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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cantabile Tomorrow

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Cantabile Tomorrow comes out on Oct 13th and I am both super excited for it and a bit apprehensive. I loved the Japanese live action Nodame Cantabile. Hiroshi Tamaki's Chiaki and Juri Ueno's Nodame are pretty much become my standard of what the two leads should be. So, while I am very curious about the Korean version, I am also a bit afraid.

Shim Eun-kyung had a meeting with Juri Ueno not too long ago and the two discussed the plots lines in Cantabile Tomorrow and some character set up. Juri was generous enough to share her take on Nodame's character and the funny things that occurred during their shoot.

I am a quite a bit more optimistic now after seeing the picture of Eun Kyung and Juri side by side. Eun Kyung does have kinda the same vibe as Juri so here is to hoping the Korean version can toe the difficult line of staying true to the original work but bring a freshness to it at the same time.

Joo Woo as Chiaki

Some of the other main cast


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