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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple In Your Eye Episode 8 Recap

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Question of the hour: Why is giving a him a hug so difficult?

Ji Wei tears up over an article about a little girl who write a letter to God, in hopes He would take good care of her dog. God writes a letter back, thanking the little girl for sending him a picture of the dog so He could recognize her puppy so easily. God also assures the little girl that her dog is healthy once again, and is happily playing in heaven. Ji Wei is envious of the little girl's faith in God and moreover, for the fact there was an angel that cared enough to write a letter back for God.

Ji Wei and Yuan Fang gets ready to go to a movie together, but a sudden phone calls spoils their plan and Ji Wei walks home by herself while Yuan Fang works overtime.

Ji Wei runs into Yao Qi and the two goes home together. Yao Qi goes into the kitchen after nagging Grandma Dai for sleeping on the sofa. Ji Wei tries to wake Grandma Dai but slowly realizes something is wrong. Yao Qi comes out of the kitchen when he notices Ji Wei is standing stiffly in shock by Grandma Dai.

Seemingly not realizing anything is wrong, Yao Qi starts to bellow at Grandma Dai to wake up. Soon, Yao Qi sits down by Grandma Dai and tells her "Okay, Fine. I know you are tired, so just sleep."

After the funeral, Yao Qi remember a memory of Grandma Dai taking him to go see an old friend to borrow money. The young Yao Qi vowed then that he will never chase after illusions like his dad but instead work a steady job so Grandma Dai doesn't ever have to ask for money again. 

AsYao Qi and Grandma Dai is talking about their lack of money, a woman comes up to them, begging them to buy her yams so she would have money to take the baby to the doctor. Grandma Dai hardens her heart and refused the woman, but just as the woman is walking away, Grandma Dai stops the woman and hands her more money than she asked for and tells her "Go take your baby to the doctor." Just a thought, is that why Yao Qi won't study because he feels like all that studying made his dad thinks he is better than any job out there?

Ji Wei looks at Yao Qi, aching with the desire to just hold him tight but she can't. Shao Min rushes in and does what Ji Wei can't do and embraces Yao Qi. From a short distance away, Mama Zhou watches Ji Wei watching Yao Qi and Shao Min with a mixed expression.

Once the funeral was over, Shao Min had to go back to her filming crew and Daddy Dai left with all the cash they received from the funeral guests. As for Yao Qi, he refuses to step outside of the house and insists on watching the Korean drama Grandma Dai was following again and again. Til this time, Yao Qi still hasn't shed a single drop of tear.

Yuan Fan and Ji Wei take Yao Qi for lunch. Through out the whole meal, Yao Qi picked at his food silently.

Ji Wei keeps checking on Yao Qi through out the meal, then finally prods him to eat more. Her prodding made Yuan Fan stars at her. Holy molly, that's was a creepy scary stare from Yuan Fan. 

Yuan Fan "I didn't know Grandma, but I think she would've wanted you to cheer up."
Silence from Yao Qi.
Ji Wei "He will, He just needs a bit more time."
Yuan Fan "Then why don't you let him face that time by himself?"
Ji Wei "Huh?"

Another scary stare from Yuan Fan when Ji Wei chases after Yao Qi, when he just left on his own after leaving the restaurant.

Yao Qi is cooking in the kitchen when Shao Min called. When Ji Wei tries to hand Yao Qi the phone, Yao Qi would not respond. Ji Wei could only put the phone down and tells Sho Min to start talking since Yao Qi could hear her on the speaker phone.

Giving Shao Min and Yao Qi some privacy, Ji Wei goes back to her room and picks up a phone call from Yuan Fang. 
Without any preamble, Yuan Fang tells Ji Wei "I don't like to hold any bad feelings inside, it will just fester."
Yuan Fang "I don't feel good when you use the wording "He", "Us" and "We are going home"."
Ji Wei "Umm... He is... well him. And well, we ended up going home."
Yuan Fang "Don't you think these kind of wording makes me into an outsider?"

