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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blade Man Episode 1 Recap and First Impression

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I was really hesitant to watch this show. It seemed to have more possibility as a giant flop than a well made drama but the lure of Lee Dong Wook was just too much for me to stay away.

Episode 1

In the dark of night we are shown images of items being sliced in half, such as furniture, fish bowl, rain and a tree.

In the morning a very neatly dressed housekeeper climbs flights of stairs to her employer only to be stopped outside of his room by the secretary telling her that the boss will be skipping breakfast and going straight to work. The housekeeper still though it would be better if she talked to the boss first though, since the last time she assumed he wasn't eating breakfast she received a good deal of yelling from him.

Once the housekeeper enters into the room, we see a young man lying on the bed who keeps sniffing with his nose the second she shows up. He walks right up to her and tells her he can already tell what breakfast the staff has prepared for him and FYI the jam in the fridge has spoiled. Quickly, the housekeeper goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge, brings out the offending jam, opens the bottle and sure enough it has spoiled.

Inside a conference room, the boss is sitting at the front while two employee is kneeling by the window cowering in fear. The two employees apparently has a good reason for cowering, since after the boss goes through their myriad of short comings he ends up throwing a laptop directly at them.

The boss's secretary standing right outside the conference room makes a phone call to inform whoever on the other line that judging from the cries in the conference room many equipment will need to be replaced and a remodel will be necessary as well.

The scene turns to a stand off between a young woman and her landlord. The landlord is suspicious of the young woman housing people other than herself in the rental unit but the young woman insists that she would never do such a thing.

The landlord ends up making his way inside but leaves after he could not find anyone.

The woman opens the cabinet under the sink to reveal a young man hiding in there. Unfortunately, the young man is squeezed in so tight he is completely stuck. The woman then goes out to get four more young men hiding outside of her window to come help her get the one under the sink out. In the midst of the chaos the landlord has come back and watch the whole thing with the "I knew it" expression.

The boss goes with his secretary to visit the two employees he injured that morning. Not being able to stand the smell in the hospital room, the boss tries to stand to the side while the secretary precedes to tell the two men they have each been promoted. In the middle of the two employees professing their love to him, the boss tells them to be quiet and starts to wonder the hall sniffing with his nose.

The boss ends up in a room with boisterous noises coming from a curtained off sick bed. He mutters a name: Tae Hee then pulls the curtain back to reveal the same young woman that was in the fight with her landlord. The woman and the other four young man have brought the young man who was stuck under the sink to the hospital.

A man rushes past the boss and pulls the curtain while calling "Se Kyung, I am here." After a few words the young woman, Se Kyung stands up to leave and walks right past the boss.

Looking after where Se Kyung left, the boss closed his eyes and when he inhales, images of flowers, fruit and green fields comes to his mind.

Outside at the bus stop, the boss overhears Se Kyung talking to her friend Seung Hwan about wanting to find HIM of all people. Turns out Se Kyung and the five young men have worked hard to develop a game program but a sunbae they were working with sold the game to the boss - Joo Hong Bin without telling them.

After Se Kyung gets on the bus, Hong Bin calls his secretary and driver and command them to deliver him back to his office before Se Kyung gets there. Speeding the whole way, Hong Bin is making good time, but everything stops when the driver rear ends the car in front of them.

The driver and the secretary walk up to the man in the other car and apologizes to him, but the man ignores them and walks to Hong Bin's car and knocks on the window. With every second that passes, Hong Bin is getting more and more agitated. When the man from the other car tells Hong Bin an apology is needed, Hong Bin starts to quickly lose control of his temper.

With a concerned look at the darkening sky, secretary Ko apologizes again to the man and picks up Hong Bin and takes off running down the street. What??! I am so confused. 

In the mean time, Se Kyung gets a phone call from her friend Seung Hwan to tell her that her sunbae is heading to the airport and skipping town. Abandoning her plan to see Hong Bin, Se Kyung charges to the airport and intercepts the sunbae. But her sunbae takes off running with both Se Kyung and Seung Hwan chasing after him.

