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Monday, September 15, 2014

Blade Man Epsiode 2 Drive By Recap

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I am still not too sure about Blade Man yet. The story still feels quite uneven, but it is still keeping me curious enough to keep watching so all hope is not lost. Surplus Princess kinda threw me off by it's wackiness at first and look how much it has grown on me so I am hoping this one will do the same. 

By the way, is it super weird that I am going all fan girl on secretary Ko? I wouldn't mind a whole drama on that guy!

Drive By Recap

We continue on from Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) who stops Son Se Dong (our heroine- Shin Se Kyung) from walking past him but ends up closing his eye to breath in the air Se Dong exhaled. 

Se Dong tries to lay the sleeping boy, Joo Chang down so she can go and find out what Hong Bin wants, but the little boy jerks awake and refuse to let her leave his sight. So, the two adults end up talking through Se Dong's tiny basement apartment window. 

Se Dong asks Hong Bin why he doesn't use honorific speech with her and Hong Bin informs her that he is her sunbae from the same alma mater. That information immediately puts Se Dong at a disadvantage and she obediently open her security window at Hong Bin's request. 

Hong Bin asks Se Dong her reason for trying see him that morning. Se Dong starts to tell Hong Bin about her desire for him to return their game to her and the boys, but Se Dong becomes nervous when she realized Hong Bin is not listening to her but instead he has closed his eyes and is inhaling the air she is exhaling again. In her hurry to close the security window between her and Hong Bin, Se Dong ends up hitting Hong Bin's head with the security bar in the process. 

The next morning Hong Bin gets up to find his wall built from imported stone has been graffiti on with a picture of a robber and the words "House of Robbers" on it. 

Se Dong's band of boys in their drunken state painted the graffiti and lands themselves in jail and Se Dong is left with no choice but to go find Hong Bin. 

A very concerned gardener shows Hong Bin that the trees in his house as been mysteriously sliced cleanly in half. Secretary Ko nervously watches for Hong Bin's response but his boss only orders him to bring all the security camera surveillance to him so they can figure out who would dare to do such a thing.

Madam Yoon (the housekeeper) and the rest of the housemaids listen in concern as sounds of secretary Ko being beaten up by Hong Bin keeps coming. Secretary Ko tumbles down the narrow flights of stairs but he gracefully lands on his knees and even flashes a smile at Madam Yoon. However, Secretary Ko quickly resume his pretense of being hurt the minute he hears his boss coming towards him and continues to let Hong Bin beat him up for his inability to get the garden surveillance due to the security system "failure".

At Secretary Ko's invitation Se Dong goes to see Hong Bin. When Hong Bin starts to fire one problem after another of all the money Se Dong owes him (the wall, and hurting his face) Se Dong yells "Just let me think for one minute!" Hong Bin agrees and uses a money timer to count down.

When the monkey alarm sounds Se Dong has two replies:
1. Would Hong please return the game to them so they could finish developing it but they will share half of the profit with Hong Bin when the game goes to market.
2. Hong Bin should go the the hospital for his face and Se Dong would pay for the treatment.

Hong Bin pointy refused Se Dong's offer. Se Dong tells Hong Bin if he would have a big bowl of breakfast and chews twenty times when he eats then he will find himself in a good mood for the rest of his day. Overhearing Se Dong's remark, Secretary Ko eagerly asks Se Dong for her exact menu suggestion. 

The next morning, Hong Bin does exactly as Se Dong suggests, but at the end of his very last bite Hong Bin with a flick of his hand throws the whole table setting to the floor. Se Dong's suggestion obviously didn't help his temper.

Hong Bin is called to the police station to find his brother, Joo Hong Joo involved in a fight with bunch of other students from his high school. The fight was over the boys not believing Hong Joo when he said Hong Bin- the famous game developer is his brother. Without emotion, Hong Bin informs the police that he has no brother and walks away. As Hong Bin and Secretary Ko walks out of the police station they walk pass Hong Bin's dad.

The moment dad gets into the police station he slaps Hong Joo so hard that his son falls to the ground. Just as dad is ready to hit his son again, Hong Bin grabs his hand and say "Other people are watching! His friends are here! Is it not enough that your destroyed me?! You are going to destroy him too?" 

A thunder sounds outside and we see that dark clouds is starting to gather and Hong Bin's temper is starting to spiral out of control as tips of blades starts to come out of his back. Hong Bin's dad's hand also starts to bleed from where Hong Bin's hand is holding his. With a quick chop to his boss's neck, Hong Bin loses conscience and Secretary Ko whisks him away again. Quietly and quickly, Dad hides his bloody hand. 

I wonder if dad knows too?

Madam Yoon calls secretary Ko to remind him to tell the boss about the strange phone call concerning the abandoned child. A very confused Secretary Ko ends up having to organize his thoughts in the form of who, when, where, and what. After failing to get his point across to his boss the first time, Secretary tries again the second time when he remembers to name Kim Tae Hee. 

The name of Kim Tae Hee brings an immediate response from Hong Bin and starts his search for her. After looking at the surveillance at the airport Hong Bin was disappointed that Tae Hee is no where to be found. As an after though, Hong Bin asks the airport officials where the abandoned child is.

Se Dong takes Joo Chang to buy some groceries. Se Dong did give Joo Change to the police the morning before, but since the child was so upset without her the government has offered to pay Se Dong to take care of Joo Chang.

When the police car carrying Hong Bin drives past where Se Dong and Joo Chang is buying groceries, the child gets nervous and runs away to hide. Se Dong is met with an extremely angry Hong Bin demanding to know where the child is, but his yelling stops immediately when both adults hear a child loudly singing "Rain, rain go away..."

The song Joo Chang is singing sends Hong Bin flash backs of him and Tae Hee lying on the grass discussing when they have a child she will name him Joo Chang.


I am loving Secretary Ko, curious about Hong Bin's superhuman abilities, and intrigued by how Se Dong will tame Hong Bin. So all in all, I guess the first two episodes are good enough to keep me on board for now. 

I love that his office has a statue of Hulk.

It seems bizarre to me that Hong Bin is completely oblivious to his super human powers. I guess the strong sense of smell can be explained away by some weird body malfunction, and I guess he does go into a trance when the blades comes out, but what about his super speed and reflexes? Although, the speed and reflexes are actually the two abilities I am curious to see more of. The blade on back seems a bit odd. Does he rub his back against the tree to cut it in half? 

I am dying to know who Secretary Ko is. Why does he know Hong Bin's abilities and what makes he so devoted to his boss? Secretary Ko made a curious statement to Hong Bin "If you die then I will die with you." That's a lot of love towards a boss who beats you up daily over trivial things. 



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