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Monday, September 29, 2014

Friday Drama Round Up #5

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I know, I know. It's way past Friday. Lately, all my shows has all been lined up towards the end of the week, so by Friday I am so mired by the number of post I have queued up that even my greatest love - eating has to take a back seat. So my Friday Dram Round Ups got a bit ... delayed. I thought about just skipping them altogether, but this actually helps me get an overall picture of the dramas I am keeping tabs on so I figure better late than never right?

What Happens To My Family (K-Drama) The ball are starting to roll on all three couples. I am really invested in two couples and that's a fairly good ratio for a K family drama.

Apple of Your Eye (T-Drama) Such a sad episode this week. I am a bit scared for what is going to come, but the acting and the story line is awesome. Rare treat in T-drama.
Surplus Princess (K-Drama) Sigh, only two episodes to go with way too much ground to cover. I will stick with it to the end but really wish the writer was given a chance to finish her story. 
Glorious Day (K-Drama) Way behind on this one... so I am feeling kinda guilty like I was part of the reason they cut this drama too. 

Iron Man (K-Drama) I still need to watch the latest episode, with the BIG revelation. It's not a good sign that I forgot to watch it. 
Only Love (K-Drama Daily) I meant to watch this ages ago when it started, but didn't get to it until last week. I am on Ep 12 right now, and it's a very easy watch with some fun romantic plot lines.

My Lovable Girl (K-Drama) My new crack. Story line and acting are pretty good but that's besides the point when I got Rain on my screen. 


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