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Monday, September 22, 2014

Iron Man or Blade Man Ep 4 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Show, when are you going to stop adding questions and start answer them? You do know screen shots of Lee Dong Wook is not going to keep me watching forever right? Hmm... I guess it has worked so far. 

Blade Man Episode 4 Drive By Recap

Thanks to Hong Bin, there is a big storm raging outside and to comfort Joo Chang, Se Dong reads stories to him. Joo Chang asks Se Dong to write a letter to his grandpa for him. Se Dong becomes concerned when Joo Chang starts to ask his grandpa to come get him quickly or the monster will come and eat him.

The next morning Hong Bin wakes up again at the trusty boxing club. After pausing for a bit, Hong Bin starts to check his body all over, but nothing seems amiss. Hong Bin wakes a snoring Secretary Ko up and notices a slash that extends from his back to his arm.
Hong Bin "Was it ... perhaps... me that did this."
Secretary Ko "No, no"
Hong Bin "Then how did you get hurt."
Secretary Ko "I don't know."

Trying to piece things together, Hong Bin asks Secretary Ko how he could've gotten wet last night. Secretary Ko tells him that since he had to run with Hong Bin on his back from the hotel to the boxing club both of them got rained on.

Hong Bin "How long did it take?"
Secretary Ko "5 minutes and 30 sec."

Not quite believing Secretary Ko, Hong Bin jumps onto his back and commands him to run to the hotel and if he can make it in 5 minutes and 30 secs then he'll believe Secretary Ko's story. Secretary Ko did make the time, but since Hong Bin had no timing device on him so he tells Secretary Ko the whole thing doesn't count. An interesting side note is that once the two gets to the hotel, the door man tells Hong Bin the whole hotel has been shut down due to renovations.

Se Dong and Joo Chang is having a water fight out in the yard totally oblivious to a star struck Hong Joo (Hong Bin's brother) who can't tear his glaze away from the smiling Se Dong.

Se Dong is helping out in the kitchen when out of nowhere Hong Bin starts to do his sniffing thing. Once again, Hong Bin is in a trance of Se Dong's air and images of flowers starts to filled his mind again. Opposite of a happy Hong Bin, Se Dong is completely creep out by Hong Bin's action and runs out of the house as fast as she could.

Se Dong arrives at work and the gang of boys happily shows her a fully decked out office. Seung Hwan drags Se Dong out of the office to interrogate her reason for staying over night at Hong Bin's house. Puzzled at Seung Hwan's over reaction Se Dong tells him that since Hong Bin was out all night she could not leave Joo Chang alone. The news Hong Bin was gone all night immediately made Seung Hwan giddy with relief.

Secretary Ko goes to the hospital to check on Daddy Joo. Daddy Joo seems none worse for the wear and tells Secretary Ko that he only saw flashes of movements before he passed out. Daddy Joo wonders if it was his imagination due to the storm.

When Se Dong tells him about the child's talk of a monster, Hong Bin rushes home to find Joo Chang.
Hong Bin "Is the monster me?"
Shaking his head Joo Chang says "No"
I thought for sure he was going to say yes... I am even more confused now.

The father and son show up at Se Dong's house and takes her along on a trip to find Joo Chang's grandfather.

Se Dong wakes up to find the car has stopped and Hong Bin is no where to be seen. Se Dong finds Hong Bin by the river and is completely amazed at the beauty before her eyes.

Hong Bin informs Se Dong that the car is broken down and the trio continues on their journey by bus.

Secretary Ko is looking all over the company for Hong Bin. Seung Hwan nervously follows Secretary Ko to inquire why he seems to think Hong Bin might be with Se Dong. Secretary Ko listens to Seung Hwan's question then wordlessly waves him away. Seung Hwan starts to swear at Secretary Ko's retreating back but ends up swearing under his breath when Secretary Ko unconsciously pop his glorious muscles. If you guys choose not to watch this episode then at least watch this part. It's hilarious. It starts from 45:42 minutes in. 

Secretary Ko checks the weather in the surrounding area and is relieved to find no storm clouds in sight.

Madam Yoon (the housekeeper) calls Daddy Joo's wife and asks to be connected to Daddy Joo. Madam Joo, purposefully speaking for Madam Yoon to hear, coldly tells Daddy Joo that Hong Bin needs to train his servants better if they think just anyone could call him up.

Daddy Joo picks up the phone.
Madam Yoon "Sir, I am sorry someone as lowly as me dares to call you."
Daddy Joo "Why do you need to speak to me?"
Madam Yoon "I have some news concerning your son. I think we need to meet sir."

Finally getting to their destination after riding in a bus then a boat, Hong Bin opens the door to a small shack to reveal an elderly woman with a picture of Tae Hee hanging on the wall.

Seemingly not in her right mind, the elderly woman greets Hong Bin happily but starts to get emotional when she sees Se Dong. Touching Se Dong's face repeatedly the elderly woman repeats "Where did you go Tae Hee? Why did you just come back now?"

Hong Bin barely containing his emotion tells the elderly woman "She is not Tae Hee."
After a pause from everyone, Se Dong starts to sob and tells the elderly woman "I am sorry, I forgot to come back because I was playing outside."


This episode flowed a lot better than episode three and I felt the appropriate emotion at the appropriate places. I am still quite unhappy with the fact the story doesn't seem to be progressing but instead it's too busy throwing questions at us. I know we are only in episode four so maybe the writer feels like the questions are essential frame work to build the rest of the story on, but I need some meat to the story or else I might forget why the answers are important in the first place.

Hong Bin hanging out of the bus window watching Se Dong insist on helping the elderly carry their luggage.

I am unsure of Se Dong's character development. Everyone in the world seems to like her. Sure, she is super nice, but I am starting to get the feeling that it goes beyond that. Does her smell and smile counts as a super power? 

Hong Bin's suspicion about his nightly activity is a welcome revelation in this hour. It makes him a lot more likable in my books when he is at least smart enough to figure out something is not quite right. It seems funny that of all the mysteries they have thrown at us, the question I am REALLY curious is about is what happened between him and Secretary Ko that a man with Secretary Ko's ability is so devoted to him?  


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