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Friday, September 19, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Episode 7 Recap

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Question of the day: If the relationship of your dream is not happening with the man of your dream... does it still count as a dream come true?

Apple in Your Eye Episode 7 Recap

While unrolling the newspaper that is wrapped around a take-out, Ji Wei notices a poem. The poem is titled "Old Fashion Way of Dating"
We will go for many walks. Take me out. Ask me out the old fashion way.
After I reject your invitation twice, I will say yes on the third time.
Don't IM me, don't leave me message on some forum. Don't text me at the last minute to see if I have time.
You need to call me. Ask me if I have any plans in three days over the weekend and if we can meet then.

As Ji Wei reads the poem, she imagine Yao Qi doing all the things in the poem and she smiles to herself.

Back to where we left off in Episode 6. The two men in Ji Wei's life finally meets... and nothing happens. Yao Qi calmly shakes hands with Yuan Fang and tells Ji Wei that they've met on the phone already. Holding the abandoned puppy, Yao Qi bids the two goodnight and walks away.

Looking after where Yao Qi left, Ji Wei quickly pushes the food she is holding onto Yuan Fang and runs after Yao Qi. Except by the time she runs out Yao Qi is already leaving on a taxi.
"I have something to tell you..." Ji Wei mutters under her breath. "What? To tell him the boyfriend is fake? What does it matter if you told him?" Another Ji Wei appears at her side dashing all her flase hope.

The abandoned puppy is officially a member of Dai family, and Ji Wei gives it a much needed bath. Ji Wei looks up to see Yao Qi silently watching her from the door way. With soap still covering her hands, Ji Wei walks out of the bathroom to allow Yao Qi to use it. The two passes each other in the narrow door way and an intense awareness passes between the two. (Is it me or is it getting hot in here. Kudos to the two leads for great chemistry...in a bathroom no less.)

A very stoic Yao Qi exits the bathroom and walks into his room ignoring Ji Wei the whole time. "What is wrong with him?!" A some what puzzled Ji Wei asks Grandma Di.

Listless, Yao Qi goes about his daily chores of grocery shopping for the restaurant. His abnormal behavior makes all the vendors look at him strangely and one elderly woman even calls out to him "You are very strange today!"

Sitting alone in the restaurant "I think I am strange too."

Ji Wei goes home to a hoard of questions from her parents about her "boyfriend". With nothing to tell them, Ji Wei starts to borrow from the "Old Fashion Way of Dating" poem to answer her parents endless question. ie. He asked her out three times before she agreed...

The next morning the topic is still circulating around Ji Wei and her new boyfriend but a single announcement from Ji Wei's sister Ji Ru stops all conversation. "I am going to get married at the end of the year." A shocked Mama and Daddy Zhou looks at Ji Ru and yells "How can you get married when you don't even have a boyfriend?"
Ji Ru "We have been dating for the last two years and he is coming to visit later today."

Daddy Zhou has his own brand of bomb to drop on Ji Wei. While sitting at the train station waiting with Ji Wei, Daddy Zhou tells Ji Wei not to blame her mom too much since Mama Zhou has been feeling bad all these years for the words she said to Yao Qi and.... "I also hid all the letters Yao Qi wrote to you. It's not that I don't like Yao Qi, but if he was to love my daughter... that would make me very nervous."

As to prove Daddy Zhou's concern, Yao Qi gets into a fight at the restaurant with some customers and ends up in the police station. After much string pulling, one of Yao Qi's friend is able to get them released. One of Yao Qi's friend ask the other guys "Has him been acting this wired this whole time" One of the guys answers him "Ever since he brought back that abandoned dog he has been acting weird."

Seemingly deep in thought, Yao Qi all the sudden gets up and say "I have thought things through, I am back now."
What does that mean? You are ready to be a real brother now? 

Ji Wei's co-worker Mei Xiu is dying to know if Ji Wei is actually dating Yuan Fang. Ji Wei's fervent denial ends up being useless when Mama Zhou calls to ask for her boyfriend's name and Ji Wei use Yuan Fang's name. Soon, the whole office is buzzing with the news that Yuan Fang is Ji Wei's boyfriend.

