao Min into a hug, Yao Qi says "Thank you."

Looks like Yao Qi chose the dare of collecting 100 cc of sweat instead of answering Ji Wei.

Ji Wei walks alone on the street and of course she meets Mr. Everywhere again in front of a convenience store.  Yuan Fang wonders if he did wrong returning that pair of shoes to Ji Wei. Ji Wei thanks him and tells him that the shoes actually answered a question she has had for ten years... except the answer is ten years too late. 

The two starts a conversation about what time means and Yuan Fang shows Ji Wei a series of pictures of a really large block of ice that melted over the course of a few days. 
Thus time = nothing.

Yuan Fan compares time to the ice. "Ten  years already passed, if you still can't let it go then it's an unforgivable waste of time."
Ji Wei" How do you let it go?"
Yuan Fan "You need to tell yourself to let it go first."

I really don't agree the block of ice shows time is nothing. A bunch of picture showing a large block of ice melting becomes art... um... it shows someone was brilliant and came up with a cheap way of selling pictures to magazines. Am I too lacking in art sense? That really is all I can think about. 

Ji Wei remembers about a puppy name "little little" but soon the tiny puppy became a huge doge. Time is like that. It leaves Ji Wei behind, and things changes so Ji Wei decides to face things and not run away anymore. "I will leave everything in the past!" With that vow Ji Wei ends up staying in Taipei. 

Ji Wei goes to see Yao Qi at the restaurant and tells him "Do you have glutinous rice with sausage? Your sister is hungry." There was a slight pause before Ji Wei can get the word sister out. 

Ji Wei goes to work at the delivery service company and with a bright attitude Ji Wei is determined to excel at what she does.

Ji Wei is sent to her previous work place to pick up packages and ends up meeting the co-worker that got her fired. The ex-coworker complains to Ji Wei that he is too talented to have to do small tasks such as packing boxes. Ji Wei calmly shows the ex-coworker how a simple task done well can still give a person a sense of accomplishment. The ex-coworker looks at Ji Wei thoughtfully. 

Ji Wei meets Yuan Fang in the elevator. Turns out they work in the same building. This guy really is everywhere. 

Ji Wei meets a fellow co-worker, A Bin who seems to be super friendly and willing to help Ji Wei in anyway.

Shao Min tells Yao Qi about a possibility to work on a documentary. However, if she accepts this assignment it would mean traveling to an island for at least one or two month. Yao Qi doesn't see any reason for Shao Min not to accept it since working on this kind of work is her dream job.

Shao Min complains to her friend that she can't possible leave when Ji Wei is staying at Yao Qi's house. Her friend encourages her to be honest about her feelings of jealousy. 

Ji Wei cooks with Grandma Dai and brings up the possibility of her moving out soon. With a pause, Grandma Dai tells Ji Wei not to move so she can keep her company. Ji Wei suggest that Shao Min also keep Grandma Dai company, but Grandma Dai tells her that "Shao Min will get busy again when she starts working... and to be honest she kinda intimidates me."

Shao Min walks with Ji Wei to Yao Qi's restaurant and using the opportunity Shao Min tells Ji Wei bluntly about her worries. Ji Wei is shocked to realize Shao Min actually worries about her existence quickly assures Shao Min she is not a threat... and that she has a boyfriend already. 

Yao Qi's friend tells Yao Qi since he has two ladies around him, he will be a good brother and takes one off his hands, meaning Ji Wei who he thinks is cute. Yao Qi "One is your sister-in-law, one is my sister..." 
"Then I don't have any hope?"
"What do you think?"

Shao Min tells Yao Qi she already accepted the documentary job and "oh, did you know Ji Wei has a boyfriend already?"
Yao Qi, after a pause says "I know. I even talked to the guy on the phone."
Ji Wei "That is not... um... don't discuss that in front of me. I am too shy about it."

Ji Wei's coworker A Bin asks Ji Wei if he can be her Ge Ge (brother). Ji Wei tells him that she already has a brother so she can't have another one. This guy is starting to become creepy.

Ji Wei's ex-coworker shows up with a bunch of boxes for delivery and Ji Wei is surprised to see that this time the boxes are all packages very well. The ex-coworker asks Ji Wei out for dinner since he has some gift certificates to a restaurant. 

