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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Love Cheque Charge First Impression

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Love Cheque Charge First Impression Episode 1-5

I have a weird habit of watching George Hu's drama... it doesn't mean I will finish it since the last two he has done with Annie Chen has been dailies and those gets kinda long and my weird habit is not strong enough to hold out when the plot line starts to die a slow and painful death.

Story set up:

He Bu Fan (George Hu): A successful business man sent back to Taiwan from the US company he worked for. His motto is three minutes. He believe everything should be accomplished in three minutes or less. Cold and precise on the outside but in actuality has a very soft heart. 

Xu Man Man(Phoebe Yuan): A naive but hard working girl who suffered a mighty blow when her boyfriend broke up with her via a complete stranger three years ago. Man Man (I know, I know, terrible name in English translation) also takes care of three orphaned kids on her own. I think they are her friends' kids. 

Shi Buo Hai (Xie Kun Da): Xu Man Man's ex-boyfriend who died three years ago and the same man who asked Bu Fan to break up with Man Man for him. Three years later, Buo Hai is back as an angel on a mission for his boss the God of Marriage. Buo Hai doesn't remember Man Man from his past, but he does remember Bu Fan since Bu Fan is the only one that can see him.  

Everyone's life is thrown into chaos when: Man Man goes to Bu Fan's presentation out of curiosity. While trying to sneak out of the presentation Man Man's phone rings and Bu Fan uses her as the prime example as someone who doesn't keep a promise.

Infuriated, Man Man marches up to the stage and asks Bu Fan if he keeps every promises he makes. 
Bu Fan laughs and replies "Of Course"

Man Man whips out a check and says "Then will you keep THIS promise?"
In shock, Bu Fan realizes who Man Man is. Three years ago Bu Fan met with a woman to tell her that her boyfriend had dumped her and when the woman starts to sob saying "You have destroyed my life!!!" Bu Fan wrote a check to calm the woman down.  The check says "If by the time Hu Man Man is not married by the time she turned thirty, I will marry her." 

Things become even more entangled when Bu Fan and Man Man becomes co-workers at his brother's company. And cue romance... 

Accidental kiss by episode 3
Bu Fan, Bu Fan's brother, fried (played by Jay Shih, who was Ren Wei in In a Good Way. He is a nerd in this show and he is paired up with Xue Fen from In a Good Way. Never say T-drama doesn't pay attention to their fan's wants.)

Shi Buo Hai, the angel
Bu Fan's brother gets married by the 5th episode... kinda abrupt. 


It's not a bad one as far as dailies go. I wouldn't sit down and watch it with your full concentration but if you need a show while doing something mundane than this is a good choice. 

Both leads' character are really nothing new but the angel throws in an interesting twist that perked me up for a bit. The funny thing is that I am actually most curious about Jay Shih's character since it's so different from the one he played in In a Good Way. I know I am playing right into the producers' hands since that was the whole point of casting him with the other girl from In a Good Way, but Taiwan knows fan service like no other. 


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