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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blade Man Ep 3 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: What show am I watching? Let me know when you made up your mind, show. 

Blade Man Ep 3 Drive By Recap

Hong Bin all but shakes the little boy, Joo Chang in his urgency to figure out where Tae Hee is. Obviously, his urgency only made Joo Chang afraid of him and cry even louder. Se Dong steps in and finally calms Joo Chang down enough for him to tell Hong Bin that his mom has died.

The father and the son sits in the dark, while Joo Chang will not stop crying nor eat without Se Dong around.

Se Dong and Seung Hwan (the oldest guy who acts as a counter part parent with Se Dong to the group of boys) gets the boys together and tells them the news that Se Dong has found a job that is willing to hire all of them together.

Se Dong receives an emergency phone call to come see a very sick Joo Chang. The ever magical Se Dong gets Joo Chang to eat and fall asleep. Hong Bin suggests that Se Dong comes to work as Joo Chang's sitter but Se Dong refuses by telling Hong Bin that she has found a job for her and the boys.

Hong Bin jeers at the second rated company that Se Dong has been hired by and in anger Se Dong marches out of the house without taking her purse.

Se Dong sets the house alarm off in her effort to retrieve her purse and Hong Bin accuses Se Dong of being a thief.

Pushed over her limit, Se Dong calls the cops to come settle the score. Nervous now that the police is involved, Hong Bin tries to glaze over the whole incident but Se Dong refuse to back down unless Hong Bin apologizes to her. Without anyway to get out of the mess he created, Hong Bin, to the shock of his whole household apologizes to Se Dong for calling her a thief.

Surprisingly, Hong Bin's temper doesn't flare up. Instead, he is just determined to regain the upper hand over Se Dong.

Walking the house, a restless Hong Bin all the sudden starts to smile. In fact he is so giddy he ends up hiding himself under the cover so he can laugh without the others noticing.

The next morning, the sun is shining and the birds are chipping. Everything is going great for Se Dong and her boys. Eagerly they show up at their new job, determined to give their new job their all... only to find the company locked up. With unease, Se Dong calls the company president and hears the bad news that the company went bankrupted the day after the president hired them.

An eager Hong Bin tells Secretary Ko to expect Se Dong's phone call that morning. To Secretary Ko's surprise, that is exactly what happens. Instead of meeting Se Dong at the office though, Hong Bin chose to meet at the boxing club so that he can show off his fighting powers by fake fighting with Secretary Ko in front of her. 
So I am guessing Hong Bin somehow arranged the new job Se Dong had to fall through? Or did he just found out about the bankruptcy sooner than she did?

As expected by Hong Bin, Se Dong cames to ask him to hire her and the boys in exchange for her being a sitter for Joo Chang. Hong Bin flat out refuses her request, expecting her to beg but instead Se Dong just turns to leave. Stopping her, Hong Bin asks "Aren't you suppose to try harder?" Turning back to face Hong Bin, Se Dong starts to tear up. "My dream is to become a game programmer not a baby sitter. I am really sorry that I used Joo Chang as a bargaining chip."

Next thing we know, the scene turns to Se Dong, Joo Chang and Hong Bin together at the amusement park. So obviously, an agreement was made. The outing at the amusement park is cut short when Hong Bin receives a phone call from the woman that escorted Joo Chang back to Korea. The woman tells Hong Bin she contacted his father as well, so whoever meets with her first with a good payment will get the information she has. 

Hong Bin rushes to the cafe the woman is at, but finds his father is already there and has obviously come to a satisfactory deal with the woman. Hong Bin's and his father, Daddy Joo meet in a hotel room and the mood is rather tense. Daddy Joo tells his son that Tae Hee is dead, but Hong Bin insist that this whole thing with the woman is a lie to separate him and Tae Hee. The more Hong Bin talks the more angrier he gets and once again, the weather is responding to his anger. 

Secretary Ko rushes into the hotel to try to find Hong Bin. When no response came from the hotel room Hong Bin is in, Secretary Ko uses his super manly strength to break the door open. Upon entering in the hotel room, Hong Bin is no where to be found and a body is seen lying on the ground. 

The last scene is cut to Hong Bin climbing a very tall steel tower with the help of the blades ... while a lightening storm is raging. 
High places, steel blades and lightening... is that a good idea?


Umm... King Kong? I am stunned at how poorly this episode was done. The tone was all over the place. The funny parts wasn't funny and the sad parts didn't do it's job. The end scene was so ridiculous that I was ready to just write the whole show off. However, I did talk myself into watching episode four and it was a much better episode so here I am back writing a quick recap for episode three. 

As far as the story go, I think the writer better stop throwing more mysteries at us and start revealing some answers or pretty soon I will stop caring what the answers are. 


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