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Monday, September 1, 2014

Drama with "What the???" Ending

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Endings can seldom save a poorly done drama, but it can ruin ANY drama and leave me with a sour taste no matter how well the drama was done.  Today, in the middle of doing mundane chores I all the sudden start thinking about some drama endings that just left me speechless and wanted to kick the writer to the curb.

WARNING: You can probably tell from this post's title, but I am just going to point out the obvious. I am going to be discussing the ending of the following drama.  So if you are the type that doesn't want the ending to be spoiled for you, this post is not for you.

East of Eden:(K-Drama) Oh, such an epic mess. So much potential but so grandly wasted.  The show started off promising enough, but when it started to kick the female lead (oh, poor Lee Da Hae) to the wayside and started having weird tangents I really should've gotten off the boat.

Ending:The hero (Song Seung Hun) gets shot by some random guy during a group fight and sees himself shrouded in white and repeatedly asked Lee Yeon Hee (who I think was suppose to be the second female lead, but ended up being the female lead) if she would come find him in the next life.  Lee Yeon Hee promises to find him and the hero dies. Um... the guy who fought through endless fights and dodged all those bullets for 55 episodes just die by some random bullets from a nobody?

DeJa Vu (T-Drama) I followed this show quiet eagerly for the first 12 episodes, but I just got too tired with the two leads and quit.  The basic premise of the story is about a girl who goes back in time before her boyfriend's death.  To avoid the same accident that claimed his life, she decides to stay as a stranger to him.

The ending: The heaven for some strange reason just can't stand the two being together.  Although the two keep falling in love with one another but their lives will keep being in danger.  If he doesn't die, then she will.  So finally the heaven is impressed how much they love each other and stop putting them in danger, BUT they still have to pay a steep price.  The price being the hero's years of life getting taken from him.  We end with the two leads getting married, with the heroine still young, but the hero is an old man with graying hair.  What the???

Swordsman (C-Drama) I fumed about this show's ending for weeks.  This drama is based on the famous Wuxia novel Xio Ao Jiang Hu.  The makers of this show turned the story upside down.  Not only did the famous villain turned into a girl, the same girl now developed a romance with the hero.  I was a bit doubtful of the changes to the story, but they did a great job with the villain story that I ended up shipping her and the hero.  The rightful heroine ended becoming the secondary character who interfered into the villain and the hero's romance.  

The ending: The hero ends up with the heroine (who I wish would just disappear in this version).  The villain girl gives her heart to the heroine (in secret) so the heroine's life can be saved and she gets buried in a lake.

Show, why oh why.  If you are going to changed one of my favorite story so much, why would you just not follow through with it??  You turned the villain into one of the coolest female character but you made my hero into some stick in the mud who just turned his back on the woman who sacrificed everything for him?

Princes Aurora (K-"Family" Drama) If you follow K family drama then you probably know this mess of a show.  I think the drama behind the camera might have been more interesting than the actual show.  

Notice the promo poster with three men and three women respectively surrounding the two leads?  I think the original concept was that the equally matched families of the two leads will end up going head to head. ie. Each brother on the heroine's side is matched to a sister on the hero's side. For the first 38 episodes the writer did that, but all the sudden on episode 39, the heroine's brother got dispatched to U.S. = they are no longer on the show.  Umm...Writer Im where are you taking us?  

By the time the show ended, writer Im has killed off 12 characters, including the hero.  The hero, by the way turned into a total jerk but redeemed himself at last by volunteering to live with the heroine and the second lead so he can help to take care of the second lead who is dying of cancer.  The second lead and the hero developed such a bromance that he and the heroine wonders out loud why they can't just all live happily together.  The second lead's parent's reaction? Well, if this makes our precious son happy, we should just send them to U.S. so they can all be happy together. Picture me wide eye staring at the screen with unbelief.  Writer Im, you do realize you are still writing a "K-Family Drama right?"  

Oh, but no fear, the second lead does end up living happily with the heroine because his cancer was miraculously cured by the heroine's beloved dog dying.  Apparently, the dog died to give his life in exchange for the second lead's.  Enough said. 

ps. Writer Im also wrote Assorted Gem.  Don't watch it.  The story was promising, the ending, while not as ridiculous as Princes Aurora was pretty nonsensical.  

I am sure there are more "What the???" endings out there but these were the one that I was thinking about today.  Anyone can think of anymore?  


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