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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode 1 Drive-By Recap & First Impression

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Rain's new drama came out yesterday and having only watched the first episode I have to say I am pretty happy with it so far. Of course I couldn't help but be happy to finally get Rain back on my screen so my opinion on the drama might not be too objective.

My Lovely Girl or She is So Lovable Episode 1 Recap

The story opens with a couple arguing while driving on a mountainous freeway. The argument become so heated that the man, Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) had to stop the car and cool his temper by the side of the road.

Tragedy struck when a passing car's tire suddenly goes flat and a three car pile up flings a semi-truck towards Hyun Wook's car with Hyun Wook's girlfriend still inside.

Hyun Wook race towards his car to try to save his girlfriend, but the impact of the semi sends him flying to the side. At the end Hyun Wook can only sob as his girlfriend dies in his arm leaving him with a last word of "Why do we fight?"
Kinda odd as far as last words go, but I guess she is probably not thinking too clearly at that point.

Three years later, we find Hyun Wook hiding himself away from the world on Jeju Island, content with working on his garden and cooking the occasional meal.

Hyun Wook's hide out stops being that when his long time friend Shin Hae Yoon finally hears his whereabouts and comes knocking. Hae Yoon tries to convince Hyun Wook to come back to the music industry since he is all but a genius at his job.

Hyun Wook tells Hae Yoon "There is two things I am not interested in: 1. Make money. 2. Love.

Hearing his reply, Hae Yoon leans over and kiss Hyun Wook on the lip. The only response from Hyun Wook was "You've become naughty. After only one glass of wine and you are already kissing people on the lips?"
Hae Yoon "I will only do that with you." The long time friend who has a crush on the hero. Check. 

Hyun Wook stands out in his yard, marveling that the night feel some how special. Suddenly, lightening flash across the sky and a phone in the house starts to ring. Hyun Wook walks back to the house and opens a drawer to reveal a box containing a cell phone with a cracked surface. On the other side of the phone comes a girl's voice who doesn't seem to expect a reply but instead is content to just vent her loneliness. "Where can I go? What am I suppose to do now? Why did you go? Why did you go and left me alone?" With those words, the phone goes dead. 

We follow our heroine Yoon Se Na to her friends' house. Se Na tells her friend Joo Hong that due to the creditors coming to her work place, she has now lost her job and has no place to stay as well. Since the creditors has been especially good at tracking her, Se Na asks Joo Hong if she could borrow her friend's name to find a job. Joo Hong quickly agrees. 

Se Na successfully finds a job at a hotel and seems to excel at helping others when she showcase her musical ability to calm a crying child.  

The next morning Hyun Wook takes the broken phone to the cell phone company, trying to figure out a way to track the phone call from last night. The phone company employee patiently explains to Hyun Wook that since the phone number attached to the phone has long been de-activated so there is no possibility the phone could have received any calls. Hesitantly the employee suggests "Maybe you imagined it?"

Without any leads, Hyun Wook goes to a private eye for help and ask him to search for his decease girlfriend's sister. 

Hyun Wook meets with his friend Jae Young at the bar but Hyun Wook ends up making a quick exist out of the bar when a song he composed came on the bar sound system. The song brought flash back of the accident and Jae Young with some concern watch Hyun Wook clutching his chest in pain and asks "Are you still having this problem?"

Se Na sits at the hotel pool while humming a song softly. As Se Na gets ready to leave a yellow lab all the sudden shows up in front of her. Bending down to greet this friendly lab, Se Na remarks that the lab seems tired and sings a "woof woof" song to cheer the dog up. A smiling Hyun Wook tells Se Na her song is quiet good, except the lyrics are a bit difficult to understand. 

Se Na greets Hyun Wook and asks for the yellow lab's name. "Tae Fong" Hyun Wook replies. Se Na unconsciously repeats "Tae Fong..." The second Se Na says the name, the lab jumps up on Se Na. Surprised, Se Na stumbles and starts to fall. Hyun Wook quickly steps in and with a swirl holds Se Na in his arm, saving her from falling. 

The next morning, Se Na's manager tells her that the hotel VIP has asked specifically for her to go to his room. Se Na's co-worker yelps "The Beautiful Dog Man"? That nick name just made me laugh. 

Thinking back to Hyun Wook's easy smile and suave arms saving her from falling Se Na can't help but feel some excitement. Okay, she didn't really imagine suave arms... that was me.

All business this morning, Hyun Wook quickly greets Se Na and tells her that he thought she would be the perfect person to dog sit for him. 