The restaurant turns out to be Yao Qi's and a reluctant Ji Wei follows the ex-coworker in. Then the most hilarious exchange happens:
Ex-coworker orders.
Yao Qi "Don't you need to ask the lady?"
Guy "Oh, Do you want to order something?"
Ji Wei "Um..."
Yao Qi "Glutinous rice with sausage."
Ji Wei "yes."
Yao Qi " Fish"
Ji Wei "yes."
Yao Qi "Lotus."
With a bewildred expression ex-coworker "Wait, that's enough right?"
Guy "Oh, I also want to order some beer."
Yao Qi "You can't drink and drive, especially when you are taking a lady home."
Guy "Umm... We are not going the same way right? Wait, I am not even driving."
Ji Wei "I will take beer too."
Yao Qi "No, you can't. Drink soda."
Ji Wei "Oh."
Taking a few step. Yao Qi turns back "We don't have fish today is shrimp okay?"
Ji Wei "Oh, okay."
Yao Qi mutters under his breath "No fish so you settle for shrimp?"
This is a Taiwanese saying "No fish so settle for shrimp" referring to when someone settles for a partner that is less than ideal. 

Once Ji Wei sends the drunken ex-coworker home, Yao Qi immediately yells "Do you have such a bad judgement?! Are you really "no fish so settle for shrimp"?" 
The two gets into an argument and Yao Qi is finally appeased when Ji Wei explains the dinner is purely a thank you from an ex-coworker. 

Ji Wei and Yao Qi has a late night talk about "little little" the dog Ji Wei used to have and how sad Ji Wei was when the dog died.

Ji Wei's company worker goes to Yao Qi's restaurant for dinner and A Bin (the super friendly co-worker) ends up talking to Yao Qi. Yao Qi is in a combative mood with A Bin until he finds out that A Bin is already married and the fact A Bin is really envious of Yao Qi being Ji Wei's brother because his own sister died in a car accident. The two guys ends up talking into the late night. 

Yao Qi sends a very angry Shao Min off to her documentary assignment. Shao Min complains that besides grandma, friends, sister, now she even has to share him with random customers. 

Yao Qi takes a package to Shao Min's friend for her and Shao Min's friend takes the opportunity to tell Yao Qi he needs to take actions to assure Shao Min her importance. Shao Min's friend encourages Yao Qi to buy a ring and propose to Shao Min.

Ji Wei's mom calls Ji Wei because Grandma Dai told her that Ji Wei has a boyfriend already. Not knowing how to stop her lie from snowballing, Ji Wei hesitantly describes her boyfriend as a handsome architect.  

Speaking of the handsome architect, who else but Yuan Fang shows up yet again in front of Ji Wei. To thank Yuan Fang for returning her stuff to her, Ji Wei ends up helping Yuan Fang with his work.

Yao Qi loses the ring he just barely bought and is searching every where for it. Yao Qi walks right past Ji Wei and Yuan Fang having dinner in the convenience store without seeing them. Yao Qi gets a phone call from his friend telling him that they found the ring for him. Ready to head home, Yao Qi stops when he hears a whining sound.

Yao Qi sees a dog by the side of a building and asks "are you abandoned?" 

Ji Wei walks to the cashier register of the convenience store and sees none other than Yao Qi buying a can of dog food.

Yuan Fang walks up to the cash register too with Ji Wei's purse in hand... and the two men meets! 

The sixth sadness: Coincidence always happen when you really don't want it to. 


I think I can understand what Yao Qi is thinking. As a girlfriend Ji Wei can leave him but as a sister Ji Wei will always be his. Not to say he doesn't love Shao Min, but I think he will not be too surprised if she leaves him... like his mom. In essence only two people in his life will never leave him: Grandma Dai and Ji Wei. Except I think Yao Qi's plan only works beautifully as long as Ji Wei doesn't have a boyfriend or anyone that is interested in her for that matter. 

This episode shows pretty clearly that Yao Qi's whole body goes into battle mode when any potential boyfriend material shows up around Ji Wei. The test really comes down to Yao Qi's ability to use logic to force himself to accept a boyfriend showing up in Ji Wei's life. 

As for Ji Wei, I really like the direction how her character is developing. For over ten years she has only focused on Yao Qi but now she is ready to focus on her work and getting to know other people around her. Is time for her to move on and realize that she is an attractive girl with lots of other opportunities out there. You go girl! 

ps. I am still going to work on episode 5's recap. 


  1. I too like the way Ji Wei's character is developing. She's actually acting mature and really trying to move on, as hard as that is. I just hope Yao Qi doesn't get into a deeper hole, with the whole ring and all. And yeaaah, I loved the ending cause Yao Qi's jealousy was totally visible xD

    1. I know I did say I like Ji Wei is learning to move on... can I take that back now that I have watched episode 7??? I spend the whole time saying "NOOOO..... don't move on."

  2. hahaha I know, right!? I was happy but then I was "stop! you're moving too fast, Ji Wei" lol

  3. There are 14 episodes of this drama right? I just watched number 13 and it CAN NOT end like that