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Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Episode 8 Preview and Translation

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"The seventh sadness is forgetting to say goodbye."

Yao Qi throws the dishes on the floor and tells Shao Min "Get lost!"

Yao Qi sobs and in a voice over says "Remember, You must remember to tell those who you love goodbye."

Yuan Fang "She would've wanted you to cheer up."
Ji Wei "He will, he just needs some time."
Yuan Fang "Then why don't you let him face the time by himself?"

Ji Wei talking on the phone with Yuan Fang "He is my ge ge. And he is talking to his girlfriend on the phone right now."
Yuan Fang "But you liked him before right?"
Yuan Fang "Tell me it's all in the past."

At the Zhou household
Ji Wei's sister "Are you REALLY Ji Wei's boyfriend?"
Mama Zhou jeering at Ji Wei's sister's question "What else would he be?"

Mama Zhou in the kitchen "They say the way to catch a son-in-law is through his stomach."
Ji Ru's financee "Yap, that's how Mama Zhou caught me."
Awkward moment between everyone. 

Ji Xuan "We heard your favorite star is xxx and you keep all your secret in your heart?"
Ji Wei "Jie jie!" (Older sister)
Yuan Fang "From now on I will tell Ji Wei all my secrets." 

Ji Wei "Don't be scared. I will stay with you."

Yuan Fang in a voice over (during the most inopportune time) "One day you might leave me because you don't love me anymore but ever be unfaithful to me." 

Okay, that last sentence from Yuan Fang is creepy!!! The wording he used for unfaithful is quiet server ie. being unchaste. The wording gives the image of back in the days when you stone someone over infidelity. It really gives him a scary vibe. I am not sure that is the affect the writer intended to have but that's the feeling it gave me.  

Beside the creepy part, we have a kiss!!! Finally! Combustion averted. 


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