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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hu Ge Wins People's Choice Award

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I first noticed Hu Ge from watching The Legend of the Condor Heroes (C-drama 2008) and have always kinda perked up when ever I see a project with his name in it.  So it was a pleasant surprise to see his name come up in the Seoul International Drama Awards for People's Choice Award.  Hu Ge was one of the three actors that won it, the other two being Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars) and Joe Chang (Taiwan. It Started With a Kiss - is this one too old to mention? But it's such a classic.) Hu Ge was certainly in good company.

 Hu Ge's new drama, The Song of Desert (Based on the Ballad of the Desert by Tong Hua) is going to air on October 8th, 2014.  By the way for those who care, The Song Of Desert used to be called 星月传奇 in Chinese but has since change it's name to 风中奇缘. (Which it's actually the Chinese name for Disney's Pocahontas. Anyone find this as funny as I do for some strange reason?)  
I haven't quite made up my mind if I am going to watch it.  I didn't quite care for how the story ended in the novel (meaning the ship I was on sunk pretty badly) so that is going to influence my desire to watch it.

Although, while looking at Hu Ge's recent work I realized I haven't watched his 2013 drama Life Revelation where he is in a noona romance with an older divorce woman.  That sounds kinda promising so I think I'll give that a try!

A side note, I saw short snippet of a news writer lamenting how marred Hu Ge face is after his car accident and he is all but an adjusshi now.  I had no idea Hu Ge was in a car accident back in 2006 and had to halt filming on Condor Hero.  The accident was very serious and it took a year for him to fully recover. Of course I have no idea what that news writer is lamenting about.  Since you have to just look at the guy to see he is no ajusshi material.  Come on, the guy is sharing an award with Kim Soo Hyun and Joe Cheng!


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