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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Itazura Na Kiss Love in OKINAWA Review

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Itazura Na Kiss Love in OKINAWA is a special following Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo Season 1. I am assuming most of you reading this are probably super familiar with the story if you have
1. Read the manga.
2. Watched the anime.
3. Watched the Japanese adaptation of it Itazura Na Kiss (1996)
4. Watched It Started with a Kiss (Taiwan adaptation) and They Kissed Again (Season Two)
5. Playful Kiss - Korean adaptation with Kim Hyung Jooong and Jung So Min
6. Watched Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo, the newest adaptation from Japan.

If you are like me who read/watch all of the above then this story should be a very familiar one. (Ha, I lied. I just found out that there is also an Indonesian remake called Cowok Impain. I haven't watched that one...yet.) 

The crazy thing is that although I find the heroine exasperating, I still commit my time to every adaptation of this story. So once again I have marked my calender for Nov.24, 2014 for Season 2!

Back to the special.

Story Set Up: The story picks up after Kotoko and Naoki's wedding and follows the two their honeymoon to Okinawa Island. Another newlywed couple ends up staying at the same hotel as Kotoko and Naoki. Yuki, the wife of the other newlywed couple develops a crush on Naoki so everywhere Kotoko and Naoki are at Yuki and her husband will be there as well.

The one thing I really like about this particular Japanese adaptation of Itazura Na Kiss is that in this version Kotoko might still be a klutz but not so much so it seems like a miracle she could even function as a normal human being. Also in this version they do put scenes where you can see Naoki actually really cares for Kotoko. Albeit, it's always when Kotoko is unconscious but the love is there.

As far as the story line goes this is a classic Kotoko and Naoki story line. A pretty woman sets her eyes on Naoki, Naoki could care less about the woman but doesn't express himself unless the woman really pushes. Kotoko, immersed in an overwhelming sense of inadequacy struggles with her fear of losing Naoki. Rinse and repeat. 

The special though, focuses on one major difference in Naoki and Kotoko - they are a married couple now. No longer does Kotoko has absolute zero claim on Naoki and Naoki can't hide the fact he cares for Kotoko anymore... at least not as often as he used to. 

I like the fact this special really sets you up for watching Season 2 since this is just a foreshadowing of the kind of challenges the two newlyweds will be facing in the future.

PS. I love the "disguises" Naoki's family had. 


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