Ji Wei is so sensitive to all the rumor going on in the office that she jumps to tell Yuan Fang no when he was kind enough to offer to share an umbrella with her. Curious,Yuan Fang asks why she is so jumpy. Sheepishly, Ji Wei comes clean about her deception and the liberal use of his name in her made up story.

Yuan Fang patiently listens to Ji Wei's confession then he walks right up close to her and asks her one single question "In your fabricated story to your mom am I handsome?" 
Taken back Ji Wei admits "Yaah, you were pretty good looking" 
"Then that's good." Yuan Fang says as he turns and walks away.

Yao Qi and Grandma Dai is having a candle light dinner complete with red wine. Grandma Dai tells Yao Qi how happy she has been and remembers all the happy time they had as a family. 

Ji Wei comes home and join in on the candle light dinner and Grandma Dai goes to sleep completely content. 

Yao Qi and Ji Wei fights over which channel to watch. Ji Wei would really like to finish watching a drama where the hero and heroine finally gets to meet and talk out their misunderstandings. Yao Qi counters that since she knows how the story is going to go why bother to watch it and if she watch it what use would it be.
Fed up, Ji Wei explodes "Precisely because it's no use in real life that I want to watch other people's happy ending to make up for real life. What about it!" 

 Ji Wei gets the remote control. The two ends up playing video games on the tv and Ji Wei reminisce all the time they have spent together doing precisely what they are doing now.

Overcome with emotion Ji Wei abruptly puts down her game controller and hides herself in the bathroom. Wordlessly, Yao Qi looks at the empty space Ji Wei has left and just sits silently. 

Ji Wei's co-worker A Bin (the self appointed ge ge) is trying to get all the juicy details on Yuan Fang. Just as Ji Wei decides to be honest and tell all, Yuan Fang shows up and asks her out to lunch. Feeling very conscientious of all the eyes on the two of them, Ji Wei quickly refuse Yuan Fang's invitation. 

Yuan Fang "This is the second time you've refused me so you should accept me when I ask you out in three days over the weekend."
Turns out, Yuan Fang knows the "Dating the Old Fashioned Way" poem as well. Except he seems even more familiar with it than Ji Wei. 

Ji Wei goes to Yuan Fang's grandparents' home and watched a movie with them, then the two goes on a walk. For dinner, Yuan Fang takes Ji Wei to a family diner instead of some fancy restaurant. This date is everything Ji Wei ever wanted in a date... until A Bin (the co-worker) sits down right next to them. A Bin tells the two that he is just here to meet a friend. Just as Ji Wei finish glaring at A Bin, Yao Qi walks in and sits down at the same table as A Bin. 

Ji Wei exasperatedly asks Yao Qi "Why are you here?" Yao Qi "To eat"

Seeing Yao Qi has no intention of asking the "necessary" questions. The self appointed ge ge, A Bin decides to dive in as asks Yuan Fang a series of question with the most important one being why does Yuan Fang likes Ji Wei. 

In front of both ge ge, Yuan Fang replies "Because she always listens to me with the utmost attention. She is very naive. She is not afraid to admit her own lack in smarts. It moves me. We always run into each other and every time she looks like she might have a story to tell. Without noticing, I have become part of her story."

Ji Wei nervously look around and tells Yuan Fang that she doesn't think the two guys is following them. When Ji Wei goes on to compliments Yuan Fang for his superb acting skill Yuan Fang tells her that since she has put him in her story he figure he would try staying there. 

Yuan Fang reaches over and holds Ji Wei's hand. Yuan Fang "your hand tend to sweat so we'll have to switch hands when we go on walks." 
Ji Wei laughs nervously "Yaah, they do that when I get nervous" Is that suppose to sound romantic? That just sounded kinda weird to me. 

A Bin and Yao Qi sits together drinking beer. 
A Bin "I feel like I am more dedicated to being a ge ge than you."
Yao Qi "Being sick in the head is very different from being dedicated."
Ha! It somehow makes A Bin less creepy now that Yao Qi just says it out loud.

A Bin "What do you think of your brother-in-law?"
Yao Qi "He has pretty good credentials and he treats Zhou Zi Wei really well. Daddy Zhou and Mama Zhou should be happy."