Ji Wei "He has a girlfriend already. They are talking on the phone right now."
Yuan Fan "But didn't you like him before? He is the one that bought those shoes right?"
Ji Wei"..."
Yuan Fan "Tell me it's all in the past."
Ji Wei "..."
Yuan Fan "Tell me!"
Ji Wei "It's all in the past."

Ji Wei lays on the bed and an image of Grandma Dai kindly staring at her and saying "Ji Wei, grandma is old and tired. I can only rely on you to take care of my most precious thing, Yao Qi because you are the only one that understands him."

Yao Qi has a new hobby now, which is to try again and again to recreate the dishes that Grandma Dai used to make. But nothing taste right. 

Yao Qi sits with A Bin. Yao Qi tells A Bin "Yesterday, my grandma came back to see me. She brushed her teeth, cleaned her dentures and even washed her face."

A Bin "See, you won't let her rest easy, instead she needs to come back and worry about you."

Yao Qi "Hey, tell you a secret. This morning, I all the sudden realized I am an orphan now."

Earlier in the episode, we see Ji Wei using Grandma Dai's brush to clean her dentures, so Ji Wei is probably the "angel". 

Shao Min, worried about Yao Qi, ends up asking for time off from her filming crew to come and see him.

Ji Wei tells Yuan Fan the happy news that Yao Qi has Shao Min with him now.

Ji Wei takes Yuan Fan home and her whole family bends backward to welcome him. In contrast, Ji Ru's (Ji Wei's sister) fiancee doesn't have such welcome from Mama Zhou. In fact, Mama Zhou is kinda mean to him.

When Ji Xuan (Ji Wei's oldest sister) asks Yuan Fan if he really is someone that hides all the secrets inside, Yuan Fan answers "From now on, I will tell Ji Wei all my secrets."

True to his words, Yuan Fan tells Ji Wei about his ex-girlfriend cheating on him with her professor.
Yuan Fan suspected his girlfriend cheating on him and starts to follow her and keeps tabs on her. When Yuan Fan finally caught the cheating girlfriend right in the act, instead of being repentant, his girlfriend was disgusted and scared by Yuan Fan spying on her. The girlfriend ended up calling the police on Yuan Fan, and that year he spent his birthday in jail.
A lot of things make sense now. 

On the train back to Taipei, Yuan Fan tells Ji Wei "If there comes a time when you don't love me anymore then you can leave me but don't ever lie or cheat on me.

Ji Wei "Okay."

Gosh, that line never works. It always seem to guarantee the person you say that to will lie and cheat on you. At least in drama lands.

Yao Qi's friends sits in their empty restaurant lamenting the fact that they had thought Yao Qi was the one that made them lose money with his generosity but instead he actually attracts customers. Yao Qi's friends takes all the extra food from the restaurant to an area the homeless people hang out. One of Yao Qi's friend Xiao Se reminiscence this was how he met Yao Qi. Years ago, Xiao Se was huddling under the bridge, nursing a broken arm. Yao Qi, there to drop off the extra food for the homeless saw how hurt Xiao Se was, dragged Xiao Se to get some medical attention.

Yao Qi notices that all of Grandma's things are missing. Furious, he confronts Shao Min who admits that she tossed them out so he could get over his grief.

Yao Qi "What gives you the right?!"
Shao Min "I know you are hurting right now. You need to let the grieve go."
Yao Qi "Get out! Right now!"
Shao Min "Don't be like this. I will be here for you."
Throwing all the dishes to the ground, Yao Qi yells even louder "Get out!!!"

Shao Min storms out of the door while Ji Wei walks in just in time to yell "Shao Min, don't go."

Shao Min leaves in anger but starts to calm down when her friend calls her on the phone. While talking, Shao Min notices the garbage truck passing by, and Shao Min chases after the garbage truck. In case you are wonder, yes the garbage truck in Taiwan plays music while going around. I grew up thinking Fur Elise is a garbage truck melody.

