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Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Drama Roundup #4

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I feel a bit scattered brained this week and so does my drama watching.  I need one good marathon drama to snap me back into attention!

Glorious Day (K-Drama) I am on episode 33.  It's not quite a drama that makes me want to stay up at night to watch it, but is one of those comfort drama that you want to sit back with after a difficult day. It's kinda amazing the leads are able to sustain the cuteness factor for the last ten plus episodes.  Most show give you one or two episodes before it goes into tears and yelling but this one really doesn't have that but the cuteness never gets old too.

Go, Single Lady (C-Drama) What a strange show. I spend the majority of time going when are the two leads going to have their time to fall in love then BOOM just as the story starts to develop the two fall in love in like one and half episode.  I really wished they spent less time on the back story and a lot more time on the process of the two leads falling in love.  I am currently on episode 22 and while it's not gripping it's interesting enough for me to keep going. 

What Happens to My Family (K-Family Drama) I really like it.  Episode 5 Recap

Love Cheque Charge (T-Drama, Daily) Watched the first episode.  Not quite sure about it yet, but I am willing to give it a few more episodes. I have a strange habit of watching George Hu's drama, even though I would not count myself as his fan.  

A Different Kind of Pretty Man (C-Drama) It's certainly a different kind of a ... show.  I watched the first episode, then watched the the third to the last episode, then watched the last episode.  Hmm... trying really hard to convince myself to go watch the whole thing but I might just go watch Boss & Me again if I need my Zhang Han fix.  

V Love (C-Drama) I tried about 4 episodes of this.  I gave up after that since I got a whip lash from trying to figure out who likes who... and who likes who now as oppose to five minutes ago.  


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