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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Iron Man Episode 5 Drive By Recap

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Iron Man or Blade Man Episode 5 Drive By Recap

Hong Bin sits by the river with Tae Hee's father and Joo Chang. Hong Bin asks "Are you still unwilling to tell me where Tae Hee is?"

Tae Hee's father doesn't answer but we see a flash back of of his memory. Tae Hee's dad is kneeling in front of Hong Bin's father begging him to let his daughter see Hong Bin one last time. Tae Hee's dad is holding onto the hope that if his daughter can see the man she loves, maybe she will get better. Hong Bin's dad is not moved by Tae Hee's father's pleading.

An interesting side note is that Secretary Ko was actually part of that memory. By chance, Secretary Ko was there to pick up something from Hong Bin's dad and ends up escorting Tae Hee's Dad to the train station.

Se Na is fully immersed in her new role as Tae Hee's mom's long lost daughter. Like a little bird... albeit a bird that can eat a scary amount of food, Se Na accepts whatever food Tae Hee's mom feeds her.

Hong Bin and Se Na ends up in the market after they went on a errand run for Tae Hee's mom. With absolutely no thought of being shy, Se Na shows Hong Bin the underwear and bra she needs to buy (since she rushed out without packing) and borrows some money from him.

Unfortunately the outing ends when a thief steals Hong Bin's wallet right out of Se Na's hand as she is handing it back to him. Both Hong Bin and Se Na chase after the thief, but soon Hong Bin loses sight of both the thief and Se Na.

All the police at the police station laughs at Hong Bin's request to put every available police car on the search for Se Na. However, to everyone's surprise, an exhausted Se Na drags an equally tired out thief into the police station.

Amazed at Se Na's willingness to chase after a thief for such a long time just for his wallet, Hong Bin asks Se Na "Why would you go to such length?"

Se Na "Because of Joo Chang's mother. Don't you have her photo in your wallet?"

Hong Bin had tossed his wallet to Se Na for her to pull whatever amount of money she needed for her underwear and that was when she noticed Tae Hee's photo.

Hong Bin and Se Na walks home in the dark and Se Na teases Hong Bin by making ghost voices. The dark and the spooky atmosphere finally proves to be too much for Hong Bin and he jumps to hold Se Na with his arms when Se Na made the ghost noises again.

Madam Yoon meets with Hong Bin's father to asks him to buy Hong Bin's house from him and gifted it her and her son.

Madam Yoon "Sir, my son is your oldest son after all."
What a strange relationship. Madam Yoon doesn't seem to treat Hong Bin's father as ex-lover instead there seems to be fine line of contempt and actual respect for his status. While she doesn't seem to like Hong Bin but it doesn't feel like it's the result of him being his father's son either. She also treats Hong Bin's house as if the house is an individual being, something to guard over. 

Secretary Ko makes an angry phone call to the weather station, demanding to know how they could possibly all the sudden starting to forecast for storm when it was forecasting sunny not too long ago.

Secretary Ko "Who gave them permission to just have a storm whenever they feel like it?!"

Ha! I missed Secretary Ko. I need more of Secretary Ko on my screen. Please show?

Hong Bin sits with his son since the house is completely empty of anyone else.
Hong Bin "Where did Se Na go?"
Joo Chang "She said something about fixing a roof..."

A huffing Hong Bin goes to find Se Na who has once again insert herself into helping some random stranger. Hong Bin arrives at the house to see the whole village has gathered to watch Se Na helping an adjusshi fix his roof.

Impatient, Hong Bin looks up and is shocked to see Tae Hee with a hammer in her hand smiling brightly.

When Hong Bin comes to, he sees it is only Se Na wearing Tae Hee's cloth after all. Se Na sees Hong Bin watching her and waves to him. When Hong Bin yells for Se Na to get off the roof, Se Na turns to ignore him like she always do. But as she turns away she realize Hong Bin is not just making some childish demand but it's actually extremely angry at her.

On the way home, Hong Bin snaps and tells Se Na to take off Tae Hee's cloth "who are you to wear this?!"
Se Na in tears, promises to take off Tae Hee's cloth but begs Hong Bin to allow her to wear it until they get home.

The second the two arrives home, Se Na goes into her room to change out of Tae Hee's cloth. While standing outside Hong Bin hears Joo Chang playing with his toys and rehearsing a conversation he heard from Tae Hee's parents.
Joo Chang pretending to be be Tae Hee's mom "Who does Joo Hong Bin's dad think he is to send those gangster after our precious child Tae Hee. The way they beat her up. All those red and purple mark on Tae Hee's arms and legs."

As if in a trance, Hong Bin walks into Tae Hee's parents room to see a picture of Tae Hee and a letter from Tae Hee's dead. In the letter, Tae Hee's dad apologize for not being able to tell Hong Bin the news Tae Hee has died and they have left Hong Bin her ashes so he can sent her on her way.

The double whammy revelations of how his dad treated Tae Hee and the belated news of her death is making Hong Bin shake with emotion. Strangely, instead of going into the unconscious trance as he usually does when the blades comes out, this time he is fully conscious. Looking into the mirror, Hong Bin can see the blades that are protruding out of his back and as he touches his face with his finger, the figure slits his face open. 

Shocked over what he is seeing, Hong Bin mechanically turns his head towards the bedroom door as Se Na knocks calling his name. The door slowly opens revealing Se Na's face,


Is Se Na going to find out?!!! I really hope so. I know we are only on episode five but it really feels like Se Na needs to find out about Hong Bin's secret to get the story going. 

The first half of this episode felt soooo slow. Nothing happened other than to showcase how nice Se Na is to EVERYONE around her. I did find it strange that Hong Bin couldn't catch the thief since the show has more than once hinted at the fact he is super agile and moves extremely fast. I hope they don't pull the stunt of showcasing the hero with all these cool abilities but when the bad guy shows up he is all the sudden useless. Come on! If a computer programmer girl who has just ate her own weight in food could catch a thief, Hong Bin really has no excuse. 

I am also starting to feel really bad for Tae Hee. To such an extend that I think I would actually be a bit upset if Hong Bin falls in love with Se Na. Here is a girl who endured untold persecution from Hong Bin's dad, gave him a child, then died wanting to see him one last time, Hong Bin can't just move on right?  I know, I know, there is really nothing Hong Bin can do other than moving on but the show gave me so much details of Tae Hee now I just feel bad for her. Although I do have one glaring question. How did Joo Chang ended up all the way in U.S? It sounded like Tae Hee died with her parents so why wasn't Joo Chang with her parents all these time then? 


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