While trying to get Tae Fong to eat his dog food, Se Na gives in to Tae Fong's pleading eye and gives him a few piece of sausage that was suppose to be her lunch. Without warning, Se Na finds Tae Fong laying on the ground unresponsive. Hyun Wook walks in the door just in time to see Se Na urgently calling Tae Fong's name. Hyun Wook takes Tae Fong to the vet but ends up receiving a even more devastating news that they have found an cancerous growth between Tae Fong's esophagus and stomach. The vet doesn't suggest operation, instead encourages Hyun Wook to spend the rest of the time with Tae Fong well. 

Se Na meets Hyun Wook and Tae Fong at the hotel entrance and apologize profusely for her mistake. Hyun Wook asks a very surprised Se Na to continue to dog sit for him. 
Se Na "I thought you would be angry."
Hyun Wook "Angry. I am angry. But what can I do, this kid unconditionally likes you." 

Hyun Wook receives a phone call from the private eye informing him that the last known location of Se Na is with her friend. Se Na's friends Joo Hong comes home to find Hyun Wook waiting for her. Thinking Hyun Wook is a creditor that is trying to track down Se Na, Joo Hong quickly denies any knowledge of knowing Se Na's whereabouts. 

Hyun Wook gets called to the hotel bar to meet with his friend Hae Young (the girl that has a crush on him), but he arrives to see his dad sitting at the table waiting for him as well. The meeting does not go well and ends just as quickly as it started. Hae Young tells Hyun Wook that his dad's health is not good.

The hotel is buzzing with people since the hottest band, Infinite Power is preforming there that night. While taking Tae Fong on a walk Se Na meets her co-worker who complains to her of the endless pile of work that awaits her due to the concert. Se Na suggest her and the co-worker switch their duties for a bit since the after concert party will host a lot of entertainment bigwigs and she could use this opportunity to see if someone would listen to her demo CD. 

Se Na's co-worker readily agrees to dog sit but ends up losing Tae Fong on the hotel grounds. Hyun Wook hears the hotel public announcement about a missing yellow lab and finds the hotel stuff scrambling around looking for Tae Fong.

Meanwhile, Se Na is working at the after concert party, trying to find a perfect opportunity to give out her demo CD. Unfortunately, Se Na ends up being a unwilling listener to a member of Infinite Power, Shin Woo confessing to a girl. Things starts to spiral out of control when a drunk Shi Woo finds Se Na hiding behind a cart immediately after his failed confession. 

Shi Woo gets an idea when he notices Se Na's demo CD and drags her up to the concert party's stage and in front of the whole crowd puts the CD in for all to hear. As the CD plays Se Na's self introduction of how she dreams of becoming a song writer the crowd laughs. 

Barely controlling her anger, Se Na turns the CD off and tells Shin Woo "This is not how I want my music to be heard."
Shi Woo replies "Then how? In the hotel room you have seduced some guy to?"
Se Na slaps Sin Woo across his face and said "You are a piece of garbage."

Se Na runs out only to meet an angry Hyun Wook who accuse her of pawning off his dog just to be a celebrity chaser. Hyun Wook tells Se Na that even if Tae Fong is found she will still be fired.

Fed up with everything, Se Na explodes "I watched Tae Fong all day. I only let someone else watch him for a bit. I didn't lose the dog. Why are you treating me like this. Really, why is everyone treating me like this!"

Without much ceremony, Se Na is fired and sent packing. At the same time, Hyun Woo gets a phone call from the private eye telling him "Yon Se Na is working at a hotel but she is using a pseudo name - Joo Hong." 

Realizing at once that his dog sitter is actually his girlfriend's sister, Hyun Wook runs to the hotel front desk in search of Se Na only to be told she has been fired already. 

Hyun Wook finds Se Na sitting with her box of belonging at the bus stop. Standing across from Se Na at the other side of the street, Hyun Wook takes out his phone and calls her. "Hello" Se Na answers and Hyun Wook hangs up finally confirming that Se Na's voice is the one from that night. 


I am liking the feel of this show. It has a soft and dreamy feel to it. Everything kinda just flow together. I was a bit unsure of how Rain and Krystal (Se Na) would look together, but that swirl at the pool side set my mind at ease. I tell myself not to fall for the obvious "look how cool the hero is at saving the damsel" act but I fall for it every time I tell you. 

To be perfectly honest I am actually not too curious about how the story will develop. The bad relation between the son and the dad, how Se Na will realize her dream of being a song writer, what part will Shin Woo play in Se Na's life, how Hyun Wook's friend will try to sabotage the two leads... None of those are ones I am too curious about... BUT I am still eagerly waiting for the next episode. Despite my fear of the story being predicable I still enjoyed myself immensely this hour and am really looking forward to the next one! 

ps. Can we have a miracle saving the cute lab please? If you are going to play the supernatural card with the phone call and all, can we have an angel to save the lab too?  


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