Back in the apartment, Yao Qi trashes the whole kitchen to vent his anger. Ji Wei silently tries to clean up the mess.

Yao Qi "Leave!"
Ji Wei "No."
Yao Qi "Leave!!"
Ji Wei yells back " I don't want to."
Ji Wei "I know how you feel. I really do. You feel bad for the life Grandma had. You are angry for her. You are angry how your dad treated her. Most of all, you can't believe she is not here anymore."
Crying now, Ji Wei starts to plead with Grandma Dai "Grandma, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I can't help your precious Yao Qi. He is hurting and I can't hurt for him."

Yao Qi finally breaks down and sobs.

Ji Wei puts medicine on Yao Qi's hand and the two remembers back when they were little and the other kids were daring him to walk into the dark hole. (The hole that ended up their private wall.) Little Ji Wei stood by him and promised to be with him even if he falls into the darkness.

Yao Qi "I really was very scared at that time."
Ji Wei, echoes who she said so long ago "I will be with you."

Yao Qi starts to lean towards Ji Wei to kiss her but starts to turn away at the last minute. Ji Wei, refusing to let Yao Qi back away, leans close and kisses him.

Ji Wei's voice over: Dear God, we are thankful, we try to be good. We sincerely hope we can be angels but why do we still make... mistake.

The Eighth Sadness: The past, won't necessary stay in the past.


What a sad episode. I was either crying my eyes out or just feeling really sad for both Yao Qi and Ji Wei. Kudos again to the directing and the actress playing Ji Wei in making Ji Wei's aching need to comfort Yao Qi so real. Of course the interesting thing is that if Ji Wei and Yao Qi really saw each other as real sibling, they could've easily hug and comfort each other.

I found Mama Zhou's expression when she was watching Ji Wei watching Yao Qi and Shao Min hugging intriguing. I suspect Mama Zhou realize what her daughter is really feeling. Which is that despite this new boyfriend, Ji Wei really only loves Yao Qi. That is what I like about Mama Zhou's character. Here is a woman who seems to fall into all the pitfalls of an Asian mom but at the end of the day she is just a mom who wants nothing more than her children's happiness.

As far as Yuan Fang is concerned... he creeps me out. So many times in this episode I want to yell "Ji Wei run!! If you really need to move on from Yao Qi, do it with someone else but not this guy."

Is he doing that to anyone else?? I really really want to know, because I don't think that's what the show is intending for his character to be. I think his character is suppose to be this romantic, dreamy guy but he is kinda having an opposite affect on me. So I am not sure if the show is just off in their portrayal or do I just get creep out easily?


  1. In this episode I found Yuan Fang really really scary. They way he looked at Ji Wei when they were eating, that stare screamed "possible possessive psycho boyfriend". It must be an after effect of being cheated on before, and I think his true nature is that of a dreamy, kind guy,the one we thought he was at the beginning, but I don't know if he coming off as a creepy guy in the last eps is really what the show is intending to portray or else.
    I cried so much with this episode too T.T and the end, when Yao Qi kissed her back I was almost squealing lol but I'd rather not get my hopes up just yet given the preview of ep9.

    On a random comment, I wish garbage trucks would play music as an alert where I live too. They don't even honk, you have to guess and wait for them to drive by or else you'll miss them lol

    1. Oh, good I am glad I am not the only one finding Yuan Fang scary. I just wish I know if the show is doing this on purpose or is suppose to be "oh, poor man has been so hurt..." I know I am definitely not feeling the later.

  2. Ty ninja... I'm crying...
    By just reading ur recap!!!
    Good job...
    Seems like I keep missing to watch this drama.
    U r my hero/heroin.
    Better yet... saviour.

    1. You haven't watched it yet?! It's a gem. Glad to know people are reading my ramblings.

  3. Have you watched finish the entire series? Coz all the drama sites I've found only have till episode 8 :/

    1. Episode 8 is the newest episode right now, episode 9 comes out on Thursday.