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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Apple in Your Eye (T-Drama) Episode 1 Recap

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The Chinese name of this show is call Sister but it's English name is Apple in Your Eye.  I guess because in Chinese the word sister can be applied to people other than your biological sister.  Not quite as wide spread as Korean use of the word Oppa, but titles such as auntie, brother, sister can be apply to people you've known for a long time.  In English we don't usually call someone not blood or marriage related sister or brother so I guess that title wouldn't be quite appropriate.

Anyhow, I am quite taken with this show.  The story centers around a girl who is always forgotten by her family finds herself a surrogate family and more importantly a surrogate brother.  The girl falls in love with her "brother", but he sees her only as a little sister that always tags along.   The plot seems simple but it has a way of tugging at my heart string.  Kinda like going back into the memory lane of my youth.

Episode 1

The show started with the stupidest story about a man and a woman who met each other and knew they were meant for each other.  The two decided to part ways while they complete an art project about forever and the great wall.  Three month later, the two met again and embraced each other tightly because after this moment they will part ways so they can etch this perfect moment in their memory forever.  Umm... I almost decided right at this point this show is not for me, expect the heroine saved it by saying:  The heroine ends the story by saying as for her she would not choose as the couple did. Thank you, someone with sense.  

Zhou family has a brand new addition to their family. To mama Zhou's utter disappointment the new addition is a girl. After birthing two girls, mama Zhou put all her hopes that this last one would be a boy. Crying, mama Zhou tells Daddy Zhou that the new baby's name would be Jo Bi Ai, Taiwanese for very sad. Zhou family's neighbor Mama and Grandma Dai is a bit surprised at the baby's name. Mama Dai suggests maybe their family could adopt the little baby girl since she only have a boy and would love to have a girl.  When the two adult ask the little boy though, the answer was a very firm no.

The third baby, who luckily has a real name of Zhou Zi Wei is the third wheel in her family.  Bi Ai does remain her nick name though. "Just as a fish only has two eyes, and chicken only has two legs, the word - third means the extra one."

Baby Zi Wei learned to "run away" as a baby and because her presence is so often forgoten, her mother doesn't even notice she is gone until bed time.

Grandma Dai takes the little runaway to her house and pretty soon the Dai family becomes Zi Wei's second home... much to Dai Yao Qi's (Grandma Dai's grandson) chagrin, because he now has to share his fish eyes and chicken drumsticks.

As much as the boy Yao Qi really would rather not have a "sister" foisted on him, Zi Wei is slowly winning him over when she is willing to go into a "dangerous cave" with him.

The two kids were able to avoid going into to the dangerous cave the first round, thanks to some birds that scared the kids away, but soon Zi Wei's anger brought them back.  The Zhou family is on a outing to go see a movie at the theater, but when they get to the ticket counter, both Mama and Daddy Zhou realized they have totally forgotten about Zi Wei.  In her anger that her family has forgotten about her yet again, Zi Wei tells Yao Qi that she is going to walk into the dark cave and fall into the deep abyss so her family would be sad.  This part just breaks my heart, to think a little girl wanting to be notice by her family so bad that she would be willing to go this far.  

Calmly, Yao Qi promises Zi Wei he will tell her family about her disappearance.  While walking along the outside wall while Zi Wei walks into the dark,  Yao Qi keep yelling "have you fallen in yet." After a few "Not yet." from Zi Wei her voice all the sudden stopped.  In a panic, Yao Qi raced into the cave with obvious concern on his face.  Turns out the "cave" is just a walled off area that looked dark from the outside.  (I really don't get how it could look like a cave when it obviously isn't... but oh well... we'll go with the story.)  Yao Qi and Zi Wei makes this place as their secret hide out.

All is not well in the Dai family paradise as Mama Dai decides she is fed up with Daddy Dai's propensity to change job due to some imagined slight from his employer.  Mama Dai asks Yao Qi to leaves with her, but the little boy slowly backs away from her and runs to his secret hide out.  Mama Dai leaves without taking Yao Qi and Yao Qi is left with Zi Wei to comfort him.

From that time on, Yao Qi seemed to finally accept Zi Wei as his sister.  If anyone picks on Zi Wei at school then they have Yao Qi to contend with.  At home, when Zi Wei's family all are screaming from fear of a cockroach and yelling at Zi Wei to kill it, Yao Qi was the one to come and do it so she doesn't have to.  In short, Zi Wei really really like the feeling of having a brother who will protect you to the end of the earth.

Mama Dai's leaving did leave scars on Yao Qi though.  At school, Yao Qi is marketed as a trouble youth and Zi Wei is constantly covering up for him.  It was so sad in a scene when Yao Qi gets in trouble with his teacher when he keep singing "In this world, Grandma is the best" because he refused to sing "In this world, Mama is the best." 

Zi Wei's happy life with Yao Qi is interrupted when Yao Qi meets the school beauty and falls for her.  Is it just me or does the school beauty actually looks a lot more like what little Zi Wei should grow up to be?  The adult Zi Wei looks nothing like the child Zi Wei.  I am quite puzzled why a show would find two very un-matching version of a character and then put a perfect version as the secondary character.  Are they just trying to tell the viewer that "See! is not that we couldn't find a good match, we just choose not to use her."?  

Yao Qi asks Zi Wei to pass a letter the school beauty asking if they could be friends.  Zi Wei, without knowing why, simply hates the idea of Yao Qi being interested in another girl.  Zi Wei does give the note to the school beauty but because the note was wrapped around the girl's lost hair clip that Yao Qi found, the school beauty tossed the note away thinking the note was only a piece of paper to wrap her hair clip.

Zi Wei is secretly happy that the school beauty didn't see the note. She writes a fake letter back to Yao Qi saying "I would rather have a pen pal." Ha!

That night, Zi Wei has a nightmare of Yao Qi finding out about her deception and in her distress she yells "I like you!"  Waking up, Zi Wei finally found her answer as to why she hates the idea of Yao Qi liking other girls so much.

Zi Wei's web of deception is spiraling out of control when Yao Qi decides to be the school beauty's pen pal.  Fortunately or unfortunately the lie gets cut short when Yao Qi's grandma decides to move to Taipei.  Tearfully, Zi Wei says goodbye to Yao Qi, vowing she will get into a university in Taipei so she could go find him.  

Zi Wei wailing upon learning instead of getting into a university in Taipei she got into one in Kaohisung (Taipei is in the northern part of Taipei while Kaohisung is in the southern part).  


I really like how the back story was covered in this drama.  It held my attention right off the bat and most importantly the back story only took half an episode so I didn't get way too attached to the childhood actors and lose interest in the adult characters.  

The only issue and sort of a major issue is that the adult Zi Wei is completely different than how I would imagine the child Zi Wei would grow up to be.  The little Zi Wei is sassy and smart but the adult Zi Wei is more your glue like bumbling girl that follows the boy around.  The difference is a bit jarring and for me to get into the second half of the episode I had to "forget" what little Si Wei is like.  

Still, that issue apart I am liking how this show is going so far and willing to stick with it.  From the show's trailer it looks like the hero will have a change of heart later and I am always a sucker to see how the hero falls for the girl that has always fallowed them around.  

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  1. I've fallen in love with this drama as well! I agree with you on many of your points here as well. The child actors really did a great job. While it really doesn't matter to me how the adult actors look like, I was expecting the female lead to be more sassy and independent like her younger character was. Other than that, I truly am in like with this drama!!!! Waiting on English subtitles is killing me. Maybe I should start learning Mandarin and Korean. Lol