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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Episode 7 Preview

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Yeah! It's out!

A Bin (the creepy but nice guys from Jie Wei's work) tells Yao Qi "There are many kinds of fake ge ge (brother). Some, truly wants to be a ge ge. Some, doesn't really want to be just ge ge."

Ya Qi snickers "Is not that complicated of a thing." 

A Bin "Hey, Why do you want to be Zhou mei mei's (Ji Wei) ge ge?"

Ya Qi "Because I can be a ge ge for life."

A Bin "Who says? Didn't I lose my mei mei (sister)? So nothing is for sure. Only here and now is the most important."

Ahh... Are they going to be a couple already??? Is this a good thing?? I can't even figure out if I am happy or sad about this. 


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