While Se Kyung is standing outside of the men's bathroom waiting for Seung Hwan to drag the sunbae out, a woman also waits while a boy that she is escorting goes to the bathroom. All the sudden, a man yells "Stop! You con artist!" and charges towards the woman. The woman runs and the man ends up falling over some luggage, flailing with his palms out ...right onto Se Kyung's chest.

Screaming, Se Kyung precedes to beat the man with gusto while calling Seung Hwan's name. Seung Hwan joins in to beat the man as well when Se Kyung tells him the man touched her chest. In the midst of chaos, Se Kyung's sunbae gets away and the little boy's escort also disappears.

The airport security tries to comfort the little boy to no avail since the security reminds the little boy the police man that raided his house in some foreign land.

Se Kyung ends up calming the crying child, but when she starts to leave, the child starts to sob again.

Hong Bin sits in his room and looks at a picture of a woman. "Tae Hee, I smelt your familiar smell today, but when I got there it wasn't you."

In a flash back, Tae Hee and Hong Bin is sitting on a bench laughing together when a man walks up to him. "Father" Hong Bin greets the man. The camera turns and we see the man is the same man that was in a traffic accident with Hong Bin's car that afternoon. The flash back continues and Hong Bin's father tells Tae Hee that she should know her own place and leave Hong Bin alone.

As Hong Bin become immersed in his memories, his anger starts to build. The lights around Hong Bin begins to blink rapidly as he gets more and more angry. 

Across town, secretary Ko sees a lighting strikes across the sky and starts to panic. Secretary Ko jumps into his car and is driving as fast as he can while the whole city's light starts to go out. 

Hong Bin stands up and starts to walk. The reflection from the window shows what looks like edges of knifes protruding out of his back. 

Finally, Hong Bin collapsed on the roof top.

Later that night, Hong Bin housekeeper receives a call from a woman naming herself as one who was suppose to deliver Hong Bin's son to him, but since she had to run away from the airport the child was left alone there. 

The woman only had enough time to tell the housekeeper that Hong Bin would understand everything if she just tells him that the child's mom's name is Tae Hee before the woman's had to go on the run again. 

Hong Bin's housekeeper wondering out loud "Should I go wake up my jerk face master?" The housekeeper finally decides against it since secretary Ko especially told her not to disturb Hong Bin that night. 

The next morning Hong Bin wakes up to secretary Ko's face bending over him. Startled, Hong Bin asks secretary Ko "Are you so perverted that you would come watch me sleep?" 

Secretary Ko tells Hong Bin that "You had a fever last night so I am only here to make sure you are okay."

Hong Bin wonders if that's the cause for his strange dreams.

Not forgetting Se Kyung, Hong Bin gets her address from secretary Ko. When Se Kyung slowly walk home that night with the child from the airport on her back she sees none other than Hong Bin waiting for her.

Without a word, Hong Bin starts to smell the air as Se Kyung inhale and exhale. As Hong Bin breath in the air Se Kyung exhaled, he starts to relax again. 


I spent two third of this hour with a very puzzled frown on my face. I was really thrown off by the comedic vibe of the show while very violent things were constantly happening. For example, Hong Bin throwing a laptop at his employee... was that suppose to be funny or was I suppose to be angry over it? Hong Bin's never ending fly kicks and punches at his secretary and driver? Was that suppose to be funny too? I ended up just being confused. 

The weather being tied to Hong Bin's anger was not something I expected, but I like it. I am not so sure about his sense of smell though especially the last bit with Se Kyung. That was a bit creepy. As far as the knifes... I am not sure yet. I haven't seen enough of them yet to say either way. Although kudos to the show if they really can turn the protruding knifes from the back as something cool, because from concept alone that sounds kinda... lame. 

Anyhow, maybe because I had such a low expectation, this hour was actually an enjoyable watch for me, once I forget the confusing parts. I like Se Kyung's character so far. She seems to be a mother figure to everyone around her, but she still retain that young girl sense of being. Se Kyung and Hong Bin seems to be a perfect set up of Beauty and the Beast or is this a supernatural version of Makino and Domyouji from Hana Yori Dango? Ha, I could wish. 


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