A Bin "There are many different kind of ge ge. Some truly wants be be ge ge, some wants to be more than that."
Yao Qi "How can it be that complicated."
A Bin "It's not complicated at all."

A Bin tells Yao Qi to close his eyes and imagine Yuan Fang taking Ji Wei home. Ji Wei can't find her keys and in her frustration dumps everything in her purse out. Yuan Fang watches her silently then kneels down in front of her and kisses her.

Yao Qi opens his eyes. 
A Bin "How do you feel now?"
After a long pause "You will have to ask Zhou Ji Wei how she feel."
Does his look of wanting to kill someone answer you?

As Yao Qi walks away, A Bin yells "Why do you want to be Ji Wei's ge ge?"
Yao Qi "Because ge ge is forever." 

Yao Qi goes home and find Ji Wei waiting for him. With a forced casualness Ji Wei tells Yao Qi that she forgotten her keys. 

That night, Yao Qi lays in his bed and calls his girlfriend while Ji Wei gets a text from Yuan Fang inviting her to take a walk with him again the next day. Hey I thought we are on no technology dating here?

The next morning Grandma Dai is making breakfast while Yao Qi and Ji Wei fights over who can have the next piece. Yao Qi even teases Ji Wei for not wanting to eat chives because she doesn't want to have bad breath for her date. Grandma Dai watches the two of them fighting with a smile.

Ji Wei is putting on her shoes to get ready to go out. Glancing over, Yao Qi notices Ji Wei is showing lots of legs with her shorts. "Go change" Yao Qi without preamble tells Ji Wei. Pouting a surprisingly obedient Ji Wei goes back into her room and change into a pair of jeans. 

Grandma Dai "Why are you saying something now when she wears that all the time?"
Yao Qi "I have always wanted to say something."

Yao Qi and Grandma Dai decides on spaghetti with champagne for dinner. Telling Grandma Dai to be sure to take a nap, Yao Qi leaves to buy the ingredients for dinner.

Grandma Dai smiles brightly at Yao Qi as he leaves the house.

Seventh Sadness: Forgetting to say "Goodbye"


I didn't expect that. They kinda hinted throughout this episode but I keep hoping they are not going to let Grandma Dai die, but I guess they really are going that way. Judging from the preview, it looks like this will be the catalyst to tip the balance of the carefully maintained brother and sister relationship. I just wish they chose another catalyst to use instead of nice Grandma Dai. Of course nothing gets to Yao Qi than losing one of of the two people he counts on to never leave him. 

This episode was masterfully done. The tension simmering below the surface between Yao Qi and Ji Wei was always there. Yao Qi especially seems to only be barley holding on to his cool. 

It was really sad to find out even the ever nice Daddy Zhou was a culprit in building obstacles between Yao Qi and Ji Wei. (With understandable reason nonetheless) But when push comes to shove, Yao Qi himself is the biggest obstacle. He truly believe only someone like Yuan Fang deserves Ji Wei and his only hope of holding on to Ji Wei is to be a ge ge to her.  


  1. Thanks for the recap...it's awesome!!!

    Wondering if you are also a fan of korean drama - discovery of love/romance?? Would be wonderful if you also like it...

    I'm your big fan for now... lol

    1. I have not watched Discovery of Romance yet. It is on my to watch list since I really liked Que Sera Sera. Does it look like Eric is going to be the guy that gets the girl at the end? I would be really sad if they got the two of them back on a drama and not let them be together.

  2. You're the man (lady?)! Nice recap and please keep it up!

  3. Thank you for your recap!
    Now I'm fearing watching ep 8 this week, cause by the preview it looks like it'll be painful to watch. But I guess that sad happening is needed to break through Yao Qi's wall... but like you, I hope they had used some other catalyst, not grandma Dai :(

    1. But you got to watch it! The preview promises a kiss... unless they do the really rotten thing where that scene is actually not in ep.8 but later OR worse, a dream or something like it.

  4. Oh, no worries, I'll watch it. I can't stop halfway now xD
    I really hope is none of those scenarios... btw, do you know if this drama is still set on 14 eps or has it been extended?

  5. Haven't heard anything about an extension yet. Plus the number I have seen online has been 13 ep.

  6. 13? Oh, then I got wrong info. Well, sometimes a short drama is a better one plot-wise!^^